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I started with them at the first of the year, , , Deposited $250 like there video says...made $190 first week...when I asked who was taking care of my account...they told me Ben Lawrence was and that he would contact me...he did the next Tuesday...we talked for awhile...he wanted more money...I said I was he put my $440 into there Tuesday afternoon, I was almost loses your money that fast! I e-mailed him and said I would find some money somewhere as long as he got me out of the Autotrader...he did...when I came up with $2000...he traded once a week for over 2 months...3-6 $25 or $30 trades...did not make nothing...when I b**ched to his boss...John Goldberg...he saw what he was doing...but said that was up to Ben...then turned around and made me $1000 in 4 aggressive what gives with these people and why can't we get our money back? I have since sent them numerous e-mfor my money to be returned to one answers any of these...the Live not working...and non of the e-mail addresses produces a response! So I take it I am out? Please can't someone do something about this? Sue them? Turn them in to Interpol or Scotland Yard for there cheating people out of there money...its a crime in US!

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    MAP1427 Apr 28, 2016
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    HI I have transfer more the 35000 USD after progressive gain, after this they start loose and loose until get zero in me account.

    I dot knoe what else can I do I need some law assistance for this case because they offer too many thing include zero risk of investment.
    currently they did not take my the phone call. I feel too bad is too much money for me.

    I need help to find the way to recover my money

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    Davidzog Jun 10, 2016
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    I think know who these people are, be careful, do not invest anything more... I think they are in Israel too, Please report to CFTC immediately, please check their Redlisted companies.

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Richard Boyera teacher with a taste for young girls

When I was 15, I believed when he told me that I was mature for my age--like an adult--and that he felt guilty for taking my virginity.

When he started sleeping with my friends, I wasn't so sure.

Five years later, I've heard from no less than four other young girls who he took the same way--or at least tried to. He's currently stalking a sixteen year old!

This guy is a substitute teacher in CCSD, and next year he'll be a regular classroom teacher. Stop him before it's YOUR daughter!

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    Craig Barton Feb 08, 2009

    I jusgt got home from Las Vegas you can tell they are suffering from the turn down in the economy. Like Advantage car rental when I gave the counter person my reservation number he made a commit at about how low of a rate I got for 4 days midsize car $57.0o by the time he finished with me it came to $170.00. then I ate ate the Wokin on Flamingo on thursday the 5th of Febuary the menu showed some kind of a wrap and corn on the cob for $5.99 buy the time it was rang up with a glass of tea it came to almost $15.00 when I questioned the lady she said the corn was seperate.

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