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Removal GroupMove from Belgium to Usa


This is the wort experience of my life with movers !

I was quoted a 4 to 6 weeks move from Belgium to USA and it has been 5 weeks and my move hasn't left the UK !
I call them everyday to see the status and they don't know when it is leaving !
I was told i would have my own container and they came with a truck already loaded with another move. I asked for a hoist that they forgot, so the move took 6 hours more than what it was supposed to be.

I am going next week to the USA with my wife and two babies and we'll arrive in an empty house !

I am truly disappointed and I really suggest that you find another company to move your belongings

I just hope i'll get my move one day.

Removal GroupVery Bad Experience

I had a terrible experience with the Removal Group and would stay away from them. They seemed GREAT at first and were very responsive and professional with a good price. I used them for my international move from Bologna to New York. However, they lied to me and in the end I had to take the blame and the cost because I was too trusting. When we spoke on the phone, I reminded them several times that I had no idea about the access into the Bologna city center, what permits may be needed etc and that they would need to arrange that, even for an extra fee. They assured me they had done this a million times and it would be fine as long as they could get within 100 meters of my apartment. I gave them the map, layout of the town, everything and again said that I was not prepared to understand if there were permit or entrance issues into the city center. They rescheduled my move and ended up being over a week late, I had already left the country and was forced to ask a friend to handle the move for me. They could not get their truck into the city center because it was too large and then claimed that was my responsibility and told me either I had to immediately and at the last minute (6pm on a Friday in Italy!) find a private shuttle service, or they would not pick up my things AND keep the full payment for my move. Or they could arrange a shuttle service and charge me an extra $3000! So they basically screwed me and there was nothing I could do, I begged for help from my old company, found a way to make it happen but was never compensated for any of it. Now, my things have arrived and there is some damage that I need to claim and I can't even get a form from them. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, I felt completely hostage to them and I would actually sue if I thought it wouldn't be prolonging the nightmare. Long story short, DO NOT USE THE REMOVAL GROUP.

Removal Groupnever processed our insurance claim

Hello all I just wanted to say that I am sorry I have never handled a move before and we chose this company that also scammed us. They did not arrive on time to box our shipment, kept my husband up until 4 am to do it, never did an inventory, the "experienced packers" were 19 years old. Once we were abroad they never contacted us. The move arrived 3 months late with lots of damage. We started the claims process and they never responded to our emails and phone calls. Horrible company. NEVER USE THEM. AND REPORT THEM WHEREVER YOU CAN!

  • Bo
    BorisD Nov 17, 2010

    I wish there was a way that I could put the clock back. I had a nightmare experience with this company and urge anybody considering using their "service" to steer well clear. The "Removals Group" asked for an inventory in advance of the packers arriving in late December 2008. I duly supplied it and they turned up in a white van to take my belongings to their warehouse. All was well, I thought. I moved to Norway in January 2009 and I had to keep on phoning their office to get a date and time for delivery. Eventually my things were shipped in February. I helped them carry the boxes and furniture into my new place. To my horror, there were many breakages, missing items etc. and my mattress was badly stained and the bed and sofa were both damaged. Worst of all, my 32" flatscreen TV was "missing". They claimed it was never on the inventory. One of the men who had been at my old place to pack my things in the UK was also driving the truck on which my belongings were a "part load". When I questioned him on the missing TV he denied any knowledge and claimed that it was nothing to do with them and I should contact "The Removals Group". Britannia Removals (the company subcontracted to do the shipment) also denied any responsibility, even though one of their men had been present during the pick-up in December. I was left with a lasting mistrust of any company that is offering something so cheap - if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. Don't touch this company with a barge pole, you'll regret it for sure.

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Removal Grouppoor service overcharged

At first all was well, the quote was relatively competative and the staff attentive and friendly. On the day of the move, the guys turned up and they were good and polite and worked hard. I noticed that they did not work for Removal group but were a company called britannia, Removal Group I found out are simply a broker who pass on your business to a real removal company after loading on a commission for themselves.
I constantly checked with the guys loading the vehicle that I was within the volume I had paid for which they assured me I was.

That's the end of the good news. My belongings were taken to the main depot 160 miles away and packed into the big truck ready for departure along with other customers goods. That is when I received the call to say that I was over my volume by 36% that is over 14 sq m. That was unbelievable but I was told that unless I paid immediately my shipment would not leave. My family and I were moving the next day and faced the prospect of living in an empty house whilst we argued or we paid up and dealt with it later. I had no choice.

When the truck arrived, I asked the guys unloading to check the volume and they confirmed it was 40 sq m and not 54 as Removal group claimed.

I pointed this out and have constantly demanded a refund but they simply ignore my emails and calls.
I will be taking this up with the trading standards office but I will also find every comments based website I can to warn others.

Believe me, most of the reviews you will find look like they are staged by the company themselves so beware.

I would advise anyone tempted by these bunch to stop and think about the consequences. Pay just a little more and go with a good honest recognised name, it will be cheaper in the end and a better service.

I think it is also fair to say that it later appeared that Britannia were in this scam too so I would avoid them too.

  • Sw
    swissdebbie Jul 21, 2010

    Apparently they have not learned. I contacted them for my removal from Switzerland to Spain. In the beginning all went well and the senior relocating officer was very nice.
    the pickup was on june 19th, now we are july 21st, I am in Spain since june 28th with 3 cats and 1 suitcase and I still have not received my belongings...

    1. they "lost" my payment

    2. they needed additional payment because bulk was bigger than expected...and miscalculated grossly!!!

    3. when they "found" my payment no excuse was made and I am still waiting for the receipt

    4. I contacted them several times by mail, they were simply ignored

    5. they acknowledged the counting error but now want the additional payment before they send my belongings...

    I mailed to them that I wanted a discount for the inconvenience...and would pay after reception!
    of course I have not heard from them since and the delivery was due tomorrow, 22nd of july 2010...

    I wonder...whom can I turn to to denounce this case?

    D. Martinez

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Removal GroupWorst company I have ever dealt with

This is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. Do not book your move with them.

Our move from the UK to the Netherlands with Removal Group was a complete nightmare from start to finish. They were totally unreliable, told outright lies on numerous occassions and concealed information from us on many more. Our goods arrived 16 days late and during that time we had no idea where our possessions were or when they were likely to be delivered. We had to be constantly chasing them up and, despite many promises to call us straight back, they never returned our calls.

Their so-called 'packing service' was a complete scam. Our goods were already in boxes, but we wanted everything to be repacked more carefully. This was not done and everything arrived exactly as we had left it in the UK.

We submitted a complaint via their website and were told we were not entitled to any compensation as we were in breach of contract because my partner's company did not pay the invoice 7 days before the commencement of our move. They only sent their invoice to KPMG 7 days before the move, so there is no way this deadline could ever have been achieved. Needless to say, we were never alerted to this by our removal coordinator. It wasn't until 2 weeks after our goods were supposed to have been delivered and they were already in possession of all our belongings that they informed us of this.

I am completely disgusted with this company. I am even more incensed by the fact that they have not offered us any kind of apology for the distress they have caused us. An apology goes a long way, but Removal Group simply do not care about their customers.

  • Ma
    Matthew Cattell Feb 26, 2009

    I had exactly the same experience. Moving from the UK to Norway, my TV was missing from the delivery (which cost me £600 new) and other items were missing and/or damaged. The matress was damaged (expensive matress) and the bed was also knocked-around. The company they had subcontracted to (Britannia Simpson) denied any responsibility and said I would need to pursue it with the removal group. I contacted them only to be offered £40 compensation (a joke, surely) and that I had agreed not to take their extended liability cover (this was never actually offered to me and I received no advice either way). I too am completely disgusted with them and would never use them again or recommend them to anybody else.

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Removal GroupShipping delays!

Had an absolute nightmare at customs two months ago from my return from dubai back to dover. Had to wait a just under two weeks for access to my shipment, which included my car!

The company i work for paid for the move which was all taken care for financially. All i had to do was contact a company for a half decent price. Removal group came up best after spending over an hour talking to move co-ordinator Michael, going through all the items that were allowed to be brought back and general waiting times for delivery for a full load shipment. The removal group are operating a broker service and do not actually do the move which was also included in the hour long chat but i was told that a BAR registered company will be conducting our move on behalf of the removal group.

The move itself was fine the lads did a good job packing and wrapping up the plasma tv and family artifacts. Once the shipment arrived in the uk however things did go wrong. due to an administrative error by the company who collected the shipment it was declared that a payment was outstanding. Michael was again extremely helpful and got the ball rolling as quick as could be on a saturday afternoon. he rang on the tuesday to say that it had all been taken care of and was reimbursed by that company for the error. I am over the moon that i got my goods and car back, all in one piece thanks to the great organization and determination of Michael from the removal group.

Removal GroupUndelivered and lost goods!

My belongings were shipped ahead of the my orders from the UK to the USA. I was promised I could put things in storage, they picked up my belongings in November and as of 15 January I still don't know where my belongings are. The receiving company has said when they produced my paperwork the port authority in Boston was told my belongings were in Halfax Canada. I cannot get an answer from the Removal Group and (still owing from my move) all the want is their money for an extremely poor service. If I knew who to complain to... fair trading or another consumer service who could pursue this on my behalf I would. I strongly suggest no one use their services.

  • Ma
    Matthew Cattell Feb 26, 2009

    Ditto. I had exactly the same experience moving from the UK to Norway. Things were picked up at the end of December 2008, put into storage for 5 weeks and then shipped to Norway on a part load with Britannia Simpson (they also deny any wrongdoing). The expensive flatscreen TV was missing (it was in its original box) and the bed and matress were damaged/stained. There were also broken glasses and crockery as well as other smaller items missing. When I complained they tried to deny they are liable and offered my their "standard" liability cover of £40 per item which is a joke. I intend to report this to Trading Standards and Watchdog as they cannot be allowed to get away with this.

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Removal Group200% profit margain

Please never use removal group in birmingham they are the worst company ever, this is exactly what happened to me... They sub contracted my goods to another company (they told me they would do it myself) I told removal group (elisia) that i had 20 cubic meters worth of stuff they then told the sub contractors that i had only booked 12 so they came with a lorry only capable of 16, they went and turned up the next day and collected the rest of my goods, i then got a phone call saying it was 30m3 that they collected, i said i havent got 30m3 worth of goods, they then said unless you pay you wont see the items again.. obviously i had to pay.. i got half of my items delivered to me in spain that was ok until i got another phone call saying i wouldnt recieve anymore of my items unless i paid another £1000+vat to deliver them. so all in all it cost me £4000+vat to move my items which i thought was about 22m3 from portsmouth to alicante. im at the moment taking elisia and her robbing gang to court. in my experience and from what other people have told me never never use the removal group. RIP OFF.

Removal Group — Unreliable and unhelpful!

We used this company to move our possessions from the UK to Spain when we moved to Seville in September 2005...

Resolved Removal Group — I urge you to learn from my lessons and choose a more reputable dealer

I just wanted to share my horrible experience with The Removal Group company in the UK...