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Salt Lake Valley Protective AgencyNot Paying Employees

I typically do not do complaint boards like this. But in Utah, as of now, the Labor Commission and DOPL, have not been ding their jobs to protect the public, and prospective employees. I know I know, imagine that, a government agency not doing it's job. Imagine that! But in Utah, unless you have a subpoena, like I had to get information preparing for Small Claims Court, you cannot get the massive amount of complaints on bounced checks, non-payment to employees, and the huge list of fines that SLVPA has received. Everything I am posting, I can back up with paperwork received by the Labor Commission, DOPL, and the 2 years of bank records I subpoena'd which I have in my possession. Unfortunately, I was new to Utah, and was looking for work, and new nothing about them.

If you are a vendor, or prospective employee, you will not get paid. I was a sales rep for them in January and February of 2011, and did not get paid all my wages. Most employees' checks bounced. Another sales rep who was hired with me, had checks bounced, and is owed thousands as well. I had to sue them in the West Valley Justice Center, and was awarded a $10, 000.00 Judgment just a few weeks ago. There was a security officer there who also won against them that had checks bounced on him for thousands of dollars. The judge told me to take a copy of the judgment to them, which I did immediately after the trial. I gave the notice of Judgment to Jennifer Salisbury. She said "Get in line, you won't see a penny". As soon as my 30 days of waiting is up, if they haven't paid (which they won't), I will have my attorney try and get a Writ of Execution to seize their property, or Lien against their property. Mike Vigil and Brandon Snively, the owners, in my opinion, are some of the worse people I have ever known. During the Discovery phase of the small claims process, I subpoena'd their bank records for the past 2 years, all DOPL (Utah Division of Occupational Licensing) records and complaints, all complaints to the Labor Commission of past employees that have not been paid, etc. From DOPL, I had over 600 pages of complaints - and those are just the ones they COULD send me. They have been fined several times doing business without a license. Also Brandon Snively has been fined for impersonating a Police Officer, and for working as a security officer without a license several times. They ordered Security Guards to carry high powered rifles without training, which they were fined for and ordered to cease practices. The list goes on and on, that shocks you. The Labor Commission has over 100 complaints of bounced pay checks, or just not being paid at all, or partially. The bank records, well let's just say, are a joke. They bounce damn near EVERYTHING to everyone! I also had the Deputy Director and an Investigator of the Labor Commission there to testify against Salt Lake Valley Protective Agency. I asked DOPL and the Labor Commission, how a company like this is still in business - after all, these agencies are supposed to be looking out for us, the Public who just want to be paid for our work. According to the Labor Commission, files have been sent to the Attorney General of Utah, and charges should be coming, soon against the 2 owners, and other associates contributing to this mess. People and businesses can do what they want, it's your choice - but you have been warned! If you need copies of all the documentation I have for small claims in your case, contact me!

Salt Lake Valley Protective AgencyChecks

I have worked for Valley for three years in those three years I have only twice been paid on pay day. Because of those clowns I was evicted from my apartment and I am still waiting on the $5000 that they still owe me from a law suit I have out on them from the unpaid checks I have left from working there. They have put me in a horrible spot to where I cannot get a new apartment. Also with their bounced checks my credit went to crap from my credit card and car payments not getting paid when that happens.

Salt Lake Valley Protective AgencyInability to Pay Employees

Okay, so I am a now, former employee of Salt Lake Valley Protective Agency. I am posting this complaint because of their inability to keep funds in their accounts to properly pay their employees! I went to the branch of Mountain America Credit Union to cash my check, and it was rather swiftly declined due to there being NO money in their account at all! Is this not against Federal, and State labor laws? I am ready to file a suit against them in small claims court for every penny that I am owed! If you're considering applying there, I suggest looking elsewhere.

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    Former Oscar Officer..... Feb 10, 2010

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    Corbie Mar 04, 2010

    I'm surprised they're still open. I don't understand how. I guess it's because they just keep bringing new people in the door and convince them for a few months that it's just a glitch or temporary. Then those people get fed up and quit, but there is already a new batch through the door. I don't understand how a company with that many BIG clients can't afford to cover their employees checks. It shouldn't just be potential employees that care about this, potential clients should care too. If everyone that works for the security company you hire is never paid on time, usually new because of the turnover, hates their job because of all of the above -- do you REALLY think they are going to do a great job or put in any EXTRA effort? Nope, it's just going to be the bare minimum to get by until they can find a job where their checks don't bounce.

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    CR2021 Aug 08, 2010

    Easy, they cheated and screwed their employees out of every penny the people that busted their backsides to work! I recently passed by their building on 1370 S. West Temple, it's closed down, all their cars are gone, and any property of theirs is nowhere to be found! They tucked their tails between their legs and ran like cowards! I fully intend to find each, and every one of their management staff, and see that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! I was nearly arrested for their crimes! And I know that these people don't care what cruel things they did to their former employees. Some of those men and women have families to support, and they did NOTHING to fix things! Redefininf professionalism!? Yeah right! Bunch of lies and deceit

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    Sipa81 Oct 15, 2010
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    If your looking for a job at Salt Lake Valley aka WANNABE COPS, dont waste your time. I worked for them almost two months, haven't got paid yet. I received 3 checks from this company ALL BAD CHECKS. Till this day those @hole still give me the run around. But if you still like to try them out go right ahead but get ready to work for free.

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