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QuixtarQuixtar Scam

I have been apart of Leadership Team Development for Several years, & it has been the best experience of my life. I have made more money then ever. And now my wife & I don't have to go to work anymore. Yeah!! No more driving in rush hour. She used to work for the governement (full of lazy people going nowhere, wasting Tax payers money) - parasite. Then she quit that & worked for a fortune 10 company, because her friends told her it pays better. It sure did, but then they make you like work 10-15 hr days with so much pressure, while her bosses where out doing "lunches etc", golfing. Whow, what a scam. Corporate Pyramid.
I worked for large mining company, they told me I would be a "lifer" with my PhD in Chemistry from Waterloo University, (what a scam that was) $10, 000's in debt from student loans. Then they laid me off because of the economy. I guess after the Wall Street & Bay Street Financial hustlers & scammers grabbed the average persons cash(mutuals funds etc) they screwed the economy to create this recession.
Thank God I built my business that I didn't have to go back to work.
No more rush hour driving. No more bossed looking down at me as a "rented Mule". No more dropping the kids off at day care!! No more late night reports!! No more working on the weekends!! And the best thing is that I pay taxes on my income after I write off my legitamate expenses.
I see a few complaint on this board, I guess some peoples experiences are different. I know that I had so called "friends that said I was in a scam/cult" etc, but I did the proper research and found that I had to work hard & smart to acheive success. So after doing that I did succeed, but what I found out is that not everyone wants to work hard, & I came across lazy people. And since they couldn't achieve, they didn't want me to achieve, because I would make them look bad.
Well my main priority is to look after my wife & kids, not to make people look bad.
So if you are here looking to do something for yourself, then my advice is to do proper research, but remember that it will take effort to succeed, just like everything else in life.
I don't hate my friends that didn't believe in me. I feel sorry that they have to go through life struggling. Plus money won't buy you happiness, you have to be happy first then you can build a wealthy life for yourself. Also i found out that "Hurt people, hurt people"

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    Mike D99 Aug 08, 2009

    Thanks for the info.

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  • zoloftn151 Aug 08, 2009

    This is a waste of internet space.

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    MLestus Feb 28, 2011
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    Once again, an echobox of one's upline trying to cover up a scam. I predict this one has been in for 5+ years based on his rhetoric.

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QuixtarTerrible experience

I purchased an online for an order of $486.02 on 10/06/2008 and Fedex claimed that it was delivered on 10/08/2008 around which time I was already at work. The order confirmation stated that for Fedex a signature is required, however, the Fedex delivery decided to leave by the garbage can in front of the house and file on his report that he left it on the porch. I do not have a porch. When I arrived home and retrieved the delivery door tag, went to check by the garbage as per the instructions only to find that their was no package. I asked neighbors, and anyone I thought that might have signed for the package. I immediately phoned Fedex who said that they would investigate the whereabouts of the package. I also followed up with several calls to Wireless MarketPlus. Each time I called I was given the same line that an investigation was being held by fedex and would be handled pending the investigation. Wireless MarketPlus said that the only way that they could help me is for me to issue them another 486.00 they would reship the merchandise and would refund my money of the so call lost items pending investigation. I on many occasions replied to that comment that I do not have another 486.00 to send to them and found that to be unacceptable. On 10/27/2008 I called Wireless MarketPlus for the last time to find that the investigation by Fedex had been completed and the findings were:they had concluded that the package had been delivered properly and that they refused to assume any responsibility for the lost items. I asked to be transferred to a supervisor and was left holding the phone for approx. 30 minutes and was immediately hung up on. I then Called back and insisted to speak to a supervisor and someone named MICHEAL #4351 from Wireless MarketPlus who came on to tell me that based on Fedex investigation that I would not be receiving any refund and he considered the matter closed. He also acclaims that I should have requested that there be a signature requested on the order. There was one on the order form to Fedex.

QuixtarFraud and scam

It angers me when unscrupulous people will act like your friend during the process of trying to rip you off. I am a busy college student who works a typical retail job to finance my typical college boy activities. During a long weekend shift, I was approached by a respectable looking young man who needed help finding a gift for his wife. I was busy as usual, but I had no problem helping him find something. Now I wish I just ignored him like I usually do.

After helping this seemingly polite young man, he asked me what I was studying in school. I casually told him that I was a Marketing and Finance student. He eagerly told me that he worked for Weir Marketing International Solutions, and that they were in the process of hiring extra help with their marketing services. This instantly perked my interested so I gradually prodded for more information.

We exchanged information, and I went back to work excited about the possibility of working for a marketing firm while in school. We got in touch and set up and interview at a nearby coffee shop close to my campus.

The associate and his wife, smiling the whole time, interviewed me and told me vague descriptions of what their marketing company does. All they told me was that their company helps major suppliers market their products on the internet. I found it interesting but odd that they would not sufficiently tell vital information about a prospective employer. I already became suspicious but played along.

After my interview (in a coffee shop... strange for a legitimate company), I was informed that they were interested in having a second interview with their boss. I agreed and was notified that the second interview was at a local hotel. With the little information I had about the company, I tried to look up everything.

There was no Internet record about Weir International Marketing Solutions. I searched high and low for hours. However, I remembered the brief explanations on how you needed to 'build a team' and 'recruit' other members to gain more money. I also remembered the term 'network marketing' said. I instantly googled these basic ideas, and I became aware of what I suspected: An elaborate pyramid scheme.

I went to the second interview armed with questions and found that this 'meeting' was a basic motivational speech on how to make thousands of dollars with little working input. I instantly became pi**ed off at the outright deceit that this lovely little couple thoughtlessly committed in order to drag me into that conference.

The speaker ranted for an hour and half about how Quixtar saved him from debt and working a career job. The outright brainwashing techniques they utilized was impressive but PATHETIC! Anyone who could not see through the epic lies needs to wake up. I looked at my recruiter with outright disgust.

After the meeting, I couldn't get out of the door fast enough. However, the recruiter and his wife wanted me to meet all of their people. I just wanted to leave. I have heard of Quixtar before through the grapevine, and I new it was nothing but lies and a giant scam. They gave me a packet and I left. I didn't want it, but I just wanted to leave before I said something I would have regretted.

I sent my recruiter and email expressing that I would not be joining his network at all. He sent a jarring email back expressing that I HAD to meet him with the packet of information. This pi**ed me off even more. I already wasted hours on this giant mirage of financial freedom, and I just wanted to move on from this.

I met him with the packet at the same coffee shop we first met and tried to leave ASAP. However, he insisted on talking with me. I had nothing to say but a piece of my mind, but I stayed calm and spoke briefly. He tried to brainwash me and I wouldn't hear it. I constantly heard that I was missing a great opportunity. I responded back with statistics and actual media reports about the company. He said they weren't true, and I responded that I don't think Dateline NBC would just make that up... seriously. He left annoyed trying to guilt trip me and I left smiling at quite a lost soul he was.

It is sad that these people think that this will change their life. The company is nothing but broken promises and financial destitution for the little guys. I talked with former victims of Quixtar, and I heard nothing but depressing stories of financial ruin.

Read the published reports about AMWAY, ALTICOR, and QUIXTAR. It's nothing but creative psychology targeted at the middle class desperate for financial freedom. It's completely deceitful and disgusting that people will lie and steal from you with a smile on their face.

In response to this deceit, I have told everyone I know about this scam. I even gave all the information to my school's career center. So I hope the ###s stay away from students at my university. I am so glad I spotted the b.s. before I signed something. I hope all of you do the same for your own sake. JUST STAY AWAY!!

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    wayne gray Sep 26, 2008
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    Back in the late seventies I was hired by an "Emerald" level Scamway distributor as an audio engineer. I told them up front I was positively not interested in "THE PLAN". At that point they needed me more than I needed them, so I was hired. My job was to tape, then edit the Friday night rallies, the Saturday(and night)blitz, and the Sunday motivational gobble-de-gook. I came back with about twenty hours worth of drooling foolishness that I edited to fit on a ninety minute tape.

    It was evident to me the only people making large dollars were the AMAGODs up on the stage, shamelessly shamming good people out of hard earned money for the "tools"...the tapes, the books. The only "tools" apparent to me were wearing the Amway badges-of-rank, cynically strutting up on the stage...pretending they're here to help YOU. Be advised: They're here to help you AWAY from your money, nothing more.

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    patriotsfan Apr 09, 2009

    I once enrolled in QUIXTAR, big MISTAKE, it's definitely about brain washing you. This is what opened my eyes, the story about how Macdonalds started, they use the Macdonalds math to make you think you could make millions but here's the kicker, if the original owner of MacDonald's opened franchises and only took 2% profit and QUIXTAR is using this as an example then whey is QUIXTAR taking 98% and giving everyone else the 2%? isn't that the opposite of what MacDonalds did to make there Business Owner's succesful. I've been to the meetings and I have friends who have been doing it for over 5yrs and everytime we speak they say one day they won't have to work, well that's what they said 5yrs ago, that in 5yrs they won't have to work anymore. Not only do you have to work very hard at this but how the heck to you get people to buy products that are much cheaper at places like Walmart? Not to mention, the use the Christian religions to lure you in saying that GOD wants you to prosper and we're all christians and are here to help you make money...full of it


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    jack Apr 28, 2009

    Quixtar--the big scam I have ever heard of. They brainwash innocent people by giving false promises, a teaparty or a small get-together pushing more people in to the big big world of cheating. Their products are outdated and high priced, the same product we get from local stores at cheap price and good quality.

    Don't ever believe these well dressed gentlemen or ladies u may meet in any mall or grocery shop asking u about another shop like bestbuy or circuit city eventhough they verywell know all about thest places.

    DON'T ever be their VICTIM.

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    Bill May 31, 2009

    First, you cannot fall victim to anything unless you don't check out who your doing business with. And I mean the people, not the company who only supplies the products. My wife and I have used the products for years. You cannot buy the quality of product they sell in any store. I'm old enough to remember Amway going through the government investgation back in the '70's. Now that same government uses their business model on how to judge all other companies legitimacy. And if anyone bothered to check out everything fully, I do not think companies like Dick's Sporting Goods, Office Depot, Omaha Steaks, Sports Authority, ETC... would involve themselves with a company that had a less than stellar reputation for A+ business practices. Check out Amways Better Business Bureau rating, and if they were a company that scammed people, I would think they would have a declining business. Their business increased last year world wide by nearly 15%. Get the facts! there's bad people in any business, but to blanket indite everyone is irresponsible. Ask your professors, if they had the keys to your future financial success, I think you should check them out just the same. And when you find, like I did, most prof's cannot cut it in the real world, that's why they teach, I hope your criticism of them finds these same pages.

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    Monroe JW Aug 19, 2016

    There are a lot of good arguments and complaints. All I know Is this, I signed Up in February of 2010. I spent $200 Dollars to sign up, and I spent $150 on products. That very next month alone after making a few sales I made back my 90% of the investment. That's all I want to say. Believe it is a scam or not. It has worked and is working for me as I have put for the effort to to do the work. the thing I'm working for me, so that one day soon i wont have to rely on working for someone else who decides how much Im worth. I have friends that are multimillionaires, and advisers that are not too far off, I have team members who have recently retired from their careers at the age of 30 only 4 years into the business that Ive spent time with, eaten lunch with, I mean these people even came to my house 3 hours away right before my wedding just help me move when I could find or afford to pay anyone else. Not to mention Ive only known them a few weeks. This company is real these people are real, and they are good people with a plan and purpose to help others that are willing to learn and work, to succeed, because they have as well. The Vision is to set people free. Both financially and spiritually. Yes the company was founded by a man that loved God and lived his life to exemplify christian principles, just as our country was founded upon. The products are exceptional, quality is great. Theywork and have improved my lifestyle. Do your research, find out the truth. this is no scam... Monroe- W Abilene, Tx

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