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Quail Creek Apartmentschild endangerment endangering public safety

Management of Quail Creek Apartments located 913 N. 72nd St. Kansas City Kansas 66112, are aware the lower level units of the back building 7166 Armstrong Ave are uninhabitable. Raw black sewage from the manhole backs up into the apartments flooding the hallway and apartments. No one should be signing leases for the units. Families with small children are left to marinate in the units all day until carpet restoration people come out to suck up the sewage and put fans on the carpet. Then they sprinkle a little deodorant. Disgusting and embarrassing. Marissa the apartment manager told authorities that sewage back up never happens. Well, Trinity Family Housing may get away with deceiving the government, but I am warning you to not rent there ESPECIALLY if you have children.

Quail Creek Apartmentsapartments uninhabitable

I signed a lease for the Quail Creek apartments located at 913 N 72nd Street in Kansas City, KS 66112. I had asked for a lower level unit not knowing the buildings at 7166 Armstrong Avenue were deemed uninhabitable because of black sewage filling the entire units about every three months. The owners and managers at the time of me signing the lease, were well aware of the ongoing problem. My next door neighbor told me they had been there for about seven years and it happened all the time. They had small children, I wondered why they stayed. About two months of me being there the owner sold the property to an Arkansas company . I couldn't take it anymore it was disgusting. The whole entire floor in the hallways would fill up with raw sewage. Sewage filled the entire units. All they would do is send out someone to suck up the sewage and sprinkle deodorant on the carpets. I started to become mysteriously ill. I kept calling the ambulance. My skin started to peel. My eyes started to get very itchy and watery. It was very weird. I called an attorney to get help to terminate my lease early. I also felt I need to get compensation to help with relocation since I signed a lease not knowing what I was getting into. The attorney was of no help. He said Kansas law allows landlords to endanger the lives of children and families by placing them in uninhabitable housing. Wow! That is really [censor] nasty. I am tired of unscrupulous people always getting away with destroying my life. So, I am exposing them and hoping this article helps someone like me before they go to Kansas and to Quail Creek. Read Hilton Hotel Secrets by Donald Lee Starr live on

Quail Creek Apartmentsflooding causing black mold

Many of the tenants at Quail Creek apartments are not smart enough to realize that putting diapers, and socks down the toilets is going to mess up the plumbing in the entire building. Almost every week, many tenants apartments floods from other tenants problem flooding Now it has caused black mold to grow in the apartments. The carpets are soaked. The laundry room is always broken so you have to go off the premises to wash your clothing. Management is unwilling to fix the plumbing and mold problem

  • Wine Is Good Nov 01, 2016

    I don't blame them really for not fixing things that are intentionally broken. What they should do is charge every tenant the repair costs until the culprit either stops or moves.

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