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Resolved Road MiceHorrible Experience

I placed an order with RoadMice. I told them it was a gift and asked them to include a gift card or note in the package. It took four months for them to ship out my order. They did not include a gift card or note. When the person received it, he did not know who it was from. RoadMice told me it would give me a refund due to the inordinately long time it took to fill my order. I never received the refund. I wrote a letter to the owner of the company. He did not respond. No letter, no phone call, no email, nothing. Beware if you do business with this company.

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    Dan Cwieka Jul 28, 2009
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    I think there might be two sides to this issue. When I see a complaint with no actual details its had for a reputible company to post its side of the issue. Was this an international order? Were there duties unpaid? Was this a pre-order?Were you sent product to the wrong address and new product had to sent? I am the CEO of Four Door Media Inc. (the company.) I can tell you that we have very rarely had complaints like this, and we have sold thousands of mice. We care, it seems oddd to me that it would take Four Months for any product to be delivered without some sort of unusual event occuring.

    I can be reached at 949 463 7302 or [email protected]

    Lets get to the bottom of this and make things right.

    Dan Cwieka

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    stevet Aug 05, 2009

    Interesting take on this issue Dan.

    I ordered a mouse from you on June 10 and have still not received it.

    I sent several emails to your company at [email protected] car and never received a reply. I did receive an email delivery confirmation that 2 were delivered to yourself and 1 to Bob Munley.

    I finally called your company from Canada at my own expense and spoke with someone who promised to have my order shipped out today.

    Here's a quote from the GT Ford forum (link

    "Word of caution ... I do NOT recommend purchasing a mouse directly from the manufacturer's website It took me over a dozen e-mails (most went un-answered) and three months to finally get my white/blue. I suggest you buy from an ebay seller or Wal*Mart as the prices are all pretty much around $50 bucks. They are cool looking and fun, just stay away from a direct buy as customer service is non-existant."

    As CEO you might want to check into your order taking system.

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    Road Mice Trash Sep 23, 2009

    Road Mice, a automobile shaped mouse is a neat concept but the mouse itself is of very poor quality. It is very low sensitivity and therefore makes item selection on screen very difficult.
    It also eats batteries at four times the normal rate.

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    dmtaylor Sep 13, 2013
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    Invoice #16437 Ordered from website. Date/Time: 14-Nov-2012 6:34:07 PST Transaction ID: 4784643074. Lamborghini wireless mouse and Lamborghini mouse pad. Status req 11/21 9:35 AM//Status req 11/26 2:15 PM. To "[email protected]" // Status req to "[email protected]" because my order confirmation came from him, //then voicemail req for status on the "shipping dept" extension because I recd auto e-mail that "david" no longer with company//Sent e-mail status at 11/28 11:26 AM after leaving a voicemail req for same on the "shipping dept" extension. 12/4 2:22 PM another e-mail for status of order. 12/5 2:55 PM another e-mail to shipping. 12/5 2:55 PST auto email FROM [email protected] with a thank you, due to holiday operations blah-blah-blah. 12/7 12:43 pm sent e-mail to customer service and shipping. Advised them that I posted issue on their Facebook page. 12/7 12:42 PST same apologetic e-mail from customer service (exactly the same). 12/7 1:41 PM sent request to cancel order to customer service.
    12/7 1:44 PM sent email to "[email protected]" (got his name from internet and did NOT get an undeliverable message back), advising him of cancellation and my previous requests. 12/13 5:10 PM PST e-mail from 12/7 sent at 12:43 was "read" by customer service.
    1/3/13 1:14 PM PS received that same "thank you, busy holiday" message again!
    Multiple msgs sent after this (I blind copied myself and received "read" messages back on all of them). Last message sent on 2/15/13. I have NEVER gotten a response and they never returned my $64.75. Just tried to call the Dan Cwieka at above number. Got a recording that doesn't even have his name on it...just repeats the phone number! Un flippin real!!!

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    Scottz28 Jun 24, 2014

    Same here, I got one as a gift. It stopped working completely withing 2 months, I'v beeen trying off and on to contact them for 2yrs now. I finally reached some manager named 'Allen" who promised to take care of it, and I should e-mail 'Trevor'. This "Trevor" guy is aparently non-existant, because he's the same one I'v been suppose to be getting ahold of this whole time. Written 4 or 5 e-mail, no responce. What crappy customer service. HEY DAN, AS CEO YOU MIGHT WANT TO LOOK INTO YOUR OPERATIONS A LITTLE MORE, AND PAY ATTENTION TO ALL THE BAD REVIEWS ABOUT YOUR COMPANY. Good product-Horrible company.

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    tuf tuftsy Jan 24, 2016
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    Mouse new out of box does not connect or work at all...have e-mailed them 5 times now and has been 2 months no reply. I would not buy any of these products again as there is no support at all!!! Warranty or no warranty a reply and options should be first priority besides sales!!!


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Resolved Road MiceRoad Mice Rip Off

This is to inform you of Road Mice Rip Offs.

1)Road Mice quoted a shipping rate of $23.48, cf via USPS instead they shipped via the much more expensive UPS courier at a total cost of $46.40, cf, almost double. Rip Off of $22.92.

2)When contacted by email about the double shipping cost, Road Mice apologized and said you would provide refund. No refund forcoming, Rip Off.

3)Road Mice online invoice quoted a total cf price of $79.04, cf, but what was posted to my credit card by Road Mice was $83.49, cf, Rip Off of $4.45.

4)The worst Rip Off of all for this $110 mouse is that it is the worst functioning mouse I have ever had, to the point where its response to movements are so slow and erratic that I don't use it.

Cute idea but a serious Rip Off.