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Rush Fitnessfraud

These fitness club promised so much in beginning...i took 3 month membership(month to month) and paid in full..they started ripping me off with extra month bill deduction from my CC without asking me..called their toll free number and she tells me you have 2 year when i went to club to cancel my membership i found out they included on guy for a free roll for one month and i dont even know..also they denied refunding 54 dollars

Rush FitnessRude staff,

Do not join RUSH fitness. The sales staff will tell you anything to get your cash and a signature. They will tell you that they will refund your un-used personal training sessions at any time if you change your mind. NOT TRUE.
I was re-located last March 2011 to a locale 2 hours from a Rush. I called them and stopped my bank draw. The club was so crowded and childcare never available anyway. I dropped off proof which they later denied getting. Then I mailed letters to the corporate office. Now I get collection calls, asking for $50.00+, when they owe me hundreds for unused personal training .( "that's seperate and we can't give you your money until you pay us more") They say I have to pay 2 months of dues because they didn't get my relo info soon enough and then they will give me a refund, but REFUSE to put this in writing or attach a time frame. Its now September and I was re-located last March and I have yet to see a dime. I argue about how illogical this is and they call constantly and hang up the phone the moment I attempt a dialogue. They are arrogant beyond belief, there is a prevailing attitude of "we can treat you however we want" among all the corporate staff. I was even told that "management will not deal directly will refund issues no matter who you ask for." Basically, this company has NO ETHICS.

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    Sumir Jan 18, 2012

    I am going through same scenario right now. Could some one join the complain group and then stand fight against our rights as a member of this. Club that way they are not after our money .

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