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Public Records ProNo product, no service, no refund

Do not go near this Company it is at total SCAM,

Public Records Pro stated that I would get access to Public Records; Birth, Marriage and Death Records etc, but after parting with my $35 I found they do not hold any and that none can be accessesd via their website. In fact there is not one single piece of information they hold that can not be accessed for free via Google. I note that they have also set up a website called Record Dective Com to facilite this scam and there have been numerious complaints about this company for the very same reasons. They should shut down and prosecuted.


  • Jk
    jk Oct 20, 2008

    this co. is a total rip off, they provide nothing! Do not use them and tell everyone you know to stay clear. they don't refund your money either. I will make sure all my clients and patrons know what a load of crap they are!

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  • Gl
    glenn bessinger Nov 13, 2008

    Enrolled in public records pro with credit card. Created a password but on second try there is no way to enter again - must pay again for same no sense service. Relays all data retrieval to State vital records with their addresses.

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  • Mi
    mike Jan 12, 2009

    same as everyone else who has fallen victim to this garbage. provided nothing i didn't already find for free. a complete waste of money.

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  • Pa
    Patricia Leytham Mar 01, 2009

    I went into Public Records Pro and signed up to use thier site thinking it would be helpful in my genealogy research. I had to pay $35.40 upfront for this and now they won't let me log in or use the site.
    I would like my money back ASAP and without a doubt have learned my lesson.
    This company should be taken off the web for being false.
    Thier address is not listed anywhere, so have no idea where they are from.

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  • Mi
    Mike Nov 30, 2009

    T His isn't the only website of this type scamming people like this. People need to do as I did and before forking over any money just typing in "COMPANY NAME review" into Google. Right away I found dozens of complaints on this company and decided not to try it. I do this before ever buying anything now. It's saved me allot of frustration.

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Public Records ProUnauthorized charges

I sent 35.40 to receive information regarding marriage license that public records said was available. Once I paid and signed onto site, I was transferred to the place where the record was available which happened to be the superior court in California. For a fee of 17.00 I can request the record from the court myself. I did not pay 35.40 to be referred to the place where I can purchase the info for a fee. I already knew that. The site says that it has the records that u can view for the fee that is charged. It is a total rip off.

  • To
    Tonya J Jun 10, 2009

    This website is VERY misleading. I, too, signed up so I could receive information they claimed to have available. Once there, I was only rerouted to other websites (ie. newspapers, clerk's office, etc) I have requested a refund, but I doubt if I will ever see it. They are located in CA, and I found a PO Box. Their website is misleading and a prime example of false advertising.

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Public Records Pro — scam

I followed the instructions provided and signed up for Public Records Pro but they provide no way to log in...

Public Records ProNo service provided as advertised

After paying nearly $40 for all this "free" information that "even detectives use to find information, " I found that they do not provide one bit of information to you. The information on their site is stuff we knew about back in grade school and it's in the public domain, easy to find on the internet. They didn't take me to one place that offered me information that I didn't have.

I want my money back, and sue these creeps to put them out of business.

Sherry Brown

  • Ba
    Barbara Watrous Oct 23, 2008

    I agree completely. I too was taken by their false advertising. I asked for a refund the first day I had it. All I got was a question asking what I was searching for. Again I asked for a refund. I am really sick and tired of these people who take our hard earned money and give nothing that I haven't already found for free.

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  • Li
    lisahowerter Nov 11, 2008

    I joined yesterday and also could not get on, emailed and asked to cancel and credit my account, did not hear anything yet. How do we get our money back.

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  • Le
    Leslie K. Holte Nov 19, 2008

    If you're interested in sueing these crooks in Federal Court contact me at [email protected] dot com. They break several state consumer protection laws and several federal laws to perfect their scam. They can be criminally prosecuted and sued in a Federal Rules Of Civil Procedure Rule 23 Class Action lawsuit.

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  • Ti
    tina lanier Aug 28, 2009

    i pay for for 3 month membership on august 27 . it want let me in. i like to know why ? my membership is a3 month bronze membersship for 19.95. thank you btl [email protected]

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