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Scottish Gaswrongfull billing

this company have been sending letter after letter to my home for the past year, i have since opened this mail to find out why these letters are coming so frequently, to my dissbalief i had a notice of disconnection! i call Scottish gas right away to inform them that this is not my problem, but they are standinf their ground for this bill even though i pay my bill quatarly to Eon, scottish gas have told me i need to call Eon get my money refunded and pay the bill that is out standing which is almost £3000!!! i have not lived in this property for a year yet and have nt paid anymore than £600 for both gas and electric. how the devil is this possible? am i some kind of fool? scottish gas have not been as understanding of this as i would have like them to be i have told them that i am dissabled and that i suffer form sever depression to that they are not concerned only that the money needs to be paid! this has caused me no end of stress, what am i to do? please help me

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    emma1005 Oct 21, 2013

    I received a card at 12:15am this morning saying that my local gas man had missed a visit with me at 12:00am!! Cant believe that they would try and visit at this time of night i am absolutely furious with this ridiculous company that cant do their job right!! Outraged!!

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Scottish GasDamage to new dining room table

We had a new gas central heating system fitted in September 2008, comprising of a combi boiler, and seven radiators.
Whilst the workmen were removing one of the old radiators, dirty rusty water leaked from the said radiator landing on top of our brand new wooden dining room table, which seats 8 adults.
This water leakage was not immediately detected during the new installation, but was noticed after the work had been completed.
We contacted Scottish Gas re the damage to our table, and asked if they would stand good to replace the table, or compensate us for the damage their fitters had caused.
Five months later, and numerous phone calls we are still no further forward with them.
They say, their quote "we are aware of your complaint, and we are waiting for a representative to contact you, when he is in your area, at the meantime, we are unable to contact him".
Our question is this, "what does it take for our complaint to be honoured.
After five months the strain of getting nowhere is beginning to show, and we believe enough is enough.
Come on Scottish Gas, you need to look after your valued customers better than this.