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Ryngataking money from my account without any course

Yesterday 30th of July, I received alert from my bank that the sim of 10.42 euro was deducted from my account in Naria currency equivalent for the purchase of Rynga which I did not initiate and did not get the benefits.
Is this a scam? And I saw a lot of complaints from people who had same issue..

User name: treasureiyke

Email: [protected]

Card number: [protected]

Card name: ikechukwu ike

Epx date: 12/20

taking money from my account without any course

Ryngacredit not found

sir we baught credit for 10 euros for rynga account on 1/8/2012 from our credit card
by name of alok jain credit card no. [protected] hdfc bank master card.
indian time 8:05 am. and the payment code was 057444 in luxemberg at . the payment was baught for alokjain67 (rynga account). please see where has this credit gone and kindly debit into my rynga account
alok jain
mo: +91 [protected]

  • Di
    dil2076 Jan 04, 2013

    sir wen i caal to usa or canada why chreged to call for usa and canada if usa is free call

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  • Ja
    jayandevi Jun 06, 2014

    Sir, Today I recharged my account for 10 euroes but till now not credited to my account. Pls check and advise. my Details: jayandevi . payment made through credit card on 06/06/2014. invoice no. 2180614701400002. Pls check and advise.
    Awaiting your quick response.



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  • Gu
    gulam mohammed Jul 22, 2014

    pls see my credit amount euro daily cutting take action

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  • Gu
    gulam mohammed Jul 22, 2014


    i was buy credit of 10 euro then i am useing but now my cridet is cuting without call pls check my user id gmohammed6

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  • Dh
    Dhawan Dec 06, 2015

    Rynga communication has become extremely bad for the past one month since you increase the rates, the other side can not hear the communication at all. Please do the needful. For the past two years I have been using Rtnga there was no issues, but now since one month we have no communication at all, would some one look into this or we stop using Ryna,

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