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6:01 am EDT

Russell Hobbs Boardmans Galleria is incompetent

Hi there I bought an Iron product from Russell Hobb. I went to Boardmans Galleria Durban they told me my warranty has expired they can take it for repairs. I agreed its been 3 weeks now no phone call or nothing I went to the store the first week they said they are still waiting for the repairs to come and collect my iron. All I want now is to get my iron and fix it somewhere else clicks never gave me a challenge with the kettle they gave me a new set on the spot.

Regards in crissed garments
[protected] / [protected]

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As lida Laing
Paarl, ZA
Jun 27, 2022 9:14 am EDT
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This is our second kettle from Russel Hobbs. Model no 15082AMA.

220-240V - 50Hz


1613 Not a cheap model. The same problem on both of them. The material of the lid is very poorly made. In both cases first the

hinges of the lint disintegrate and eventually the whole lid start braking up.

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5:21 am EST
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I purchased a Russell Hobbs HEPA CYCLONIC BAGLESS Vacuum Cleaner 2000W to vacuum my 2 bedroom unit. I used it about 5-7 times and then one day the engine made a strange noise, I smelt burnt rubber and that was it. I regularly emptied the chamber and dusted the hepa filter. As I had only had it for 6 months I was able to return it to the store I bought it from and they kindly replaced it. Unfortunately the replacement lasted a little longer but it broke down in exactly the same way. This time I was not able to return it as the warranty had expired so I contacted Russell HObbs in Australia. They were unhelpful and attempted to sway me to believe that it was my fault because these vacuum cleaners needed to cleaned and emptied regularly. I heard all manner of excuses and interestingly their product must be very sensitive as it doesn't like to have a dirty hepa filter.! I argued that I followed the correct user protocol and beyond as I would stick my hand into the chamber and remove debris that would be trapped around the chamber. A sign of the inferiority of this product. The vacuum cleaner had to be under half full or the suction was weak so I always would empty the chamber. I heard all sorts of reasoning but not once did they think it odd that their product could be at fault. The engine blew twice! This vacuum cleaner was not over used or thrashed in any way. For the majority of the time I have been overseas or interstate and use my unit as a base. After mentioning that I would lodge a complaint via public forum they suggested that I post the engine at my expense and they would 'repair' it for me if it was found that their product was at fault. Unfortunately their product is not worth the postage or my time. I will not purchase a Russell Hobbs product, they truly are inferior products, in my experience.

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