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1:24 am EST

Rude Customer Service agent and supervisor


I was given false information by your staff in pldt office san pedro branch. The frontline officer said that it will only took a maximum of 48 hours to reconnect my service but as per your email support whose name is athena it will be 6 working days. This afternoon I contacted the inbound support and talked to mich nool (emp id: 6312) who failed to endorse me to her supervisor when I requested for it 5 times and instead she transferred me back to the queue. I also want to highlight her supervisor who did not even bother to address the escalated concern. Another agent with the name wemelyn bendijo (emp id: ev1084) who informed me that the service will take 6-14 calendar days. Why the agents are not calibrated? They don't even know the difference between working and calendar days. I've been very patient with your service from the day I signed up but this is geeting worst day by day. Hoping someone can reach out to me regarding this issue.


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3:25 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Rude Customer Service Cashier attitude

I work downtown Winnipeg so I always visit the Shoppers Drug Mart in Winnipeg Square. I have always felt uncomfortable dealing with one cashier there since she is always unfriendly and curt and I get the feeling that most customers would rather avoid her. You would always see a long line at other cashiers and she always has to announce to everyone that she is open. I try to avoid going to her but on Monday April 8th I made the mistake of doing just that and had to endure her rude and unfriendly attitude during the transaction.

When the transaction was completed I thought I could fit all my purchases in my handbag but everything started falling down by the time I got to the door. I noticed a lone plastic bag hanging by the door took it, seems like someone had just left it there, I was just outside the door and had every intention of returning to pay for it but since my purchases were scattered on the ground I was about to pick them up first when I heard her yelling. “You have to pay for that bag, it’s a nickel for the bag” Before I could get myself off the ground another staff came running out and grabbed the bag from me saying I had to pay a nickel. I said Okay but could I get my stuff off the ground and put them in the bag first. She said OK and gave me the bag. She said she only came to see what the commotion was and not to worry that she would give me 5 cents for the bag. I found a 5 cents and gave it to her.

I had just spent close to $50.00 in Shoppers and yet they thought nothing of embarrassing me, yelling at me for a 5 cents plastic bag. Of course I will never ever shop there again. But I think that Shoppers Drug Mart has to do something about that unhappy cashier with very poor customer service skills. I don’t know her name and I wouldn’t use it here if I did. But she is usually at the farthest till on your left when you are in the store. She is the only plump middle aged cashier there with short hair. You will recognize her by the scowl on her face so avoid her if you must shop there.

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