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Beware of forking out $84 for this worthless product! Eat a fresh mango, fraction of the price and you know what's in it.

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    NootropicGuru Jul 30, 2012

    Completely agree, just remember that if you're looking for the same medical benefits that these companies are selling, find a whole foods and buy pure whole African Mango. Enjoy the yummy fruit then lay the seeds out from the inside. Place them in a bowl and crush them with a small layer of water inside of the bowl. Slowly it will turn to paste and though not exactly delicious, has all of the medical benefits of the Irvingia Gabonesis seeds. I personally like adding it to my afternoon protein shake before lunch which completely masks the taste.

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Puremango slimcharged from debit card

Company taking from my debit card, and I have canceled in the first month{May 13, th, 2012. They charged me $4.95, and now they charged me 4/27/2012 $84.78. For what?

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    Albe Jul 24, 2012

    This is one of those numerous scams that will sell you worthless junk for huge money on so called "free trial". You better watch your dates very carefully as they do not refund under any circumstances!. Pass the word around. You will pay $89 for something that does not work!

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