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8:54 am EDT

Premium Health Supplies Tactics when using a computer you cant check anything before it's submitted there's no back button nothing

THE COMPANY IS CALLED PREMIUM HEALTH SUPPLIES, I was trying to order 1 bottle of a product aka sample
i ended up with 6 bottles charge TO my credit card of $200, I have spent hours on the phone trying to cancel. iv have been hung up on about 7 times i was on hold 2 hr then hung up on.
I would like to know what the customer resource is now they are sending the product anyway Its i Quote automated so they cant stop it and they want to charge a restocking fee on top of it. credit card company says they cant do anything till i receive the product mean while you are hit with a $200 bill plus restocking fee

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7:12 pm EST

Premium Health Supplies Forskolin

Paid $84.00 for Forskolin on January 3, 2015 and never received the product from the Premium Health Supplies company. It was advertised on the "" site online. Using Rachel Ray as the celebrity endorser. This is obviously a scam to defraud people of the hard working money. The ad advertised by two bottles and get one first with free shipping and handling.

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Bridget Vick Norregaard
, US
Dec 19, 2016 5:47 am EST

Order ID 421778, 421779 Oder date28 Oct 2016 My confirmation pge says in one place charges will appear as Premium Health Supplies and in another place charges will appear as Ground Works Fitness. Cancel any further order and I had better not be charged twice for this product.
Bridget Norregaard

9:56 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Premium Health Supplies used vacuum, supposed to be new5

My senior parents received a telephone call to do a survey about health. They participated and were told they won a 3 night hotel stay. Then they were asked if someone could come to their house and bring the prize and talk about health issues, asthma etc., When the guy came to the door, it was for a vacuum. he did a vacuum demonstration. My mom thought it was a great vacuum, so she signed up for it. The price of the vacuum was $125 a month, and after 4 years of paying, the total would be $5000. The salesman said he would give her the demo, she said absolutely not, she told him that her husband would only accept a brand new one for that price. He said okay, and came back later, when she wasn't home, and left the demo vacuum. My step dad went to the address on the forms to return the used vacuum, and there was no listing for the company there. He then phoned the company, and the man on the phone was VERY rude to him. I told the guy that we were going to the bank to make sure there was a stop payment on the account and that if he wanted the vacuum he should come get it. He was even more rude. He wanted to send another sales man out even after getting so rude with my parents. My parents made it clear that they did not want a used vacuum. I believe this company is taking advantage of seniors. They need to be stopped...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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