Sensible Home Warranty Complaints & Reviews

Sensible Home WarrantyUnreliable company

I am an investor and I subcribed a few home warranties with Sensible. This is the worst decision I made. This company is not reliable. They do not provide the right service. When complaining they do not answer your messages. BBB reviews rates this company with a D-. See This is the worst rating among home warranty companies. Do not buy home warranty with Sensible

Sensible Home WarrantyNot refund prepaid premium on cancellation

I bought two home warranty insurance policies (one for a property in
Las Vegas) from Sensible Home Warranty and prepaid 2 years of premium
up front in 09/2012. However, the policy didn't cover the repair cost
so I initiated the contact to cancel the policies in Oct of 2012.
Sensible at first played the tactic of promising to reimbuse my cost
but then retracted. I asked them repeatedly to cancel my policies and
send me written confirmation. I didn't get any written confirmation
but was told the refund would show up on my credit card in 30 days.
Now it's past 30 days and I haven't seen the refund so I asked
Sensible to contact me. I have tried several times and was met by dead
silence. In my opinion their conduct is totally unacceptable.

Sensible Home WarrantyHome Warranty Scam, Buyer Beware

This company is beyond terrible. I also switched from AHS and regret that decision. I filed a claim for a broken refrigerator. 8 days later a technician never showed, I called SHW over 40 times but only was able to speak to their "answering service" (a company who claims they have no authority over someone calling you back, they just pass messages). I called during their apparent "business hours" however Sensible Employees still did not answer the phone. I'd been hung up on 4 times while being "transferred", and no one called me back until I threatened to file a claim with the BBB. When they did call back I spoke to the "Customer Service Manager" named Simon who was beyond rude, condescending, and was not concerned what-so-ever that I had experienced such awful service. He yelled at me, and made very appalling statements like "you're not telling me what to do" when I asked for a refund of my policy. He spoke over me several times, not even allowing me to explain my frustrations. When I asked to speak to his supervisor, he told me that he reports to the CEO of the company and stated verbatim "He won’t speak to customers, he doesn’t have time for that". My issue was not resolved, and my fridge is still broken! Clearly this company is dysfunctional at best, or more likely an insurance scam. I would NOT recommend them and echo the complaints listed above as well.

  • El
    Elutted Jun 14, 2012

    Oh my goodness!!! Such a horrible and mismanaged home warranty company. Please be aware that Sensible Home Warranty is a scam. Don't buy this home warranty policy - it is a scam. My dryer broke down 5 weeks ago and I have called them at least 30-35 times since then and they are unable to find a technician who can change to coil in the dryer.

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  • Un
    unionmark Dec 02, 2012

    This is the worst lying home warranty company in the business! Go to my website in their honor, http://SensibleHomeWarra… and please leave your complaints as well, the more people that know about these crooks will hopefully get the word out and stop their dishonest business practices.
    I don't want to see others get burned as I have and hundreds of other customers and their own contractors.
    Read my comments at http://www.sensiblehomew…
    For everyone's sake, please post your complaints, Thank You!
    And, trust me, everyone on here with their complaints speak the truth! This company should be shut down!

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  • Cy
    Cynthiassi Jan 18, 2013

    I have also had a horrible experience with Sensible Home Warranty. I paid for AC service back in June of 2017 and have never been reimbursed. Every time I call they say they have sent a check it will be there in 7-10 working days and it never comes. Then the company says the next week they will send it again...guess what, it never comes. This has been going on for 7 months. Horrible company.

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  • Li
    Liz McAllister Feb 05, 2013

    I was taken also by Sensible Home Warranty. They took 2 1/2 weeks to send someone, the tech. submitted his findings and they never responded to me. I had to call to find out they had denied it. I cancelled my policy, but haven't heard from them. How can they get away with this?

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  • Sc
    Scammedin NV Apr 11, 2013

    DON'T EVER USE THIS COMPANY!! I have owned many homes and have used many different Home Warranty companies and have never seen unethical business practices like this company and specifically Simon Cone who claims to be the Director of Customer Service.

    On 2 different occasions, they indicated my claim was not covered, even though it was clearly outlined in the contract they sent me. The customer service reps read from a different set of terms and conditions and would not help at all. One rep told me if she fulfilled my claim, she would get fired. When I tried to get a pool heater fixed, they didn't have a vendor willing to take the claim- evidently there was an issue with Sensible Home Warranty paying the vendors.

    Worst of all, Simon Cone, who wouldn’t initially identify himself as the Director of Customer Service, is a prime example of how not to provide customer service. I can't tell if he is incredibly devious and unscrupulous, or just amazingly incompetent.

    Please save yourself the hassle that I'm going through to get my money back so I can find a legitimate company. It has been a nightmare.

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  • Jo
    Joe12345777 Jul 16, 2013

    This company is a fraud. They did the same things to me. No coverage even though the contract says it is covered. Promises to refund but they do not do any refunds.

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  • Ca
    Carol M in GA Feb 04, 2014

    definitely fraud - why does the state not shut them down?

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  • Cu
    Customer_X Feb 19, 2014

    I had a very similar experience. I had a sump pump replaced in an emergency by a plumber. I submitted the claim to Sensible Home Warranty for sump pump replacement which was covered by my policy. It was approved by the underwriting department July 7th, 2017. I still have not received the check. Same thing with another claim for leaking roof repair. Apparently, you can only reach the billing department through email, but they never answer. If you call the main number and dial extension 206, you get forwarded to the billing department. You're prompted to leave a voice mail, but no one gets back to you. This company is a huge scam.

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  • Kl
    KLiole Jun 03, 2016

    I bought a Home Warranty Policy with this Company in April 2017 for the duration of 2 years. Never used their service until about 2 weeks ago when our dryer broke. I called them and set up a claim to have the dryer looked at. It took several days for a technician to come out and look at and he was over an hour away from our home. The technician did nothing besides snap a few photos of the dryer on his phone and advise that the dryer will not be fixed and to expect a call back from the Company in 24hr. Several days past and I did not hear back. So I decided to call. Whenever I call this Company I can never get anyone on the phone to help me but always get a receptionist of some sort where I have to leave a message and they have to call me back. Did this again and they called me back.

    Spoke with a person who advised that the technician who came out said that service was “completed” meaning everything was fixed. I told the person that that is not true and that my dryer is still broke. They advised that they need to get in touch with this technician and get the status. They tried calling this technician while I was on the phone without any luck. Than the representative advised me will keep trying and call me back within few hours to let me know. No call. I called again left a message for some to call. They called me back and the person said exact same thing. The rep’s name was Mike. Since it was Friday he said he will try on the weekend as well to get in touch with the technician and call me back. So he said would call me back by Monday. No call.

    On Tuesday this week I called yet again. Spoke with Thomas Jones at extension 207 who advised that he will put in an immediate claim request for another technician to come out and look at again. At this point I assume they were not able to get in touch with the original technician. With no other option I agreed. The next technician came out Wednesday and did exactly the same thing as the first. Here it is Friday and still did not hear from this Company about what they are going to do with my dryer. I finally last night called and left another message with the receptionist to call me as I have decided to cancel my policy as this whole process is completely unacceptable.

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