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Premium Industries - A subdivision of Maverick Industries
Here is my story I will try and make it brief. Afterall I have uploaded the factual information. Please review. I have listed my Order confirmation on Nov 21, 2010, order details, follow up email from myself (unanswered), amex billed charges, Verizon Wireless call history from my cell phone to their business line. ** I planned for a spectacular Christmas surprise for my husband this Christmas 2010. I knew what I wanted, researched items that I liked and found I called to consult with them about my purchase before ordering online (no answer) but played it off to a busy season. I wanted to take advantage of the "Early Bird" Shipping which included "free shipping and gifts" so I went ahead and placed my order. After 8 phone calls initiated by me, 1 unanswered email, 2 unanswered inquiries into their personal "contact us" box and 3 Confirmations by Premium Humidors staff, I found out this morning December 21, 2010 that not only is my order NOT on its way but that I would NOT be receiving it before Christmas. Upon hearing the news I began to ask questions and was simply told that "Mam, I don't know who told you you'd have it before Christmas but they shouldnt have, I make minimum wage here and have nothing to do with the ordering". I asked the clerk for the owner or a manager and was denied. He didn't give me a name, phone number or email address. He simply stated that "the owner is never around but he'd let him know you are angry?" I explained to him that now I had to go back to my husband on Christmas morning empty handed after confirming with his company 3 times that it would be here for the "Early Bird Special" and that I am in sales and if I treated my customers this way I'd be shut down, he simply stated "I understand mam." He didn't offer a warm sentiment (other than that I could go ahead and take my frustrations out on him? which confused me since he was just a minimu wage sales clerk there who had nothing to do with ordering), a discount, a follow up call by upper management, as a matter of fact when I called back after we hung up and realized how much money I had at stake here and collected myself, I got no answer and a full voice mail box. Needless to say I will begin blogging every SINGLE cigar enthusiast site in the United States that I can find, so that we finally put this website out of business, My apologies to every one that has gone through this before me (and there are a lot of you). I have already disputed my charges with American Express and blocked as well as Maverick Industries from ever charging my account again.

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7:02 pm EST
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - undilevered product

Placed order on 11/28/10. Credit card was billed on 11/29/10 and order was listed on businesses website as having shipped via Fedex #016682460201688 - Fedex has no such package. I spoke w/ a company representative at PH:(954) 929-7270 on 12/6/10 and was told that package had not shipped but would, no later than 12/10/10. As of this date, no shipment has been made. The company does not respond to emails, does not answer its phones and voice mail is full so no message can be left. I have requested refund to my credit card, no response has been received. I have filed a complaint with VISA and the Florida attorney general. I BELIEVE THERE WAS NEVER ANY INTENT TO DELIVER A PRODUCT! SCAM!

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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7:39 am EDT - No Delivery

I live in Ireland and ordered some items from the above website. The website stated that they would ship the items within 24 hours and notify me via email with a tracking number when the items were sent.

I ordered the items on the 26th April and have not received any correspondence from the seller. I have emailed and tried to contact the seller on numerous occasions but i have not received any response at all.

My credit card has been chraged for these items and i am unsure what to do now as the seller is failing to respond and was wondering what is the best way of dealing with this problem?

Thanks for your time,
Kind Regards,
Karl Brady.

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Nov 21, 2008 4:24 pm EST

You need to contact your credit card company and contest the charge.

I too bought a humidor from this company but they did ship it to me. I had to send it back because it had some damage. They did give me a shipping label but now that they have the item back I can’t get them to answer the phone or email. It has been 4 days now and I still can’t get them on the phone.

I have contacted my bank to contest the change and I contacted Quality Importers Trading Company their supplier.

I think these guys need to be shut down so they don’t waste anyone else’s time and money. I have spent days working on this.

The owner is a 22 year old with gambling issues named Jarret Dresch
[email protected]

May 10, 2008 4:00 pm EDT

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