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Screenaid.comhorrible service and a ripoff

I'll try to be transparent and true in my story.

I bought the WRONG replacement screen for my laptop. I realized I ordered the wrong one and asked for an exchange. They offered to exchange.

I noticed the part I needed was worth less than the one I bought, but since they didn't charge me for shipping the replacement to me, I considered it a wash. I paid the shipping to send them the part.

We then spent the next two months with me having a technician take pictures of my original screen so they can make sure they sent me the proper replacement. They sent it and it was still wrong! They offered a refund but I was still subject to the cost of shipping it the screen they sent me.

Still, I would never complain. They did wrong, I did wrong, we all lost on this one. I told the tech to package it up as it came and send it back. I later found out the tech sent it out later than I thought (about 1.5 months) but it did go back as it came.

Screenaid then chose to refund me only 80% of the cost because of the "time" I took to send it. Still, again, I wouldn't be complaining on this board if they emailed me, explained why they felt it was fair and we AGREED to this. However, they just did it and basically told me I should be happy with what they did. Mind you, there was never a timeline given to me as to when I should send them the WRONG PART THEY SENT ME. Their email response, "It was the right part number but sometimes it doesn't physically fit. It happens sometimes". Really? Tell me how a round peg is the right one to fit in a square hole, but it doesn't physically fit sometimes? They had multiple pictures of part #'s and the actual screen.

At the end of the day, I was HAPPY to accept the fact that I paid full price for a more expensive part than I needed, had it refunded after paying 3 shipping costs and go on my way. The fact they felt they could take me for 20% less than what I paid without asking is what really sets me off. After they screwed up, they felt 20% less was fair? They say it's because time, but the time it takes me to send them the wrong part they sent me that I had to pay to send to them should be washed by the fact they had already wasted my time with the wrong part #.

They not only don't know what they're doing, but they will rip you off. Don't ever buy anything from them.

Screenaid.comDefective Products

I have an old Compaq in my basement with a bad inverter and recently decided that it would be useful to bring it back to use as a backup computer. I searched around for the part until I came across screenaid on eBay. They were supposedly a top rated seller and the part was only $9 so I decided to give it a try, the inverter showed within a few days but when I plugged it in the screen remained dark. I thought it may have been a bad bulb, but after plugging the old inverter back in I immediately got a brief light. I emailed screenaid about the defective product...

I recently purchased an inverter for a Compaq v2000. When I put the new inverter into the computer, the small blue bulb on the inverter lit up but the screen did not. I tried pushing the lid close button to flash the screen but it would not come on. I put the old inverter back in and was able to flash the screen. I believe that I may have received a defective inverter. Please respond with any information on a possible replacement.

Dear ------------,
Thanks for your timely attention.
It is my plesure to serve you.
Sorry for the troubles we caused to you.
Would you please tell us the model of your laptop and the part# of the inverter such as 00K3234 to us which are very
important for us to confirm the problem.
Would you please tell us the customlabel of the inverter such as N7810 to us.
Would you please send us the pictures to show us thatthe small blue bulb on the inverter lit up but the screen did not by
installing the inverter? Would you send the pictures to show us that when you put tthe old inverter back in and was able to
flash the screen? We need the pictures to confirm the problem so that our technicians can solve the problem sooner. Yon
can send the pictures to the following email.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.
Have a nice day.
Screenaid ebay service

Admittedly I was impressed with the speed in which I had received a reply, but was worried by the broken English. I sent the requested pictures and information.

Thank you for your prompt reply. The laptop in question is a roughly 5 year old Compaq Presario v2000.
The part number on the old inverter was AS0231720B6.
The new inverter has part number 4D:[protected] and label HQ137.
Attached are pictures with descriptions of the problem.

Soon after I received another email.

Dear --------------,
Thanks for your timely attention.
It is my plesure to serve you.
Sorry for the troubles we caused to you.
And we have confirm that the one you ordered is compatible to yours.So would you mind if you ask you to pay us $2 and we
resend a new one to you? And you do not have to return the item to us.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.
Have a nice day.
Screenaid ebay service

Confused I sent another email...

You didn't provide me any details on how I'm supposed to pay.

And got another reply...

Dear ------------,
Thanks for your timely attention.
It is my plesure to serve you.
I am so sorry for my carelessness.Would you please be kind to pay the $2 to the email account: [protected]
And would you please tell us the transaction ID after the payment. We will resend you a new once we receive the money.
Sorry again.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.
Have a nice day.
Screenaid ebay service

After spending some time wondering how I was supposed to email them money, I decided to do a little research on this "Top Rated Seller." I Googled them and came up with many negative reviews and horror stories about the company. I was pissed that I'd become another victim of a sham company and decided that they weren't getting another cent from me. I read that threatening to report them would get me somewhere.

I still do not understand what you're saying and don't see why I should have to send you more money for something that
should have been done right the first. If you're not going to give me a straight answer I will have to take this up with eBay.

That did it.

Dear -----------,
Thanks for your email!
And i have informed my copmpany ship a new one item for you soon, then u needn't pay any returnm postage, thanks.
Have a nice day!
Screenaid eBay Service

Thank you. Do you have any USPS tracking information for me?

Dear friend,
I am the customer service from ebay screenaid.
We have reshipped you another one for trying today.
The tracking# is----------------------------------------.
Pls have a check on
Any other problem, pls let us know at the first time.
I hope you can satisfied with our customer service, we will always be there for you!
Have a good day!
ebay screenaid service

I waited for a few days until the new inverter showed up. It arrived poorly wrapped and covered in some gluey substance. I plugged this one in expecting another failure. The screen did come on after a few seconds, except this inverter made a horrible high pitched screeching noise. I went back to email them again.

You sent me another defective inverter. This one makes a high pitched screeching noise when plugged in and arrived
poorly wrapped and covered in a gluey substance. I can understand one bad inverter but now two?

I got this as a response.

Dear ---------------,
Really sorry for that.
We are also very frustrated about the item.
So to make you good, how about issuing you full refund so that you can buy a new correct one from your local place.IS it
ok?Because we don't know what to do to help you solve it!Hope you can understand.
Looking forward to your reply.
Have a nice day.
Screenaid Ebay Service

A refund seems to be in order. Do you want your broken stuff back?

Dear ------------,
Thank you for your letter.
Hi, I have asked my colleague to issue you refund.
They will tell you the transaction number soon!
Pls check your email later.
Have a nice day.
Screenaid Ebay Service

Dear friend,
I am the customer service from eBay seller screenaid.
I am so glad to tell you we have issue you refund to your paypal account today.
Transaction ID:-------------------------------------.
Thanks a lot for your purchase, you are a nice buyer for your kindness and cooperation, we feel pretty sorry for
all the trouble to you.
Our manager let me tell you, we have put your name to our VIP customer list already, you can enjoy much discount and
VIP customer service next time, we promise we could do better next time.beg your pardon!!!
In order to improve our work, we are gonna make a statistic regarding buyers who purchased item from us but not
satisfied with it. we hope you can do us a favor. Our purpose is to perfect everything meeting buyers request.
Thank you very much!!!
1.Could you pls tell us which part you are not satisfied with our company during this deal? Such as the product or
customer service or others?
2.Could you pls give us your kindly advice about my company?
Many thanks for your noble words and comments, that is much crucial for us. we will appreciate it!!!
Pls feel free to contact us for any question on the refund, we will always be there for you!!!
I wish you have a good day!!!
Screenaid eBay Service
Your eBay ID:linkdude80

In the end I got my refund, but I had still wasted a week over this. I sent one last email.

I did not have a pleasurable experience dealing with your company. My first product showed up on time but it was defective
on arrival. You then asked me for more money to ship a replacement for something that should have come through right
the first time, and you gave me some unintelligible runaround on how I was supposed to email you the money. Luckily as
soon as I threatened to report you to eBay you backed down and offered to send one for free. This one too was defective!
My advice to you? SHIP WORKING PRODUCTS. On top of that, based on what I've read about your company online I am not
the only person that this has happened to. Almost every review said how you never gave straight answers always shipped
defective or incorrect products and that the broken english of your emails is very difficult to read. How you managed to
become a top rated seller is beyond me. Thank you for your refund, (at least your customer service gets it right) and for the
VIP whatever. (although I don't think I'll be returning as a customer)
Regards, ---------------
ps Do you want me to return the defective products or not?

I got no response. Naturally I left negative feedback on their eBay page. While I was there I noticed that much of their positive feedback consisted of generic messages from the same people written in the same broken English as their emails, and every negative bit of feedback is contested by screenaid replying that it is the customers fault. I thought that was the end of it, until a week later when I received an email with the subject line "Would you please tell us how to satisfy you?" after some much needed loling about the innuendo I read the email.

Hi ----------------,
Dear -------------------,
Thanks for your timely attention.
It is my plesure to serve you.
Sorry for the troubles we caused to you.
And we are so sorry that you have gave us a negative feedback.
And thank you for your suggestion and we have contact the suppliers to improve
such situation now.
You know we do purchase the item from the supplier in a large number, so
sometimes we may ignore to check the quanlity of one or two items. And we
are so sorry such essue occurs on you.
And we do apologize for the troubles
You know that our members do hope to solve the problem for you once we receive
the your suggestion and problem. And we did not know it goes like this.
And now we hope we can do something to satisfy you. Would you please be kind
to give us another chance to improve our service? And tell us how to do to
satisfy you.
Thank you for your understanding.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any problem.
Have a nice day.
Screenaid ebay service

" You know we do purchase the item from the supplier in a large number, so sometimes we may ignore to check the quanlity of one or two items." That was their excuse. They do too much business to worry about quality control or "quanlity control."

Although I did get my refund I never got a working part. I wasted a week of my time on this crap to no avail. So even though screenaid may carry a "Top Rated Seller" marking, AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

  • Al
    alaric2k Nov 08, 2010

    I recently purchase a laptop screen hinge and It was delivered with the hinges unmoveable because it must have been glued shut, basically I believe they send you a product that defective and they request for more money, but who knows if will send you a correct and working part, The products are coming from some unknown company from who knows where in, possibly China so quality assurance is not a high priority.

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  • Ma
    maxene Sep 04, 2012

    recently purchase a laptop screen they the same side, but a my old one have two wires and the one a just purchase has only one wire.
    The other thing the place where to connect the screen my is bigger than the your send me, how i send back to right one?, or send me a phone number i can call to explain thanks.

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Screenaid.comBad Product, DON'T BUY

I didn't get 1 or 2, but 3!! bad screens from them. The second screen actually came broken and the lady, Celery was her name, started getting mad because I wanted a new one. I thought surely they didn't give me 3 bad screens so I bought an inverter thinking that had to be the problem. Well I bought a screen from and it worked perfectly. I ended up paying $4o dollars more than I should have because I had to pay return shipping for the second screen AND bought a $25 inverter I didn't even need. That place is worthless, terrible website., ARE CROOKS, AVOID BUYING FROM THIS COMAPNY, SHIPS OUT FAULTY ITEMS AND DOES NOT OFFER REFUNDS

NEVER EVER BUY FROM THIS COMPANY, first - item did not work. Contacted them and they said, and I quote: "Please send the item back by regular usps . We will issue your refund after get the return." Sent item back. After a week contacted them about my refund and they simply replied, "I am so sorry that I can't help you to work out the matter." Now I am out a Screen and a refund. Worst customer service ever. When you call them they just say "Hello?" WTF? and then when I give them my order number they just hang up on me. Do yourself a favor and don't buy from them or as they are the same company. Very cheap, poor quality stuff from China. NOT even close to 100 % OEM compatible, it doesn't even work.

  • Wm
    WmEdwardDoyle Jun 12, 2010

    I am running into the exact same problem - they are now operating under the website address - Info LaptopsHome [[email protected]]. I have not sent back the incompatable power cord adapter, but they keep sending me requests for the same information, i.e. what are the specs, send picture of packaging, etc.

    Does anyone reading this have any ideas how to extend this alert to how bad this company is? I get similar broken English emails as described in the other complaint. I was able to get through to only once via phone and the language barrier was insurmountable.

    Any thoughts on how to blackball this outfit via blogging and postings is appreciated.

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  • Se
    Seawee Sep 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same. Useless product, runaround on return. AVOID. Cost me $25

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  • Se
    Seawee Sep 05, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same problems as others. Defective cheap merchandise, runaround when trying to return. Lost $25 with these guys. AVOID

    0 Votes — Disaster

I ordered an lcd screen from them on the weekend. On Monday I tried calling to make sure it was in stock...

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