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Shop VacBad customer service

Bought ANOTHER shop vac, ours had the second motor fail, the first was taken care of by the company at no charge we were impressed, but it was about 10 years old so we decided to replace it... Found a comparable model, after reading the information on several boxes to get what we wanted. Got home and found that unlike our previous vac the power cord was only about 6 feet long, our previous vac and shop vac brand products I have used for 40+ years have had at least 15 foot cords.

I was very disappointed. I went over to the box and it said NOTHING about cord length that I may have missed. The owners manual had a chart for extension cord wire size indicating wire weight needed for several lengths, big help! I don't want to have to go find a cord or buy one ( I thought I had in the box). Then not to mention the cord becoming disconnected over and over while cleaning up my place!


Bottom line: I feel it is expected to get at least a 15 foot cord with all vacuums, even cheap house models have them. The packaging did not state the length of the power cord. The response from Shop vac's customer service was (after I requested a longer cord) was we don't sell cords...

Shop VacVery nasty sales person & manager

I purchased a shop vac about a year and a half ago ,before i made the purchase i ask a staf member if i would have any problems gett replacement bags ,filter for this vac and he assured me there would be no problems . since then i made 3 trips to canadian tire in gander and made 2 purchases of shop vac bags that did't fit called them and told them what happened and they told me over the phone that if the item was opened i couldn't return it somy husband gave them to friends that the bags would fit their units each time we went to canadian tire the staff would almost come out and say that the shop vac was not purchased at their store.

Today july 16/06 my husband and i went back to the store and spoke to a sales lady in that dept and she was very nasty to my husband and i and said we would have to bring the vac back to were we got it and argued i have never had such an experience with sales person in my life, so my husband and i went back home boxed up the vac and returned to the store for the third time and requested to speak to the manager who was busy and sent someone else to speak to us and again the sticker was still on the box from canadian tire. we were there about half hour and i found the manager who turned up eventually just as rude as the staff member. yes we did eventuall get satisifaction but we were not treated with the respect that your customer should have.

I also work with the puplic every day and i would never treat a person with the disrespect i got .
i think that the store in gander needs a day in class to be shown how a customer should be treated . as of now i don't think i will ever go back to a canadian tire store again .. but you can pass on this message to your store manager in gander that the customer's that he's treating like this will always find another store to spend their dollars at.

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    firesiderace Mar 31, 2009

    Your issue is with the store NOT SHOP VAC. So why do you tile your complaint with Shop Vac?????

    There's always two sides to every story. It sounds like you should know which bags you need to buy BEFORE you buy. How??? Take the old bag with you or write down the vac model number...

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