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Sealy Mattress CompanyTwo (2) twin mattresses model no.515475

We purchased the mattresses from American (now out of business) in Peoria, il in the spring of 2011, they were mfg. in12/2011. and have a 10/10 warranty. They have sagged in the middle from day one and have gotten so bad that they have caused my wife and me back problems and lack of sleep.
We would appreciate if you would stand behind you product.
Ed Ostrowski
535 payson st.
Kewanee, il 61443
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Sealy Mattress CompanyBeware of this company and its inferior products!

I have a 2 year old Stearns&Foster mattress (made by Sealy). It was $2500.00. It has depressions in it between one and a half and two inches deep.It was bought at Slumberland in DesMoines Iowa.A rep from the store came out today and said they could not do anything to help me because there were several tiny stains(after I took the sheets off this morning my dog jumped up on the mattress and he had been out side and it was raining).I wiped almost all of it off.They also said I do not have a center board for support.
I have four very heavy boards that go across horizontally that give more support than any metal bed frame could ever give.There is no way to put a vertical support on this bed.I know two other people who have bought this mattress from a different retailer and have had to have it replaced even though they had king size and had center support support,their mattress sagged.One of them the replacement is starting to sag.( I have queen size). The company says it tells you in the warranty you have to have a center support. Does anyone read the warranty while at the store. Once you have it home it is too late. BEWARE of this company and its inferior products!

  • Updated by Hussain · Jan 08, 2017

    The mattress supplied on December 24, 2016 is defective . It hurt back. In think there is a manufacturing defect.

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    Keith Skinner Jan 19, 2008

    I have been selling mattresses for about a year now. I have read so many complaints on the internet about people not getting their warranty covered because they didn't read the fine print. Every warranty I have ever seen has clause's that void the warranty. From ANY company. No matter if it's a mattress, furniture, cars, motorcycles, appliances, or whatever. I do think it stinks that the stain clause in mattress warranties is actually a law that the manufacturer has to abide by. I'm sure lobbiests got that passed. So EVERY manufacturer of mattresses has that in their warranty clause's. There are over 500 manufacturer's making mattresses and they all have to use that. Sealy is the best manufacturer in the industry and has fewer returns than most manufacturer's. I know if I buy anything with a warranty I will read the fine print.

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  • Hu
    Hussain Nov 12, 2018

    New Mattress Supplied on December 24, 2016 is defective . It hurt back.I think there is some manufacturing defect in it .

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