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Self Storagequestionable practices for past due accounts

I'm behind on rental payments due to a job change and a layoff... I have been told that because my brother abandoned his storage locker and never paid that makes me a bad risk and they are going to auction my locker off..
I have had this locker for 10 plus years for personal storage and have never not paid!!!
My last payment was only 2 weeks ago!!!

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    MkStItCh Jul 09, 2015

    If you paid 2 weeks ago and you are still behind then you must have been Really far behind before that.

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Self StorageConsumer abuse in the self storage postings

I am very concerned about consumer abuse in the self storage postings. I see 3 kinds of problems. 1) people are sold insurance but they do not get a copy of their policy. So when there is a claim they discover it is not covered. the companies need to be required to give them the policy when they sell it. 2) late fees, access codes are changed so that people are immediately leveraged into paying up, and paying late fees. this would be the equivalent of walking out to your care and finding it disabled by a Denver Boot when late for a payment. whether or not someone is late, strongarm collection techniques are not legal. 3) things are auctioned without giving proper notice. So i am not pointing fingers at any company, just suggesting people post their contact information and network, so the true power of the internet can be brought to bear on bad practices.

Los Angeles, California