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Power CleanseTheft-Misleading Website-No refund

I ordered a trial size of Power cleanse and Read the website carefully. It states you will receive a FREE
bottle of Power cleanse for $5.95 shipping if after 15 days you don't like it email us and send it back You
will not be charged anything. I ordered 9-8-2009 and NEVER received the product I called the customer
service number and Tried to Cancel-But they said it has been shipped -The same day Golden Health charged
my account $79.95 for a Full bottle of power cleanse Which I had not received. On [protected] I got a email
saying that Since I did not send an email to them canceling the order I was charged for the bottle. I got the
Bottle on [protected] FROM UTAH! However YOU have to send the bottle back TO CHINA but they won't
send you and address for the company. I called every week to the 3rd party customer service to ask for
the address and tell my story to a new person every week. I have received email from the 3rd party customer
service telling me that they did close my account as I asked and they have escalated I request for a refund
and an email with an address BUT that is all they can Do. Until today when they said What we can do is give
You HALF the amount of money $40.00 because it will cost you that much to send it to China- If you can get $40 why Not $ 80? DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM PERFECT HEALTH/GOLDEN HEALTH THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! AND I HAVE THE EMAIL TO PROVE IT.

Power CleanseRipped off as well

I too took advantage of the $5.95 trial for the power cleanse. and now have a $79.95 bill as well as 2 $85.90 to try to get back!!! The website above is what was on the receipt they sent with first order if anyone can trace this to the company please let me know. I want to block any further payments being made to them as well as try to get my money back!! When I looked up the Name of company everything was in Chinese so was unable to locate it. The rest of the info on the paperwork that came from my first pkg is...Company...Lixueshuang
hexiqu hongqilu 68hao
Tian jin China
Original Office DKH

Acai Berry
(personal items of no commercial value)

If anyone can figure out what all this info means and if it will help pass it on as well as myself...thanks so much!

  • Br
    Bron1812 Oct 22, 2009

    Hi, I also returned 2 bottles to the same address in China, which was the address they gave me. I then emailed them and they said I had to give them a tracking number - which was not in the original return intructions. So i had my local post office find me a copy of it for me, and passed on this info the the company. I have been emailing them since May 2009 and get the same reply - that they'll look into it, but they never get back to me with a reply. The biggest problem I am facing now is that the website address keeps changing and I can't find them to email them again. I am really mad as they owe over $200 - as I paid $114 a bottle!!! I have done everything they have asked, and they have not done. They even said in one email that the refund was complete - but when I questioned them for details, I got the usual reply of that they'll look into it. They have stopped charging me - but I didn't even use the pills - so now they have the pills I returned and my money! and no way of contacing them.

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  • Ra
    rarecath Nov 13, 2010

    yeah..i had the same address too on my package!these guys are really scammers
    i bought 3 coach bags and really disasppointed with the quality...i had my card blocked already so they cannot use it..beware of china websites. Most of them are not legit. I know i have lost my money so next time i will be more careful.

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  • Go
    gotscammedbychina1 Nov 14, 2010

    I just found out that I got scammed too. I ordered a Louis Vitton bag and I'm not happy with the quality so I called them to return the product but they won't give me a legitimate address to return it to. I chatted with someone and emailed their Customer Service and nobody is getting back to me. My credit card is blocked. Lesson learned is to be careful ordering from illegitimate websites.

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Power CleanseFraud

These people are a complete rip off. They have Oprah and Dr. Oz all over their web site. It is a scam. They charged my account $79 plus...when I contact them they told me that this was the terms and conditions (which are not even on the order page). They would cancel my order for future shipments and offered me two options, return the used product and pay shipping to are you ready CHINA for $40.00 ( i payed $6.00 for the inbound shipment (LOL) or keep it and they would charge my account 50%...GIve me a break people. The funny thing is that I never even opened the frigin bottle. I am working with my bank to clean this mess up. I will never order anything like this again. I have learned my lesson.

  • Un
    unhappycanadian Jul 29, 2009

    I am a victim of this scam too. I called and cancelled my subscription when I found out that I was automatically subscribed after 14 days of the trial. To top that I found my self automatically subscriped to a few other services that I had no idea about. After I cancelled my subscription, they sent me another shipment. My shipment came from Toronto, a canadian warehouse and was told to return it to China at a cost of 50% of the product. I returned it to Toronto instead of China. The reps are no help, they keep referring to the terms and conditions. Do not order from www.mypowercleanse.com!!!

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  • Si
    SIS1 Aug 06, 2009

    I found Acai Berry and Power cleanse in one advert back in June and thought trial free for around 5.95 and 7.95 respectively cant hurt.
    Two months later and now approximately $600 in debt Australian for products which i did not authorise for them to send me from China every month is infuriating.
    14 day free trial is nothing but a scam. I was charged about $103.70 for each of these products within about 10 days of receiving them because they state the 14 days starts from date of your order not that you have 14 days to trial in your own home.
    I would never have agreed to pay approx $220 per month for products from overseas which I dont even know work effectively and I sincerely doubt they do.
    I have been in constant email with these two companies now for past 2 months and feel no closer to getting my requests of subscription cancellation or refund on both products resolved. I have told them clearly I will not collect any shipments from them so they are wasting their money sending them and I will take every avenue to fight for my reimbursement of monies in full with my bank involved.
    I beleive most of their responses are automated. You never deal with the same customer service officer - seems like they have hundreds of them. They do not acknowledge your requests or even if they do the next email they are requesting you send the product back again or they have again debited your credit card for another shipment etc etc.

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  • Mm
    mmtb Aug 13, 2009

    I too was a victim of this fraud. I had to cancel my credit card, go through all kinds of hassles with the credit card company, write endless emails to cancel my account, never even got any product free sample delivered to me at all, and made long distance calls to try to get my account cancelled. and I reported it to the Canadian Phonebusters anti-fraud call centre as well. Beware of phone # 819-483-0467. The Better Business Bureau has a lengthy report on this company/companies that keeps on changing its/theirs name, appears as different merchants on your credit card bill etc. Read the B.B.B. report based on this phone number, and you will be amazed at all the names and gmail email addresses these swindlers have used and are still using to quickly charge your account then change to another name etc. I managed to get through to their customer service number, suspiciously, the same phone number the BBB filed its report under as a company with dozens of complaints. They make it look like they are affiliated or endorsed by Oprah and Dr. Oz, but really they are not. I will never ever order anything with my new charge card over the internet again. Watch out for ACAIBURN and ACAISLIM as well as Power Cleanse, freepowercleanse.com. Actually, don't believe any free trial you see. The policy is to make you a regular customer and bill you monthly ad infinitum. Good Luck to all of us trying to get charges reversed and get our sense of security back!

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Power CleanseRip off!!

I can't believe this happened to all of you, too! This is ridiculous. They charged my bank account two times now (plus other additional international fees of $3 each) so altogether over $170 of something I never authorized! This is not fair...I don't know about you all, but I can't afford to have money taken out like this. I barely make paycheck to paycheck as it is! We have to stop this...how can people take advantage of people like this? I had the same experiences, except i never received any emails in the beginning at all- so I had no contact information until I saw the charges on my account. At that point I continued to call the numbers (different numbers listed under different names on my bank account) by the way... and received no response at all. I cancelled my debit card and am working with the bank now to try to get my money back. Good luck to everyone and we need to figure out how to stop this!

  • Si
    sis Aug 04, 2009

    Hi Lindsay & other ripped off Power cleanse and acaiberri free trial trialers.

    The charges and nightmare both these products are causing me is ridiculous for a $5.95 American not Aust. for a start free trial is a total scam!!!

    I too am having not 1 but two charges debited to my card on the same day of the month and sometimes now not even a month apart for a products I too did not authorise.

    I have been emailing them for 2 months now getting nowhere so have gotten my bank involved as from yesterday.

    They get to the point of saying here is the address - send it back for a full or partial refund so you send the shipping receipt etc and next they have you going around in circles with nothing more than empty promises of refunds and statements if you dont wish to receive cancel, but continue to send another shipment out to me anyway.

    You never deal with the same customer service person and I now beleive they are automated responses near on.

    Be very very careful of both Acai berri and Power cleanse free trials - they are far from this.

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  • Mo
    mommymemo Feb 04, 2010

    It also happened to me. I ordered for the trial pack which they said was free but then month had passed i never received any product. Every two weeks they charged me for 79US$ but i never received a product from them. after 3 months of charges, their product came from China. They said the same thing. return the product for a full refund but i will have to pay the return shipping cost to china. i said no way! then they offered 50 discount. so what i did was i reported it to the visa dispute department. I got all my money back but i never return the product.

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Power Cleansefraud, keep charging my credit card

Dear my name

Thank you for your continued enrollment in our Value Rewards Membership for 1 x Power Colon Cleanse

We hope you enjoy the items that you have purchased.

We have now charged your order PCC-300-[protected] $99.9 for your subscription.

Statement on your credit card would appear as lifeherbal

Your package will be shipped to

my address

If you have any questions regarding your order, please do not hesitate to reply me with questions, such that we may be able to resolve any issues as swiftly as possible.

Thank you and best regards!

Customer Support

We are here to help

  • 16 years' experience in successful complaint resolution
  • Each complaint is handled individually by highly qualified experts
  • Honest and unbiased reviews
  • Last but not least, all our services are absolutely free

Power Cleansediet pills SCAM


if too late then please cancel your credit card NOW
or they will take your money every month

regards haze
Please take a few minutes to read the following, as when you purchase the Power Cleanse Trial, you automatically accept the following Terms and ConditionsWhen you order the risk-free trial of Power Cleanse your credit card will be charged only $5.95 shipping and handling. You will have a full 14 day free trial period from your original order date to decide if Power Cleanse is right for you. If you are enjoying Power Cleanse, then do nothing, and at the end of your 14 day trial period you will be charged seventy-nine dollars and ninety five cents for the trial bottle you received. Please remember that most customers see significant /noticeable results after using Power Cleanse consistently for 3 months. If you find that Power Cleanse is not right for you, simply contact our Customer Service Department to cancel your membership within 15 days of your original order date, return the unused portion of the product to us (or the empty packaging if fully consumed), and you will not be charged any additional fees. Approximately 30 days from your original order date, and every 30 days thereafter, a monthly supply of Power Cleanse will be sent to you, and your credit card on file will be billed seventy-nine dollars ninety-five cents plus five dollars and ninety five cents shipping and handling (total eighty-five dollars and ninety cents). This way you ensure that you will conveniently have it shipped directly to your front door every month and never run out. If you are not fully satisfied with future shipments of Power Cleanse, you may return any unopened containers within 30 days of receipt for a full refund less shipping and handling, and a 20% restocking fee..<br />
By becoming an exclusive member of the Power Cleanse Home Delivery Program, you are entitled to discounted offers and promotions that only members receive. There is no obligation to remain in the Power Cleanse Lifestyle Program and you may cancel your membership at anytime by contacting Customer Care<br />
Power Cleanse Total Satisfaction Guarantee I understand that if I am not fully satisfied with future shipments of Power Cleanse, I may return any unopened containers of Power Cleanse within 30 days of receipt for a full refund less the five dollars and ninety five cents s/h charge and a 20% restocking fee. If you wish to return your product and receive credit for your return, please contact us. You will need to be assigned a Returned Merchandise Authorization number. Please note that the warehouse cannot accept a shipment which is not labeled with an RMA number.”

Negative Option Clause:

Billing & Customer Support Our customer service representatives can resolve any billing issues that you may have. Please contact Power Cleanse Customer support by email (and/or) or phone.
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 9am -5pm EST
Customer Support Line:[protected]
Customer Support Email: [protected]@powercleansetrials.com
You may also contact our customer service using the CONTACT US form on our website.

  • Ha
    Hardlesson2learn Jul 05, 2009

    You should also be aware that you will have to harass the customer support department for months for them to cancel your membership (and during this time they will continue to send product and bill you for it) and even longer for them to address any refunds. When they finally do provide you with information about returning product, they don't bother telling you that they will refuse to refund your money if you can't provide them with tracking numbers through the mail system you use. SO HOLD ONTO YOUR RECEIPT OR THEY WILL REFUSE TO REFUND YOUR MONEY FOR THIS REASON! Marking your returned product with your information (name, order number) is not sufficient. They claim that it is "impossible" for them to recognize a return where they do not have mail tracking information.

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  • Oo
    oopppss Jul 06, 2009

    i got suck in too. Wasn't till a recieved a bottle today and my husband looked at the accounts we saw all the transactions. Sometimes you learn the hard way...

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  • Al
    alldat83 Jul 08, 2009


    I purchased beginning of June and have had 2 charges of 79.95 and 3 of 85.90 taken from my card!! Have send numerous emails and have been informed that they dont have a contact phone number, 5 charges in 1 month is TOTAL B.S!!
    My bank is now investigating but may not be able to get my money back.


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  • Li
    Lisa Fowler Jul 23, 2009

    Yes I got sucked in too not just once but also with ACAIBURN and yes they keep taking my money and dont tell me where to return it too I am taking it to consumer affairs as they cant deduct your money as they havnt held there side of the terms and conditions by not providing a retun address I only wish I had seen this first and this is what they are doing the product is crap my credit card is canceled as of tomorrow so lets see who jumps up and down then.

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  • Sm
    smileynomore Jan 20, 2010

    i cant believe this has happend to me aswell...and i borrowed my parents credit card and they have taken out 3 payments of $85.90 what can i do to stop this??

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  • Me
    medussa1 May 13, 2009

    Why would you trust a website to buy colon cleanser?... Just go to wallgrens.

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  • Ch
    Chrissy 56 Jun 24, 2009

    I too unfortuantely was foolish enough to sign up for this.
    There website has a picture of Oprah Winfrey and Dr Oz who is a regular on her show. At the bottom of the page it says in tiny writing that they do not endorse the product but hey I've signed up for it before I get to that part!! Stupid I know, but it is wrongful advertising, especially when they know the product is going to take 8-14 days to arrive from China.
    There is a negative option clause which means once you have sih=gned up they just keep taking money off unless you let them know you don't want the product. I have been emailing for a month to try and cancel the so called Home Delivery Program which it says you automatically sign up for.
    READ THE TERMS & CONDITIONS carefully, I didn't and am paying for it. The credit card company is now involved to try and recover my money. Also they run several businesses including ACAI berry and Green Purity Tea same way. STAY CLEAR OF THESE TOO!

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  • Mo
    Monique8 Jul 23, 2009

    I agree wholeheartedly with the previous comments. In addition to being charged $79.95 just 4 days after having the pills (which in my mind does not constitute a true 15-day free trial period), I was physically ill from the few pills I did take. I experienced painful stomach cramping. And instead of the product helping to increase my ability to remove waste, it actually blocked me up, preventing me from naturally releasing waste and toxins. It's a complete scam. I had a sinking feeling in my stomach when I saw that the package was shipped from China. I thought, "Uh oh." In any event, I have sent numerous emails to this company requesting a refund. I even returned the unused pills back to an address they provided in China. I also lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB has tried without success to get this company to respond to questions about its sales and advertising practices. The company has a BBB rating of F. Buyers beware! The good news is I've learned the importance of reading the terms and conditions before makng any purchases. In addition, I have learned to check out the BBB website to check a company's rating before doing business with them. Hope this info helps someone else. Believe me, this company and others like it will one day reap what they sow. Thanks for reading!

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  • Wi
    winky Oct 07, 2009

    Hi everybody,

    I can sympathise wholeheartedly with everyone esle who have been taken for a ride with this company operating out of China. I cant beleive how foolish I have been to fall for - pay postage only. After 3 months of emails to and fro and approx $600 taken from my credit card I was at my witts end. I had sent their stupid products back unopened, supplied the copies of receipts for the postage and all I got was numerous empty promises. The emails came from numerous different people so I never dealt with the same person in 3 months.

    Finally I contacted my bank giving them details of every transaction I had not authorised and after a wait of 6 weeks whilst they investigated I am so delighted to be able to say I have been successful in having all the disputed transactions reversed in my favour. I let the inital postage of approx $25 as I guess I aggreed to this and additional postage charges of another $25 go as this w as not on my credit card. In all I am still $50 out of pocket but with $600 back I feel very lucky and indebted to the work my bank has done to investigate these transactions.

    I hope if enough of us are successful in following these illegal unauthorised transactions through with our banks we might be able to shut this bogus business down the drain where they belong. They are truly scummy scamsters!!

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  • St
    stitcher Jan 04, 2010

    I too was taken in by this. I can't believe I was so dumb. I live in the Uk and by the time I received the samples the 15 days had elapsed and I have spent since June trying to stop them sending me this rubbish and taking my money. I thought I had finally got rid of them when they took the last payment in Oct and now I find that they have started again in Dec. I just can't believe it- I've sent numerous emails and no one ever listens or replies and my credit card company constantly have to be updated as they change the name they take the money in. So far we've been able to block the payments but I feel wrung out trying to keep on top of this and it makes my stomach knot with anger when I think of it. I just hope I can get rid of them soon.

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  • No
    No Stting_Duck Jan 04, 2010

    There are a bunch of highly sophisticated cyber-crimuînals and I really do not know how to go about it to put them out of business and behind bars. I do hoe someone, someday will nail them down as "they can only cheat some people some time but they cannot cheat all the people all the time".

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  • Sh
    shibby Apr 02, 2010

    POWER CLEANSE DO NOT TRY PHONING IT DOESNT WORK EMAIL YOU WILL NOT GET ANY CONTACT, AND THEY STILL TAKE THE MONEY WHAT YOU CAN DO IS, go into your bank explain its a scam they will then tell you to phone, email the company and report to the police halifax are a waste of space bank they then after you have been scammed once will do something about it its pointless cancelling your debit card because most debit cards are authorised by visa and both yourself and visa, visa are authorised to make the payment because you entered a contract with this alleged slimming company but if you print all attempts of emailing them in cancellation wise and police crime number go into your bank then they have to do something about it.

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  • Ch
    charlene sauer Jul 12, 2010

    i also have a complaint about power cleanse, i have been waiting for one month for them to credit my account for $101.51 and their phone numbers on the bottles of acai-trim and power cleanse have been disconnected, so I have no way to get in touch with the company. I hope the Attorney General of Texas will get involved and shut this company down, even though Oprah thinks it is a good deal. Oprah SUCKS!!!

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