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1. I've had books on queue, some for two years, but the list always says "coming soon" so I assumed they were still a viable option. Upon calling to find out why I've never received them, or any books for the past seven weeks, I was told none of those ten books are available any longer. Couldn't SOMEONE at Simply Audiobooks send out an email notifying me, the customer, of this fact? Nooooo.
2. Simply Audiobooks has a "Contact Us" page where you can ask questions etc. via an email. Over the years I've sent MANY emails, and NEVER received even one response. I always have to resort to making a phone call to get a problem solved.
3. Simply Audiobooks is really quick to charge your credit card for the next year's subscription, which I'm okay with, IF I'm getting books in the mail. Lately, this "service" has gotten worse and worse and long periods go by with no books delivered. This means I'm paying for a lot but getting few because of a very poor queuing/shipping system.

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I ordered two books, both of which were described as "unabridged" - Tristram Shandy and ### in the House. When they arrived I discovered that one (produced by Naxos) was abridged. The notation that it was abridged as extremely obscure and I can understand how Simply Audiobooks may have overlooked that in their advertising. The second book, also described...

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