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Resolved Realgoldsoftfraud

Back in November I was on the internet when this security alert came up and had me where I could't get the security warning off my computer. It kept telling me that I had many serious virises that if I didn't buy their software then my computer was in danger. I had my computer guy out to tell me what I should do and he couldn't get the alert to go away so that I could use my computer again. The only way we were able to get the computer to even be able to use windows was to instaul the software. I've had nothing but problems since then. After I instauled the software I was able to access windows again and my computer guy then uninstaled the software.Since then I have been receving email from pornogrophy sights also. Now my credit card had been charged for $99.90 and I am disputing the charge because I no longer have that software on my computer and it has caused so much damage to my computer that we are having to have somone to sweep it all clean and start everthing new.

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    Ashley Mrljak Jan 04, 2010

    We checked our bank statement today and noticed that Realgoldsoft took $99.90 from our account. we didnt even know what this site was o even log nto it somehow they got our information and stole our money. i dont understand how ppl can know this is a scam site and not close it down or arrest them. It is theft and is punishable so why is this still happening?

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    phil homer Jan 20, 2010

    i have just sent that realgoldsoft a message telling them to refund me i have also contacted my local police
    and i have sent microsoft a message notifying them of what they are up to

    phil homer

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    paul daniel cripps Jan 21, 2010

    I ordered the realgold software on 12-07-2009. I recieved no reciete or validation for the software nor the product i was billed on my visa debit card from bearpaw credit union for 99.85. i want my money back.

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Resolved RealgoldsoftFraudulent charges

When working on my computer via the internet, I received a notification that my computer was at risk and needed more security for protection. Since I was under the impression that my Microsoft made the prompt, I proceeded with the download from the web site that was made available to improve the security issue. The company represented on the web site and the actual company name listed as the transaction printed on my credit card statement was not the same.

My card carrier is Chase Visa (Disney). I am disguested with them as well. When I contacted them in regards to this fraudulent transaction, they said that they were aware of the fraudulent transactions from this particular company and BAKU that shows. I could not believe they did not take more preventative actions to make me aware of this. Chase Visa is not pro-active for their customers when fraudulent transactions occur. I guess this is a way they get more more out of you by asking if they could intrest you in the fraud/identity theft protection plan. You would think that credit card carriers would go to bat for their customers that actually enable them to stay in business by making charges and then making consistant more than the minimum monthly payment.

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    charles wms Dec 29, 2009

    I was over charge 47.00 dollar for antivirus soft ware that I order.don't know how to coneact.

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    krispix318 Feb 01, 2010
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    It's not your credit card company's responsibility to prevent you from engaging in fraudulent transactions. The next time your computer prompts you to download something you don't recognize or seems fishy, do some research first.

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    TomCorazon Feb 03, 2010

    Do you have any idea how many fraudulent companies/scams/messages/sofware there is out there? If your credit card company were to tell you about every single one, you would have to spend hours just going through them all? Plus there are thousands of new ones everyday.. Would you expect a letter/email everyday with 1000 new threats?
    It's tough that you got swindled this time, but learn from it, tell your friends.. the only reason these companyies/fraudsters have the infrastructure to continue is because we give it to them...

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    Ardie509190 Jun 10, 2016

    My daughter's computer crashed. Your company was the only thing that would come up on her computer saying we had to buy your software in order to fix the numerous worms and viruses that were on her computer. I did download the software in order for her to continue to have any kind of use of her computer at college. It did not fix the problem so we tried again but it still did not work. I thought this was peculiar so I looked up your company on my computer and found that this company is actually the virus on her computer. It was too late! You had my credit card information by then and have charged me on 11/23/09 for 79.90 and on 12/30/09 for 49.95. I immediately uninstalled your software on my daughters computer and reported this to my credit card company. I have sinced cancelled my credit card and would like my money back!
    I am not using your software, do not have it on any computer I own and refuse to pay for it.

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