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ProActiv SolutionsTERRIBLE service

I have used Proactiv since i was a teenager as it was the ONLY product that worked on my acne. I am now 26, a few years ago I quit using proactiv because I wanted to move to more natural products. At the same time I was changing my diet for the better and somewhere in the midst of all of that, my skin went BERZERK. I have been fighting the last couple of years and tried everything other than dermatologist (they are absolutely TERRIBLE in my city and everyone recommends not even bothering with them). A bit of an issue with someone who has cystic acne.

So, on October 1st of this year my frustration built to the point where i decided to try Proactiv again. I ordered it with no issues, received an order confirmation email. A week went by and I had not received shipping confirmation so i responded to the [email protected] (or something similar to that) saying that I had still not received a shipment notice. Didnt receive a response. So a few days after, this will be October 10th by this point, I sent a status update request on the customer service online form. By October 14, I had not received a response so I sent another one, also stating how unacceptable their level of customer service was, hoping to get their attention at least. Get this - STILL didn't receive a response. I called on October 15th and spoke with two customer service reps. They had not included my actual address on the shipping label, only my mail box#, and sent it out to Purolator with an incomplete address. The first customer service rep gave me a purolator tracking number so I could call them to fix the address - because apparently it is Proactiv customers responsibility to fix the company's mistakes. I called Purolator, regardless of my agitation and Purolator said the tracking number was not valid. I called back and spoke with the second rep who didnt even bother to double check the Purolator tracking number - in fact seemed very unwilling to even go that route. Said Purolator will eventually send it back to the return address for Proactiv and in the mean time she will send me a form to correct the address and have a NEW shipment sent once the form was received. Even though on the phone she had corrected the address in their system - apparently I still needed to fill out a form for this all to be corrected. Another frustration with the customer service reps I spoke to was they spent over 10 minutes trying to verify my account information when I told them I didnt bother to create an account, I just ordered the product. I had an order number that I offered but the customer service rep ignored it, apparently not deeming it important. I feel like if she had just entered the order number this could have been a much faster route to take. Note - not less frustrating, but at least faster.

5 attemps at contact with a company and I damn well expect an answer. This has been absolutely atrocious customer service I have received and I'm actually not sure I've ever had service THIS terrible by any company.

I for one want a damn good explanation.

For all of those as frustrated as I am and want answers, contact Proactiv Corporate about this, here is their contact info I found on Google:

Proactiv Corporate Office Headquarters
Address: 41-550 Eclectic St., Ste. 200 Palm Desert, CA 92260 USA
Corporate Phone Number: [protected]
Fax Number: [protected]
Customer Service Number: [protected]
Mailing Address: Proactiv Solution P.O. Box 11448 Des Moines, IA [protected]

ProActiv SolutionsTheir customer service and accounting department are the worst I have ever dealt with

Girlfriend tried Proactiv but cancelled because of auto renewal program. Placed a single one time order after that no problem. Then received a bill for ordering one product on June 15, 2011 which we didn't order. And because we never ordered it the product was never delivered. I sent an email to Customer Service and they told me ways I can pay for the product I never ordered. They didn't even acknowledge the issue. Their Customer Service and Accounting Department are the worst I have ever dealt with. Stay away.

ProActiv SolutionsI have almost two months of unused product and obviously not suggesting this to any of my friends and family

After approx 70 days of use my daughter had burning sensations on her face caused by ProActiv Acne Solutions. In addition, there was swelling on her entire face as if it was a bee sting allery (which she does not have). After the burning sensation was finally gone, about 16-20 hours later (and the purchase of allergy medication for swelling) we thought we were out of the woods, but then the blisters appeared. I hope they do not scar, although healing is still in progress, and the Rep #223406 (I could not understand her name at the time and it took 3x asking to get the rep #) at Proactive told me that I should have her see a dermatologist. Thanks for the lack of help to the company and the representative who was little to no help for me on the phone. I have almost two months of unused product and obviously not suggesting this to any of my friends and family.

ProActiv SolutionsDefective Goods - Not honouring Product Reacall

I am so angry about them keeping this so called recall a secret. I live in Australia and I purchased 2 of my Proactiv kits online from e-bay. I checked all the serial numbers against this site:

and all my bottles are defective. Just to also point out, some of these bottles are over a year old so how long has this been going on for? I contacted Consumer Affairs in Australia to tell them that Proactiv will not replace my bottles because I purchased them online from e-bay. Consumer Affairs said that it is not the responsibility of the e-bay seller to replace the Cleanser and Repairing lotion, it’s Proactiv’s responsibility. I then went back to Proactiv Australia and this time spoke to a Manager at the Company who was quite rude and still refused to replace my items. I now have to go back to Consumer Affairs and write a written letter of complaint which they will take up with the Company.

I have also taken my story to the television networks and have already heard back from one of them. If these people want a fight they have one! I will also be posting this information on facebook and twitter because I feel that the public have a right to know that their products may be defective like yours and mine. I can’t believe that after using this product for well over 8-years that they can’t be bothered to do the right thing by their Customers.. Useless Company!

ProActiv SolutionsI have been charged two times for a shipment that I never requested and as of today have still never received

I made an initial order with Proactive and was charged March 11th 2010 in the amount of 29.95 and received my package March 15th. Two weeks later a charge was made to my account in the amount of 37.94 for an additional package that I did not request. I immediately called on March 30th to see why I would be charged for another shipment two weeks after my initial shipment. I was informed that the charge was for a shipment that I should receive in2- 3 weeks. Note: On my invoice the information indicates that I should be charged for a club membership shipment the week of April 5, 2010. However the invoice also states that because I ordered online that I would need to go to the proactive website to activate my club membership account. I informed the representative that I never signed up or activated the automatic shipments. The representative told me that I should not have been charged and that the charge would be cancelled, the membership would be cancelled and no further charges would be posted to my account. She informed me that if the shipment was delivered to simply return to sender. On April 8th I saw that Proactive had charged my account again for 37.94 and I called customer service. The representative assured me that that this was a preauthorization and that the charge should not post to my account. IT POSTED TO MY ACCOUNT. This charge resulted in my rent check being returned and me being assessed the following fees: overdraft from the bank, late fee from the rental company, and a return check fee from the rental company.

I called two times to speak to representatives (Jared and Sally) to avoid this situation and each time I was assured that no charges would be posted to my account. In both calls I requested to speak to a supervisor but was not put through to a supervisor because the representative assured me that the situation was handled and I would not receive any charges. On March 9th after the charges were posted and my account was overdrawn I was finally connected to speak to a supervisor (after 3 unsuccessful attempts). The Supervisor told me that a refund for the 37.94 was put in on April 8th after my last phone call to them disputing the charge and I should see that refund reflected on my account in 5-7 days. I informed the supervisor (Dawn) that the problem is that I was told two separate times that my account would not be charged and it was charged and this charge resulted in my account being overdrawn. The supervisor told me that I could fax in a billing dispute detailing the situation. I am writing this letter on April 9th after getting off the phone with the representatives for the fourth time. I have been charged two times for a shipment that I never requested and as of today have still never received.

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ProActiv Solutionsripped off

I was lured into the thought by all the infomercials that this proativ solutions was just the right thing to get? and that it would help and that they were legitamite and a good company.. boy was I wrong. they are crooks, and just want your money, and treat you like a dummy, thinking they have one over on you.

They try and talk a good game, into making you think you need this stuff. and have all their staff trained on the phones to tell you just the right thing. It did not work for my son, we only used a bit of it, hardly any of it, we pondered on sending it back, we had been to a dermatologist, and I won't even into it in telling all of you what this Dr . had to say about these products. It actually made his face worse, and even scarred his face.

I have been waiting 5 weeks since upon my returning the products. only to find out that I will not be refunded our money, which has been sucked down the tubes by these people. they say of course, we sent you an email, which is a bold face lie. if they are such a big famous company, why are they not standing by their name and give money back to a consumer? liers, cheaters, crooks, I can think of a whole lot of other names, I'd like to call these people. and they have those 2 pictures of those so called women drs. on their websites, I'd like a private meeting with the two of them to tell them what I really think of them and their company.

ProActiv Solutionsunauthorized additional order & billing

I ordered a 60 day supply under their promotion "1 million bottle giveaway". When I called to order the 60 day free trial, they told me that it was “risk free”, not “free. They said they would refund my money if I notified them that I was dissatisfied within 60 days.
They told me that they had to send a 30 day supply initially and would follow up with another 90 day supply. I told them that this was NOT acceptable. I wanted to try their 60 day “risk free” trial. They said that I could change the order after the initial 30 day supply arrived that way I would be able to get the full 60 day trial. I accepted the 30 day supply and later called to order the additional 30 day trial. They said I would be charged for postage. I said that this was not acceptable because their promotion stated the 60 day trial was supposed to include postage. The proactive rep then said that I could request a refund of the postage if I’m not satisfied and ask for a refund for the 60 day trial. Instead of sending the additional 30 day supply as ordered, they sent an additional 90 day supply instead. When I called to tell them they made a mistake and I only ordered an additional 30 days for the 60 day trial, they said I could use it for 30 days and return it for a full refund when they receive the remaining product. They also extended the free trial date to 23 April at that time. I called again at the end of March and told them that I never ordered the 90 day supply, only the 60 day supply and was unsatisfied with the product and demanded my money back for the 60 day trial. The customer service specialist then told me that she would agree to just charge me $19.95 for the additional 60 day supply which they oversent and would refund the previous charge so I would get the 60 day trial portion free. I agreed to this. Two weeks later, on 25 April, I called proactive again and this time I was told another story. This time she said that my 60 day risk free trial had now expired and I don’t even have the option of sending the product back to receive a refund of the 60 day trial. Every time I spoke to someone at proactive they lied to me told me a differentr story about their offer. They also improperly charged my credit card for 60 days worth of a product that they sent without my ordering it and refused to refund my money for the first 60 days under their satisfaction guarantee.

ProActiv SolutionsDecietpful Practices

I placed on online order on 11/4/09 for the 5-piece Deluxe kit for $29.95. The order descripton stated that I would be sent another kit in 30-days, and my credit card would be charged $29.95 plus s&h ($9.99). My card was billed in Dec. but I received no product. I called customer service the beginning of January inquiring about my order. They said I had signed up for "installment" payments - meaning the one 5-piece kit cost (Nov. & Dec.'s payments) $60 total. Are you kidding? I would NEVER buy these little bottles for $60 unless they contained liquid me ladies - this is definately NOT the end-all acne solution! Anyway, I talked with a manager (who was arrogant & flippant-Armondo) and demanded my account be cancelled immediately. I called back 30-minutes later to request a confirmation letter of my acct cancellation and the customer service rep (Jerry) informed me that the manager had put my acct on hold for 6-months at which time I would start being charged again. Jerry is sending the cancellation letter, as well as deleted my CC info from their system. I also got my CC company involved to recoup the January payment that had just been charged. They unauthorized the charge, and participated in a 3-way conference call to explain this to Proactiv customer service. I have NEVER felt so scammed in my life. Horrible company for screwing with people.

  • Hb
    HBAK22 Nov 01, 2010

    I could not agree with you more!! I ordered my proactiv (Guthy-Renker) in mid-june of this year, tried it out, it made my skin waaay worse, so I talked to a rep on the phone who told me to send it back. So I sent it back mid July (WELL under the 60 day money back guarantee), and was told not to contact them before about a month and a half as that is how long it would take for them to process the return. Well 2 months goes by, I email to find out where my refund is, and they claim they never received it at their warehouse, so it was "too late" for me to return my product (that I obviously didn't even have since I RETURNED it). So of course I am really ticked off that I wasted $10 shipping it back, and never got my money. Well just the other day I came across my receipt from sending it back. It even had the postal code of the place in Mississauga where returns are sent. So I tracked the package online and it turns out they DID receive the package on July 28. And a D. McLean even SIGNED for it!!! So they LIED about receiving the package, so I emailed them and attached the receipt and the delivery notice from, evidence that should definitely prove that I sent it back. And they STILL refuse to refund me!! Bunch of friggin crooks!!!

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ProActiv SolutionsErroneous billing, deceptive sales tactics

12/2006 I ordered a 'sample' kit from Proactiv
2/2007 I received another kit and called to ask why they sent it. They said when you order the
sample you are automatically signed up for repeat shipments. I told them I would keep this one
because I should have read the fine print, but I do not like the products, so
do not send any more, they said ok.
7/2007 They sent another kit. I refused delivery, called the company, they said no problem, they will refund my money.
by September I finally had my refund, so I thought everything was fine. Then 12/4/2007 - received bill from ProActiv for $31.85. That amount doesn't even match the amount that was billed for the returned product -- I don't know where this number came from.
Bottom line, it is now 5/15/2008 and I am still battling this company. They say I owe them $31.85. I have called repeatly, and sent them a letter. I have now received 3 notices from a collection agency, who I have also called multiple times and sent them a letter, enclosing the original letter sent to ProActiv. Will this never end? Will I never be rid of ProActiv?

ProActiv SolutionsDeceptive sales tactics!

I was a satisfied customer of ProActiv acne cleansing system for years, beginning in the mid-90s (before they used celebrity endorsements). My mother got the account for me & I used the product for many years; we terminated the account only due to accumulating a stockpile of the product. Cut to this summer, when I opened an account with ProActiv for myself. There was an "Introductory Offer" of the VitaPower vitamins for $3.99, and I accepted it. There was no information about how much the product was after the "introductory offer." When I received the product, it came with absolutely no paperwork - no receipt, no product information, no contact information, no way to accept or decline an actual subscription to the product. Due to this lack of information, it was unclear that VitaPower was a separate entity from ProActiv. The fact that there was no product information, receipt or any other paperwork gave me pause, and I did not want to continue with the product (I didn't try it; I just didn't see fit to add more vitamins to my regimen). I should have taken steps to contact the company, but there wasn't any contact info provided with the product, and I promptly forgot about it... until a month later when $33.99 was taken out of my account by the VitaPower company. I did then contact ProActiv for VitaPower's customer service number and promptly called to cancel my unwanted and unsolicited subscription, only to get a very sarcastic attitude from the agent when I declined to listen to his lecture about canceling without trying the product, and trying to keep me from canceling the account. I called back again to clarify about the lack of information about the product & subscription status with the shipment of the product & how it was a suspicious & deceptive tactic, to no avail. I then expressed my displeasure re: the experience with VitaPower and the (lack of)information given when signing up for the "introductory offer" with ProActiv, whereupon I learned that VitaPower is part of the Guthy-Renker "Family" (umbrella company) and, in short, did not care about my negative experience. I have subsequently canceled my account with ProActiv. It's shocking to me that they would be so unconcerned with complaints regarding these dodgy & cheap sales tactics, given that they actually have competition these days. I am now boycotting all Guthy-Renker products due to my dismay about their deceptive sales tactics & unsatisfactory customer service.

  • Sh
    Sher Aug 08, 2008

    I am also being harassed by Guthy Renker. I ordered (asked not to be on an automatic recieving list) got the product and paid in December 07.

    Next month, they charged my visa for $51. I called, they would not credit me as they said the product was in the mail. (the product I did not order) I called my credit card co. and they credited it. I sent the product back when it did come, got credited by GR and then had my credit card debited to even everything out.

    Since March 2008, Gunthy Renker has been sending me bill after bill. I cancelled my credit card so they could not charge it anymore. I call, they say they will take care of it and they never do. They are threatening me with a collection agency now. They asked me for written proof of my visa debit, I tried sending it by fax (the way they said I had to), the number doesn't go through. Nobody knows who the "Credit Manager" really is, you can't speak with anyone by the name on their letter. Scam Scam Scam.

    Consumer & Corporate affairs should be taking care of companies which operate like this, and the celebs who endorse these types of products without doing background checks on who they are endorsing are selling their souls. Not worth the money.

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  • Kr
    KronosWantsYrMoney Dec 10, 2010

    ALL these companies advertising on cable (Comedy Central, CNN) use these sleazy tactics now. Another tactic is to double your order for the same price without mentioning the huge add-on costs for shipping & handling.

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  • Ja
    Jazzthefactspls Jun 01, 2011

    I too ordered a 90 day supply for my son and specifically told the rep NOT to send me anything for the next 90 days because I was shipping the 3 sets overseas. The rep agreed to do this arrangement as it was just logical. Exactly 2 weeks later I was surprised that ProActiv deducted $73.29 from my account!

    So I called up their 800 number and the first rep that answered the call assumed that I only ordered 30-days even without reading the account notes (what a bimbo!) and started arguing with me that I only got a 30-day supply! I asked to speak to her supervisor and she had me on hold for several minutes which gave me a chance to Google "ProActiv complaints" I was shocked to see this many of them!

    I finally got "Mary" who insisted on their charge and not get the recording of my original rep. She was talking about an invoice in the original shipment which she said was in the "USPS label". I mean an "invoice" in the mailing label? I know magazines do that in their labels but PRODUCTS like this? Bottom line is that I will reject the shipment and return it and only then will they refund my money.

    I don't think these unscrupulous practices will not earn my respect nor my business in the future.

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  • Te
    TeresaRene Aug 08, 2011

    Same here! Had no idea when I ordered that I was joining the Proactiv "cult" which I now call them and was being placed on a list for monthly shipments and charges to my account. Not only are they sending me cards telling me they "miss you!" but they also call my home on a regular basis. Their saturation advertising speaks as though their products are a new concept when anyone who's ever gone to a dermatologist knows that these sorts of products and their ingredients have been used to clear up acne for dozens of years.

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  • Ah
    Ahabe Mar 19, 2012

    I’ve been using ProActive for 8 years and never had a problem with shipping and billing until I moved out of state and had to 1) change my address and 2) change my credit card. You’d think this was the most complex procedure known to man with the way they colossally, repeatedly screw it up.

    With the last year, I’ve called them OVER and OVER with the same exact problem -- my kit never arrives on time. I spend about 15 minutes with them on the phone while they click around and hem and haw and try to figure out what went wrong. Finally, I ask them to check the credit card on file. I’m thinking, surely that can’t be the reason. I mean, seriously? I updated them with my new credit card right after I moved, and TWICE online and by phone FIVE times since then. Yet, sure enough the CSR reads the number back to me and it’s either 1) the old credit card 2) there’s NO card on file or 3) a hybrid of the old and new card. <

    Each time this happens, they send out a priority package (5-7 business days – is that really “priority”?? Hello, use FedEx, you cheap f_cks.) that miraculously arrives ON TIME and is billed to my correct credit card. If history is any measure, I’ll be back on the phone with them again in 6 weeks trying to find out why my regular kit hasn’t been delivered. I swear, if they have the wrong credit card on file again I’m going to totally lose my sh!t.

    If you use this product regularly, you know what a disaster it can be to your skin if there is an interruption of use. It can take MONTHS to get your skin back in good condition. Under any other circumstances, I would cancel my account, never use this product again, and bad mouth them to every single person I know.

    Believe me, the second I find a comparable product – I’m gone.

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