SalesGenie Complaints & Reviews

SalesGenieHarassment and distributing my phone number

I was self employed for a short time with a business unfortunately that did not survive the economy and also with employees that did not care about liability. At some point an employee had taken a call at my place of business and getting involved with Not sure what was said during the conversation but I do know that I DID NOT RESPOND nor contact them for any add. questions about their marketing program. During this time I have been recieving phone calls from business trying to sell me items that I DO NOT NEED. When inquiring about how they recieved this number, they told me SALESGENIE.COM. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PROGRAM!!!

Resolved SalesGenieAvoid them at all costs

I first used Salesgenie-Lite approximately two years ago. After about five months of ongoing frustration with Login username/password/returning user issues (I seemed to spend more time logging in than I spent using the program) I asked to have my subscription cancelled but was then told that I had to ride out a one year subscription. I negotiated a reduced rate for the remaining seven months. Salesgenie had a terrific database but the software that supported it was ruining too many days.

In December 2009 I decided to try it again. I was told by sales rep, Roy Pourchez that I would not have the problems I had previously experienced. I told Roy Pourchez in December that I would have money in the bank on a specific date in late January, filled in and signed an agreement and asked him to call me before withdrawing the funds, to which he agreed. Subsequently, on the specific date, but before a call from Pourchez, Salesgenie withdrew $125 from my account. A day or two later I became aware of the withdrawal and tried to log in. Once again, same problem as a year earlier. I called for support and the matter was resolved. I then logged in again but found to my surprise and consternation that 1) the items selected did not contain the Profile presentation that had been available last year, and 2) that the response times were pathetically slow.

I'm trying to make a living selling services. When I'm frustrated and angry, as use of the Salesgenie service was leaving me, I'm in no condition to sell anything. So, about 3 days after Salesgenie took my money, I asked them to give it back and cancel my subscription flat. It's been a week since then and still no credit back to my account. I would only recommend Salesgenie to people who enjoy suffering and wasting time.