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RG Autorepoed my car even thought they had my FINAL check payment

I paid for a 2005 Sebring Convertible and gave them 3 post dated checks with the same date for each month. I explained to them that it had to coinside witht my last paydate each month and I would let them know when I might need them to just wait a few days to cash it which they said was fine. The 2nd to last check needed to wait a few days but they cashed it anyway and it didn't clear. They called me and I told them I had talked to someone about the check needing to wait a couple days...and that person knew nothing about it. I went right to the bank and gave them cash.

I have had several things go wrong on the car in the 3 months I've had it. All 4 tires had to be replaced the 2nd month I had it as they were completely ROTTEN. The front bumper came off the car the first week I had it..they claimed they had it fixed when I left it with them but they LIED...it was never fixed and I had to have it fixed myself. The engine started making a funny noise...and still does.

It was the same for this months LAST payment..I needed to wait until yesterday for the money to be in my account. They agreed to wait till yesterday if I brought them cash. I told them that they still had my check I would need back my check if I did that and ALSO if I could not make it by the time they closed because of my work schedule I would be in on Sunday (they are not open Saturdays) with the cash for them. I told them if I didn't make it to just cash the check and they said they just wanted the cash.

I could not make it there by the time they closed yesterday because of a worked related sales call I could not disrupt. I woke today to find my car MISSING...they decided to REPO IT... EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE THE LAST CHECK PAYMENT!!!
Now I have to wait until they open tomorrow to deal with them.


RG AutoAwful company

I am a successful business man in South Florida. I tried to buy a vehicle from RG Auto which is a small buy here, pay here. I left $3, 000 deposit on an 03 Mustang. I came back two hours later to pick up the car and Edgar Baquero and Joe Cohen and Mike Hunt tried to charge us and additional $3, 500 because our credit was bad (725 Decon score).

We said we no longer wanted to buy the car and asked for our money back. The three stated, they had no cash because its a bad neighborhood and would need to come back in a couple of days. We then demanded our money. They then became violent and yeld at me and my wife. I then called the Hallandale Police. They told the Police they had no checks and could not pay.. The Police got even more angry when they felt they were being lied too, also. They were about to arrest Edgar Baquero and Joe Cohen when they found an extra check... The police said they were bad people and not to come back again...

  • Zx
    zx Oct 06, 2008

    Wow, what a bunch of scammers. Either you left $3, 000 cash or check which they should have been able to immediately refund you or give you your original check back...

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  • Ry
    Ryan Oct 15, 2008

    I agree with Mr peter Mac about his place I tried to purchase a car that I was pay 12, 000 cash for along with a trade of a 2000 toyota camry. The service was horrible adn rude, they want to rush you to take you money. I simpley told them that my money is not itching my hand to spend and i will take the camry and go home with it 2 hours later a purchase a certified pre-owned lexus for 1, 500 less than the mercedes I was buy for almost 15, 000.00 cash in hand.

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