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Dear Ms. Arcieri,

My name is Kelsey Willard, I am 23 years old and in March if this year I was able to find another hob. A job to pay the bills, definitely a roof over our heads. It is just my Mother and I. She is disabled but when times get very hard, she does go and look for a job; like me. She is more capable of landing a job than me. Of course I do not have the years of experience to work and write DOS code for the government, actually one of the only females to work on the equipment in submarines'. This story is not about her, well it is but the reason why I work. When I was in the third grade, my mum got very sick and little did I know that would turn my world up-side down. I had to grow up quickly. take in things that grown-up didn’t want to take in, nor learn about but I was open to it all. I saw what life had to offer and did not like it. I saw what Lupus and degenerated disc disease did to her. Every day is still a struggle. My father stopped paying child-support, which in doing so, we couldn’t keep the car payments going. Soon to be taken away and in the night, its disappeared. In an attempt to keep food on the table and a roof over us, I had to work. But I had to work more; more than I could if I was to stay in school. I had to drop out or be homeless and I promised I wouldn’t like it happen. I’ve been able to get odd jobs but not one that was going to stick to me. Until my boyfriend gave me an application to be a cashier at Dollar Tree.

Working for a little over a month, a gentleman came into the store and I didn’t know he would be the one to end my work. On April 25th, 2012. My shift started at 12:30- 5:30 PM. It was nearing the end of Four o’clock. I remember looking at my phone, on the register the time format is Military time, well it has been forever since I’ve used Military Time. We were not allowed to talk on our phones, mine didn’t even work. Hadn’t worked for months. Never had extra money for a cell phone. Its basically a portable alarm clock. Everyday I worked someone would be working and talking on their phone. Several employees steal food from the store and eat it there and never pays for it. One was fired for it, even though he said he was willing to pay for everything. The other girl Julie, she steals all the time. I have seen her once. Found her cans of potted meat. Shoved behind items on the rack or so far behind the shelf that after away it starts to smell horrible. Plus she also services the Manger Allen Futrell, It does not take someone long enough to realize what the car sits there for 20-30 minutes, and at times starts to shake and rattle. Another employee told the District Manager and nothing.

But the day I was robbed while working for her, she fires me that Friday. I was told I had to come in, no one would work. I didn’t want too but had too or I thought I’d lose my job if I didn’t but I did lose it anyway. Here is my horrible day that does not stop plaguing me nonstop. I wake up out of a dead sleep, feeling that shove every time and it feels like I’ve been shoved out of my own bed, when its just my dreams. A man had asked me a question, which "Was was there anything 99 cent or below." I stated "everything is a dollar but we do have a clearance bin", told him about the bin and where it was. The question was really weird, not once had someone referred to Dollar Tree as 99 cent or below. I had told him where he may find the bin. Its was not until after the robbery I found out the bin was moved to the opposite end from where it was the night before.

Somewhere along from when he left, he ran into another dollar tree employee, Chris. Who later told me about the bin, where it was and what else he had said to Chris; "that it may say 25 or 50 cents, it may ring up a penny." And pick up an item. which he'd left on the shelf in line 3. The police were able to get really nice prints off a food face mask he had picked up and left. The guy had come up again, a little from me looking at the hanging items again that you can see when standing in the line for register 3. I was on register 4, while standing there I had a weird feeling about him being so close. I do not like it even when kids go behind me and walk down register 3. And the second time that he came back he walked over to where the sodas are and then proceeded to walk back near me, he came back up behind me.

There was 4 people in line, maybe more. I had just finished ringing everything up, total enter. She handed me a twenty. I had a weird gut feeling with him being so close. I was blocking him on purpose. while i was holding the drawer open a little to slide the drawer up and pushed the twenty under. They want the big bills under. That is what I do, unless I have counted it when a message appears wanting me to do a drop. I usually have 1 or 2 twenties left. I put them under my receipts for people when they want to get cash back. I do not like lifting it. But I have too, anyone would know that since that is the policy ro keep all big bills under. And there have been numerous times when a bill gets pushed to the very back and ends up falling out the drawer into the compartment where the cables and wires are stored from the register. A few days before this all happened one of our managers had found a one dollar bill, that had fallen out of the drawer to fall out, like I stated earlier. I remember calling Tim up front, we got supper busy .I had someone complain about that they gad left me alone up front and I said yea, that he was helping in back. I called him up front to help take of customers and while walking up I stated to him, when he was done that I needed a drop. Tim had come somewhere from the back of the store.

I had closed the drawer and went to ring up the next lady in line. She only have 3 or 5 items, she also paid with a twenty, and as I was lifting up the drawer again, he ran up and shoved me out of the way very hard, I have a bruise from him. He took off out of the store, the employee who he had asked about the bin tried to chase him down, I tired too but it was making it hurt more, so i stopped and went back. The police showed up very quickly but the DM Jean Black took her time showing up.

The district manager the moment when she walked through that door, she looked to the right of her and asked "WHAT SUPPOSE TO GO ON THAT WALL." While writing my statement for the police, I hear Jean say “look at how she shifts her feet from one to the other”. Uh- yea I’ve been on my feet for three hours and they hurt like hell. “I don’t really know her, you should check her out good.””Are you sure, she doesn’t know the person?” the next day, Thursday was my day off. I got the called that I needed to come in Friday. I had worked two hours before Jean found out I was there and she wanted to talk to me. Allen told me, if he had known he never would have made me come in.

My life was put in jeopardy because some ### wanted to rob a store, I happen to be the one behind the cashier. I was the one who was hurt. She never asked me if I was alright but in front of me, asked Chris If he was okay?” Never taking her eyes off my face. If this is how they treat employees, I’d hate to see what they do to customers who make someone else come up front and help ring up.

I am appealing why I was fired, I honestly did not do anything wrong. I feel that because I stood up against Jean, she did not like it. I have heared her call another employee by the name Honey, that is sexual harassment, I would prefer to deal with someone else other than Mr. Joe Helm and Miss Jean Black. Also I do know that Dollar Tree recovered $500 dollars. I would be more than happy to sit down with you/ your top officials and discuss everything that happened that day. Right now i would love to share my story with other people but I will wait until I hear from you.

If its not Dollar Tree policy to put your twenties under the drawer, then I should be re-instated and start my week where I was unjustly fired. Im sorry but I can not stand Mr. Helm lying I was very offended and still am. I am the victim, that guy could have had a knife or gun and I'm sorry but Jean Back could have cared less, all she was concerned about was"how much did he take?" I am going to fight this, knowing I did nothing wrong, I followed all the policies, I even told the asst. manger i needed a pick up but then he walks off and then I hear he’s on his break. So what am I to do? Am i suppose to turn costumes away because I need a pick up, I was told NO by my manager Allen, you have a costumer you check them out.

There is much more I would like to say but i know I am telling the truth, i am very big on being very bunt with the truth. I even said before I would be willing to take a lie-detector test, to prove that I am being very honest. Unlike the other employees I have never stolen anything from work. I do not steal food and then eat it and hide it in party goods. I do admit that only once I caught an employee take something but nothing was done about it, since no one else saw it. I have never come in hung-over or reeking of alcohol. I was always on time, I'd showed up 5-10 minutes before my shift started. When i am off and someone can not come in, I will cover for them i do not mind. I have never called in sick, only one day was there a chance where I might be late. My mum had a doctors appointment and he was running late, but I may it into work on time, I had even called Helen and told about the doctor running late and I may be there 15-20 mins late but i wasn’t. I enjoy working at Dollar Tree. Well did.

If you know anyone who could possible help me, I would greatly appreciate it. If you need or want to post this, you may. All I ask is to replace our names with the first letter of our name. But leave the managers and district mangers names. people have a right to know who they really help to make fortune 500 companies. I have a right to justice. And I was exercising my 2nd amendment right. I will not tell you the the guys’ name, who robbed us. I’ve had to stop several times while writing to you. Where his hand landed when he shoved me, it left a nice big bruise. I went to the hospitable a while after it happened but I was trying to be optimistic about my shoulder and back. I have been calling everyday from my boyfriend’s house phone, we can not afford one. The numbers given to me, for my medical bills basically rings and that’s it. Or when I have left a message, it is never return. I can not fill the prescriptions the doctor at the E.R gave me, because apparently my case is closed. Which it is not until all treatment is finished. Which is the logically answer. The reason I waited was, that it did seem to get a little better but that was just me hoping and wishing it was better.

I’ve been lied too, given the run around and am finally fed up with them and need outsider help. Everyone has a right to justice and all I am asking is for my fellow citizen's to stand up and say No, its enough. That a 23 year old has her life put on the line over $800 dollars, which $500 they recovered but when I did talk to one lady, she had no knowledge that any money had been returned and that the DM would not want to let the police take the one $20 dollar bill he dropped. I put it in my drawer on top for the police.

All I am is a normal girl, trying to help my mum and me to stay afloat in todays economy . I had saved all but $150 out of each paycheck for rent, the rest was to set aside for a used car. Ours was getting worse and worse, we knew one day it would not want to start anymore. I wish I could say very proudly and with joy that the money is still being saved but it was either a roof over over heads or car. A car if we did indeed buy one, would be living in that car today.

I want something to come out of all this, I want it to be good. Would you like to know that your favorite store and for some people where I live, that is all they have. They can not afford to go and buy hundreds of dollars of clothes and shoes. They barely make enough to feed themselves, and the treats and presents their children get is from Dollar Tree. Yes it may only cost a dollar but a dollar is the world to people, especially when you can tell how hard it is to say No, mummy/ daddy can not afford to buy that. We have to buy food first, then pay bills. Try explaining that to a 6 year old. a dollar toy to some kids is the world, seeing their faces light up. I actually did like my job and would love the chance to have another job but its hard to put fired on a job application. I feel like all the pride and joy that I have been building for 23 years, has come crashing down to my feet and I can’t fix it without help. They will not talk to me. I need a stronger voice to be heard for me and for countless other people who have had something like this end their job when they themselves have not done anything to jeopardize their job. Jobs’ in todays market, you do anything you can to keep it, because if not your gone and someone else is in your place, that should not have been taken from you in the first place.

If posting this helps us to realize that we as Americans, should and can call on our fellow citizen's to stand up and to help justify a wrong. Then I am calling every citizen to arms. We need to stand up to people who think just because they have money, we should be sacred of them. But in realtiy it is THEY who should be scared of us. Of Us taking arms and fixing the crimes they think they can hide from the public. We are the ones who make them who they are this day. Id it was not for us, Americans’ and other citizens who come to share and visit our world, we put in the office you are in now, and we can end it for you. If we can not help another person out, whom you have never meet, then you can not call yourself an American. I am a loin and am I roaring my anger to everyone and I’m telling all of you, COME OUT. Crawl out from behind your rock and let your voice be heard. I might be 23 but I know I can beat them. I don’t back down, nor give up. None of you should give up. Make this a cause to help you start to stand up to the world and make things right when wrongs have been made.

If you know anyone who might or can help me, please email me right away. I can not stand this, and no one has or will help me. If I can try to chase the man who robbed me. When you are all able to start to help and we can win one for all of us. All I am trying to do is make people realize what type of business treats employees like that. [protected] or [protected] . All I’d like is justice. I can’t settle this without help. Dollar Tree will not work with me.

thank you very much for reading all this, but this may just get junked. If not. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.


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    firefly me Feb 08, 2013

    So sorry to read this actually happened to you. Really need to know how this iS going to be taken care of?

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robbery in howrah koraput express

robbery in koraput howrah express
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