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Projector ExportInsults and very rude language

I ordered a TV back in 2008 and cancelled the order after one day when the caller from Projector Export tried to talk me into a cheaper product with a higher price.

When I cancelled he called me a cheap dick and an ###. When I told him that I know that he and this company are a fraud and asked him how he can sleep at night he responded that he sleeps on millions of dollars.

Projector ExportRip off

I ordered a Panasonic plasma TV on 7-25-08 that was said to be in stock. I received an email that stated that I needed to contact the verification department to confirm my order. I contacted a representative from Projector Export and they stated that the TV that I ordered was not in stock but would offer me a Samsung PN50A550SPK Pro Kit for an additional $200.00 or I could wait for 4-6 weeks for the original TV that I wanted to come in. I agreed and awaited the delivery of the TV. The TV arrived on approx 8-5-08. I had a TV installation company in my area install the TV while I was at work. Once the TV was installed and I was able to review the box and manual I noticed that it was a Samsung PN50A450SPK. I contacted Jen Smith from Projector Export on 8-6-08. She stated that it was impossible for me to have received this model as they do not have this model in their warehouse. I was told to take pictures showing the model of the TV on the box and on the back of the TV. I obliged and sent the pictures to Jen to next morning. Once they reviewed the pictures they offered to credit my bank account $200.00. I declined the offer as this was not the TV that I originally ordered nor was it the TV that I was paying the upgrade for.

After several phone calls and speaking to numerous representatives regarding the return of the TV, on 8-25-08, Bax Global finally was sent to pick up the TV. Projector Export has been in possession of this TV since 9-3-08. I have called numerous times and spoke to many different representatives to get my money back for the TV in which I do not have ($2088.00). I have only gotten the run around. I have sent emails to the company as well. They continue to pass the buck and give excuses such as you need to talk to the credit department (however no one is ever in that department), maybe our bank has a hold on the money, see if your bank has not released it to your account. I have asked to speak to a supervisor however there is never a supervisor to talk to. I also get told to watch my bank and it will be there in 3-5 business days. Those days come and go. I still do not have my money and they have had their TV since 9-3-08. I filed a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Department in New York and I am still waiting to see what happens with this avenue.

Projector ExportSale & delivery

I ordered a 46 inch TV for what I considered a great price. I've watched items like this bounce around in price $300-400, so I assumed that I had lucked out, and placed my order. There was a $29 shipping charge. The website said 'In stock, usually ships in 2-3 business days.’ I was also quoted a 3-4 week delivery, which I thought to be long (I expected up to 2 weeks), but I was in no hurry so it didn't bother me. Now, I know that an item this size isn't going anywhere for $29, so I thought this to be a 'paperwork' fee, and the shipping was built into the price like the 'reputable' internet stores. I then saw a negative review for Projector Export, looked into it, and found many more. I contacted them once through their internet site, and twice by e-mail, to follow up on my order. None of these were acknowledged or given a response. So, I called. They started by reiterating the 3-4 week delivery. I asked and was told the TV shipped the 5th day after I ordered it. I asked who was the carrier. Incredulously, I was told they contract to 15-20 trucking companies, and they don’t know which it was for my TV, or where it may be enroute, or an estimated delivery date. We ‘discussed’ this for a while, and finally I was told “You requested the sh%$#@ shipping, and you got the sh%$#@ shipping. I repeated that my question was not about time of delivery, but that they did not know where the TV was or an estimate of delivery. The conversation ended there. I called my credit card company. No charge had been made against my card. I put a block on my card, changed the account number, and cancelled my order. This is obviously some kind of scam. They had one of my credit card numbers for several days, so I’ll be watching my credit report for a long time now.

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    jeffrey Phillips Nov 04, 2008

    do not buy from them they are impossible to reach and have a million excuses after you get them on the phone after waiting for over an hour on hold. i dont know how they can sleep at night

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    Greek Jan 24, 2009

    Bought new TV.Sent an inferior(cheaper) broken and used TVThen un authorized extra charge of $100.00.Refused to return.Shipperd Fed EX .They signed and lated lied to charge card company, claiming no reciept.Tried to force me to keed the Tv by say they were going out of business.Bottom line.Thives, liers and cheats.The worst on the planet.STAY AWAY.

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    Speak the truth Aug 07, 2009

    I had also purchased a 3 year warranty and the same thing happened to me. Islander were you able to get a hold of them, because I will be loosing $300.

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Projector Export — Bait & switch

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