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Sage SoftwareFraudulent billing practices

Sage Software engages in fraudulent billing practices. You have been
warned. Sage recently billed my card for $470.83 without my prior
authorization. They took the liberty of enrolling me in their new
program that provides software support as well as tax updates without my
consent or prior knowledge. Problem is that I don't need software
support, nor do I need tax updates or the ability to run payroll, as I
have outsourced that to ADP. Contacting Sage led to nowhere. They refuse
to credit the money back. I have now found out that this same scenario
has happened to many other loyal Sage customers. Intuit Quickbooks here I

  • La
    Lawrence Jul 27, 2009

    Staples Store sold an accounting software made by Sage Software Co. The rebates must be paid within 8 weeks. 20 weeks passed by but the [email protected] still play the game " your check is in the mail!"

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Sage Softwareunnecessary services

I have a big issue with Sage Software.

I used to be able to purchase tax tables and get on with work. I was able to keep my version of Peachtree/Sage for three years before upgrading to a newer version. Since 2012, Sage has been charging consumers for a new version of software, tax tables, and support. I was told tax tables were no longer available "ala carte, " so we now have to "bundle." We have no choice. We have tp purchase products/services we do not need.

We've gone from paying maybe $650 every three years, and $275 each year in between, to $710 each year. Well, $710.00 in 2012. I couldn't afford to renew this year.

It wouldn't be a big deal, except I do not need support. In addition, I thought that by law the software company was supposed to support older versions for at least three years. Sage is forcing consumers to purchase new versions each year.

There has to be a law being broken here.

I liken this to purchasing cable, except the cable company won't let you purchase unless you get internet and phone with it.

I don't know what to do to take this further. I'm now with QuickBooks, trying to make it work for me after using Peachtree/Sage since it was DOS-based.

Anyone else out there see this as a problem?

  • Mo
    MoonChild1961 Jun 26, 2013

    I'm not Safe Software - I'm a small business. The complaint was against Sage.

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