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SeterusCan't correct my payment for two months

Seterus have a new system according to the company representative. In March and April 2015 they can not apply my house payment correctly. In March, I have called three times to try to apply my payment correctly. Finally, it is done at end of the March 2015. In April 2015, they have the same problem. I called three times to request apply my payment correctly, the Supervisor, Jeff and other two time with two other representatives said, the only thing they can do is send my request to fix it. So far, nothing is done. The company got my payment on April 1, 2015, today is April 27, 2015. Today, Rhonda one of the representative said, we don't know when we will fix it, no guarantee since they have too many requests to handle. I feel they have terrible service...

SeterusCustomer Service is a joke!

We had a medical hardship with my daughter in October that put us behind in our payments by one month. I was eligible to receive financial assistance through my Native American tribe. All I had to do was complete the application and fax them the forms. I did this back in November 2013. My tribal assistance said that they needed a w-9 COMPLETED by Seterus before they could pay them. I've been back and forth with Seterus requesting the w-9 for completed by Seterus to be faxed to my tribe. They kept sending blank w-9's to me and to the tribe office. When I talked to another customer service rep, I was told that it should have been requested in writing and that she understood exactly what was needed. So, I write it all out, while on the way to my daughters chemo treatment, pull over and fax it to them. I called my tribe a few days later to see if they've received it and they hadn't. Called Seterus again and they faxed the form to themselves?! I gave them a few more days to correct it and called again today. Still no form. She asked if there was another bill I needed assistance with so I faxed her my electric. That 300 assistance on my electric will help but the 1000 on my mortgage would have helped a lot more.

  • Is
    Isabel Mejia Jun 03, 2014

    Chase gave 2 of my loans to Seterus, Inc. And I didn't receive a welcome letter from them. I called several times and can't get someone on the phone. When I press 0 to speak to someone the phone goes silent and no one answer. I waited for one hour.
    Please help.
    Isabel Mejia
    7294 Middlebury Way
    San Jose, CA. 95139
    cell (408) 613-0726

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Seterusloan modification

we nave been trying to get a loan modification from seterus for about a 1 1/2 yrs now we sent all the forms about four times and either somehow some get lost or other form they said were incomplete even tho we call and were walk thru it finally they said we were on a trail mod. for 4 mths well they inform me after the 4 mths that they put a payment in suspension which meant that they took money from the suspended payment to make up the different between the original loan and the mod now they are saying because of this it shows that i could make thew full payment, now because of there mistake i have to start all over again with all the forms (4506-t ETC...) even tho it was there mistake has anyone else been thru this with them?????????????????????????

SeterusSeterus is the worst

My mortgage was with Chase, who sold it to LBPS, which is now Seterus. I have had nothing but a nightmare since this took place 1 1/2 years ago. Chase sold it with out my knowledge in Oct. 2010. Made my payment to Chase, but somehow neither Chase nor LBPS have record of it.That puts me one month behind which starts the nightmare.

I have tried to no end to rectify this problem. Now since Seterus has basically changed their name from LBPS(I wonder why), I’m still being charged late fees and they say I’m 2 month’s behind. Try to rectify that by sending the proper payment to bring me up to date and they send it back.

What’s a person to do. Now they are saying I’m 3 month’s behind and facing foreclosure.

There out to be a law against a debt collection agency taking care of mortgages.

  • Bc
    BCarswell Jul 10, 2012

    They are a terrible, abusive collection agency! I've gone through hell and back and they're still giving me the runaround. Thankfully, this is catching the attention of major news organizations and something will hopefully happen to expose their illegal activities. Please read my story here and consider signing my petition! They need to be held accountable!!!

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    dealcloser1969 Dec 16, 2012

    Seterus operates just like a giant collection agency. They purchase mortgage debt for pennies on on the dollar and then pursue it with high pressure collection tactics. They do not have a reputation to protect & are tough negotiate with solo. They will re-age old collection accounts and pad balances to make your life miserable. You need to take action against them with specific FDCPA complaints to Federal Government agencies. That is the only way to build leverage against them & force them into compliance and settlement. We have handled many successful cases v. Seterus in the past. Feel free to contact our office at 877.297.7011 or visit for free advice.

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  • Ke
    Keri Martz Aug 27, 2014

    Since seterus has taken over from chase, they have made it very difficult for me. They even sent someone out to take pictures of my house to make sure we were living there. We were told that if no one would have been there, they would have padlocked our doors, which is totally illegal. I'm current as of Aug., but they want Sept. payment now, it's frustrating. The threatening calls, the nasty letters, and when you call, the so called rep. is so nasty on the phone and treat you like a low life. I hope someone can help, I can't afford to keep doing this with them. Please HELP !

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  • Lo
    lora D Dec 31, 2014

    Could someone please tell me how long the foreclosure procedure is and how long do I have before they padlock my door. I am 1 month behind can someone please help

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SeterusSeterus Can Be Tough To Deal With If You Are Battling Them Alone

Seterus needs to be pressured with Imminent (BK) Threats or Mediation Law and Procedures.
They are basically a giant collection agency. They purchase the distressed mortgage at Extreme Discounts from various key players in the sub-prime arena. They collect aggressively on this paper. They do not play by the rules and need to be pressed hard.

We have completed successful loan restructuring cases with Seterus. They are all long run and brutal battles.
Feel free to visit our website for further details on avoiding a Pending Sale Date. or
You may also call 1.877.297.7011

Good Luck Homeowners.