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Polaroid Polaroid g55 dash cam

Warning this is cheap quality dash cam that will only last a week or two. If you are buying this for peace of mind when driving, then look elsewhere. You can overlook the add-ons that do not work but when the camera goes after a week and you are viewing funny colors across the screen, just take it back for a refund. The Polaroid staff are very friendly and try to help but can only sympathize. At the end, there is a reason why Polaroid went from being a top quality name brand in the 80s to just a name that brings back memories, the quality is just bad. For peace of mind get a dash cam that you can depend on, as at the moment I have more confidence on a bobble head doll as a witness than this piece of junk

Polaroid No service

I bought the TV 4 or 5 months ago. The picture went black last week. I emailed the service department. Two times. I called today. They want me to send it back to California. I am in Lexington, ky. All most $ 200.00 with boxing and insurance. So I said just ship the part. It's a LED Driver Board. Just drop it in a padded envelope. She said we don't build them just the screen. It would cost too much to keep the other parts. I have worked on computers since the 80's. No parts exchange is strange. To heck with the warrant it cost to much to use it. I can't even buy a part from them. So the warrant is not free it cost the shipping plus the TV. But close to outright lying is saying you have a warrant but charging the cost and no parts. The sad part I am out the cost of the TV less 4 months use. This was one of the best companies in America.

Polaroid i1237 CAMERA

Purchased an i1237 Polaroid Camera from Big Lots in November 2011. Today the camera stopped working. Used it take Thanksgiving and Christmas Pictures. I am 65 years old and wanted a small camera to take pictures of grands when they visits. The camera came on today and then cut off. Replaced the batteries in the correct order and it will not come on. Happen a week ago after I took about 3 pictures. Cut off and I could not get it to come back on. I have discarded the original box and misplaced the receipt for the camera. Have not used the camera over 5 times. So disappointed in the product.

Polaroid The worst tv we have ever owned! No help available

We have a 32in. Polaroid TV purchased about 31/2 yrs. ago. It has a dark gray line on the left side of the screen. I tried to get help on line. No way, you have to pay to talk to them or leave a message. no way!

The complaints I am reading about scare me to death. I am now afraid my house is going to burn down while we are gone. The TV gets so hot when we are watching it that it is scary.

I hope someone gets a civil lawsuit going, I will be the first to sign up!

  • Lu
    luvjoy Feb 07, 2011

    I purchased a Polaroid tv aprox. 3 yrs ago...It has sound but no picture, the worse tv I ever owned.

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Polaroid Sucks

We got this tv from walmart 2008 it quit working on january2011 it..what it dose the volume gose up by it self and then ir freezes then we have 2 unplug it to turn of ..know it wont even turn on u can see nothing on the screen only blackkk, , it *** so bad we pay 750.00dls and is peace of s##&#&t..never again will by this brand is sad when u pay lost of money for stuff don't even work good they need 2 give us a refund or do a recall or something like that ...

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Polaroid i1035 digital camera

In June.2009 purchased i1035 polaroid digital camera for my 10 yr old son. With in 90 days it no longer worked, everything was blurred, we had only used it 5 times. The batteries died with in 10 min every time. Sent it in for repair, paid shipping and handling plus insurance. 1 month later got it back it was a brand new camera, not the colour we'd sent them. Opened up the box put the batteries in and it froze! Bought new batteries same thing happened. So in total paid $100.00 = tax so $130.00 for the camera then $15.00 shipping/handling/insurance total+$145.00 and still have a camera that does not work. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! it is a complete rip off, waste of money, annoyance, and heart ache for the ones who think they are getting a nice gift.

  • Mb
    mbhun67 Apr 22, 2010

    i found everything exceptable about my 7mp camera until it needed warenty work. there warenty dept. is a joke i won 't buy another polariod product because of them.

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Polaroid Scam Artist

Polaroid C.E.O 's are Scam Artist. Don't buy Polaroid. You only help line Their Comie Pocket's. They lie cheat and steal. Their Motto is. WIN IF YOU CAN. LOSE IF YOU MUST. BUT ALWAY'S CHEAT. They do not honor their warranties in anyway shape or form. Put them out of bussiness. Hit them in the pocket. Drive around as I do with their Junk T.V. in the back of a truck. With balloon's. With sign's stating of their junk product's. And park it on main highway's and in front of your home's. Even have a Polaroid demolition day contest in your neighborhood. Where person's then get swing at a Polaroid product with a sledge hammer. And or at a target range. That will get the attention of the Press. Advertise it in your local newspaper too. Signed Robert M. Hartle Sr. 1263A Riverside Drive Oil City Pennsylvania 16301.

Polaroid Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product

The following are emails that have been sent in attempt to be reimbursed for a defective dvd player. Polaroid originally said they would replace the defective unit we sent them but now we have not heard any type of response from them. Now we are trying to contact them by phone & email and every attempt has been unsuccessful. Every 800 number we call, their response is we don't handle that unit & model#. Well who does????? I originally talked to someone & they had me ship the unit to Camarillo, CA. But now all the sudden noeone can help me. INSANE! Read on...It Only Gets Better...WORSE!

We were instructed via customer service agent at Polaroid to send our defective unit to the following address:
Polaroid Consumer Returns

Dock Door #7

4030 Zia Pescador

Camarillo, CA 93012

TKT# [protected]-322418

We have been given many different phone numbers and email addresses in order to contact someone that could possibly help us with this but it has not brought about any solution. Will you please email or call us [protected] with the number to the above listed address so we may talk directly to them. Thank you for your help in this matter.

--- On Fri, 5/8/09, wrote:
Subject: Fw: Re: Fw: RE [protected]-345179
To: [protected]@polaroid.com
Date: Friday, May 8, 2009, 9:47 AM

To who it may concern,

Please review the below emails & the many attempts to follow up on a defective dvd player that we sent back that was covered under warranty. We have followed the instructions given to us concerning our defective dvd player that was covered under warranty and have not been successful in getting this matter resolved. We have been very unhappy with the customer service that we have received & would just like to have our monery reimbursed at this time. I look forward to speaking with someone to resolve this matter. I have been told to send emails to this and other addresses. I can only hope that someone would take care of this matter after seeing the lack of customer service.

--- On Fri, 5/8/09, [protected]@polaroid-dvd.com <[protected]@polaroid-dvd.com> wrote:

From: [protected]@polaroid-dvd.com <[protected]@polaroid-dvd.com>
Subject: Re: Fw: RE [protected]-345179
Date: Friday, May 8, 2009, 1:36 AM

We believe you are talking to the wrong party. You received the package from Polaroid Camarillo service center, not our Irvine Service Center. Please verify the address of the sender. If Camarillo service center shipped you this package, please contact Polaroid service at [protected]@polaroid.com and specify the model # of your product with them.

Customer Service

----- Original Message -----
To: [protected]@polaroid-dvd.com
Subject: Fw: RE [protected]-345179
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 20:58:20 -0700 (PDT)

To Whom It May Concern:

We were told by a customer service agent (Joe) at Polaroid that once we emailed this we would have a reply regarding a solution within 24-48 hours. So far, we have received no reply from you. We look forward to hearing from you and appreciate your assistance in this matter.

--- On Mon, 4/27/09, wrote:
Subject: Fw: RE [protected]-345179
To: [protected]@polaroid-dvd.com
Date: Monday, April 27, 2009, 12:30 PM

--- On Mon, 4/27/09, wrote:
Subject: Fw: RE [protected]-345179
To: [protected]@polaroid.com
Date: Monday, April 27, 2009, 12:09 PM

--- On Sun, 4/26/09, wrote:
Subject: RE [protected]-345179
To: [protected]@polaroid.com
Date: Sunday, April 26, 2009, 11:15 PM

To whom it may concern,

About 4-6 weeks ago I sent in a non-working portable DVD Player that we had purchased and only had the opportunity to use, or should I say try to use about two times because the volume didn't work properly. I called Polaroid and they told us to send it in since it was still under warranty & they would replace it with a new unit. Last Thursday my wife received a box from Polaroid that was partially opened and very, very poorly packaged and shipped. It was quite literally tossed into the box without any type of protective packaging. I'm surprised that all of the components were still in the box by the time it made it to our house. I was surprised that something didn't fall out or was stolen because of how poorly it was shipped. As if the shipping wasn't bad enough...this unit wasn't even the same model that we originally purchased...not to mention we could tell that it had been used before. It was sent with no packing protection, no instructions and it had scratches on the unit. So, in short we purchased a unit that we've never really been able to use & then we are sent a used, scratched up unit that was just thrown in a box. It doesn't work either.

I called Polaroid and spoke to Joe (he told us he couldn't give his last name due to company policy) and told them about this incident and he told us to take pictures and email this information. I do not expect to keep this unit, nor do I expect to receive a refurbished unit. Originally, we purchased a product that we were eagerly looking forward to using on road trips but unfortunately something was defective about the sound. I expect to receive a new unit to replace it or be reimbursed for our original purchase & time spent on this. I am sure that Polaroid is a company that stands by their product and look forward to receiving a new unit in replacement of the defective one or a reimbursement for the original purchase. I look forward to your response in resolving this matter.

Thank you,

Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product
Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product
Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product
Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product
Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product
Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product
Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product
Poor Customer Service - Polaroid does not stand behind their product

  • Ji
    Jimmy May 09, 2009


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  • Gr
    Greg in Maine May 23, 2009

    My wife and I bought a new PDM 8551 DVD. It died after three dvds. I have sent numerous emails just trying to find a place to send it for repair. No responses, No callbacks, No answers from their support ###s.


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  • Ga
    Garza Polaroid Jun 20, 2009

    I bought a Polaroid Portable DVD Player at Walmart (Feb. 12), Model # DPA 07046G, the product has stop working and is still under Polaroid warranty. Who can assist me?

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Polaroid Don't buy!

I've had all the same problems with my Polaroid TV. It quit working, the DVD quit and then it quit working again. The TV repairman told me not to bother paying to have it fixed since it doesn't have a cooling mechanism the board will continue to burn out. Polaroid has been no help and doesn't care, they got my money and I got a piece of C*#^!

I don't understand how these companies stay in business when they produce terrible products and won't stand behind it. I had to save my money to buy that TV in the first place. I just can't go out and replace it.

Polaroid tv dosen't work

I bought a polaroid tv, model # 3700 from Wal-mart in 2006. It won't turn on. I've tried to call polaroid customer service but get no answer. I have found out that many other people are having the same problem with this model tv.

  • Je
    Jerry Goans Mar 24, 2009

    *********FIX FOR MOST POLAROID 37" LCD TV MODEL 3700*******


    Go to this site and READ THIS INFORMATION...I just performed this repair last night after learning this info yesterday. I am a communications technician and was skeptical of the repair but IT WORKS!!! It will cost you literally just a few cents!!!

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  • De

    TV IS A POLOARIOd AND IS LESS THEN11 MONTHS OLD AND HAs broke. Please tell me what we should do. We have not tv and children. so please get back to me as soon as possible. We paid good money on it to last longer than this.

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Polaroid Bad service

On 02/09/08 I purchased a 32â�� Polaroid HDTV (TDA-03211C) with DVD player built in. It was our first new TV in more years than I care to remember and was replacing our old 19â�� main TV that had just gone out. It seemed to be a good buy, although previously I did not know Polaroid Made TVâ��s, first red flag.Â

We had it just over a month when we first noticed that it had a vertical line in the image. It seemed to be a random issue, but always appeared in the same place. It also seemed to happen more often with cartoons, but with 5 kids in house we watch a lot of those. :)  Specifically, the line was just to the left of the center mark and it was a shade off the color that it should have been. So if an area was blue, then in that line space it would be aqua blue or maybe greenish. It wasnâ��t a really bad issue; the image was still ok, but considering the TV was less than a couple months old we opted to call in and find out our options. I called the original store and they informed me I had to go to the manufacturer. So I called Polaroid and finally got to a customer service rep. They were very helpful and informed me it was a rare, but known issue. They let me know they had to pass it on to the tech department and I should receive a call shortly about getting an exchange set up. A day or two later I got a call from a tech and he needed me to get the serial number and also take photos of the issue in progress. I let him know I only had a cell phone camera and that it may take a day or two because the issue came and went. He gave me an email address and a few days later I sent images of Family Guy with the line in it. 24 hours or so later I got a call and was informed the exchange was approved and a few days after that a TV arrived at my home.  Packed well, we broke it open and got it set up.Â

Within a week we had the same issue reappear though, in the exact same location. {Insert most of paragraph one here.} This time we opted to wait on calling as it wasn�t that bad and random. After a couple weeks though we were watching TV and a loud knocking noise started to come from the TV. I narrowed it down to the DVD-drive. I tried to eject a movie that had been left in there, and it wouldn�t pop out. I had to unplug the TV, reconnect it and then press eject on the TV to get the DVD back. The DVD was incredibly hot to the touch. We decided that this was enough and called in the next day. When I called this time and challenged the whole rare issue statement, I was told by the CS Agent that he had never seen this specific issue. I offered up that this was two in a row for me.  I had taken new pictures already as I expected them to ask and I sent the info off to the same email address with the new ticket number. A day or so later, I was called by the tech support guys and I asked again how often does this happens and they informed me it was pretty rare and very interesting that I had it happen twice. They ran me through questions about how it was set up in-house making sure I had plenty of room to prevent overheating, I do. They set up another advance exchange.


A few days later a new replacement TV arrived. We opened this one and found that they had only used the bottom half of the Styrofoam �clamshell� container and that the top just had bubble wrap. I thought that was an interesting way to ship an expensive TV, but went with it, setting it up even though they forgot to include the stand screws this time, so I had to scavenge from the previous unit. As I was connecting inputs, I noticed there were multiple scratches and a large crack in the outer frame of the TV. I paid for a non-broken TV and decided this was getting ridiculous. They again had me take photos and send them off. Two days later, I got a call from tech support informing me that the exterior damage was not something they could cover and that I would be denied a replacement. I was very unhappy and ran over the packaging style that had been used and that the shipping box was still in good condition, so I knew it wasn�t a shipping issue if it wasn�t packed correctly in the first place. I explained that it had bounced around enough to crack the case and that it there was very little likely hoods that it didn�t have other issues internally. He agreed and set up a third advance exchange.

At this point I was getting frustrated and spoke with someone in CS in regards to a refund. I was told in no uncertain terms that I would not be approved for a refund as they had not done everything possible to fix it. I asked what that would take as I was now going on my fourth TV. She told me she has never seen one refunded prior to the 4th. I tried to force the issue with a supervisor, but other than an attitude I got nowhere.

So yesterday I received the fourth TV. It arrived packed the same as the 3rd (poorly) and this time I took pictures of it in the box before removing it. I then took picâ��s of the Styrofoam that had been destroyed because of the TV running lose in the box. This one had even more scrapes and dings in the edges in more than one location. The plastic had been deformed from an impact. Note the shipping box was in good condition with nothing obviously wrong with it. I had the RMA stuff set up so I figured I would trade them out and then set up another trade or ask for a refund. I got the 4th TV in place and it wouldnâ��t even power up. I reset everything and still got nothing with the remote or the PWR button on the TV. I re-boxed it and put the cracked one back up since itâ��s at least watchable.Â

I called in and asked for a refund and I�m told it takes 30 days to process, and it doesn�t start until they get the TV back. So I have to go without a TV for up to 30 Days if I want to get a Refund.

  • Valerie Aug 04, 2008

    Purchased a Polaroid t830 digital camera that has a rechargeable battery. The first time I used the camera was a trip to the zoo with grandchildren. The battery went dead. I have tried to find a backup battery and cannot. What good is a new camera if you cannot use it for a day of outdoor fun? Polaroid says they cannot get a battery. I think they are not trying hard enough and should stand behind their products. If they discontinued this camera I should have been told that before I purchased it.

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Polaroid — Terrible experience

Purchased a Polaroid TDA-32011C TV + DVD on August 31, 2017. I installed it, it worked perfectly until...

Polaroid awful in every way

Polaroid must have the worst reputation of any company right now. Nearly all of their TV are breaking about 1-6 months after warranty runs out -an their other products seem to be about the same. They will not work with you in the least to make things right. People all over the world are hoping for a class action lawsuit. Look them up and put them out of business - or if you can find any managers or engineers, of that company, treat them as bad as you think may be appropriate, appropriate for someone who helps build a company that lies and steals money in amounts that add up to time equal to many lifetimes.

  • Sc
    Scotty Sep 27, 2008

    We bought a polariod tv from best buy and after 13 months the tv died. Now Circuit City has NO answers for us. They can't even name one person who can work on it. We are tottally screwed

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  • Gi
    gipped Dec 14, 2010

    I can't even express in words what this company and/or it's parts/tech support department has done to me. Just DON'T EVER BUY ANYTHING THAT HAS POLAROIDS NAME ON IT!!! This was a parts issue with creeps in Mn. ripping me off. Right now I am initiating a credit card dispute so wish me luck. Those usually don't work either. This story is so long you'd go crazy trying to keep up. Remember. Don't buy anything Polaroid sells.

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  • Gi
    gipped Dec 14, 2010

    Polaroid Corporate...crooks

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Polaroid — Television repair

I purchased a Polaroid television in November, 2006. It broke in May. In September, after repeated daily...

Polaroid I will never buy a Polaroid product again

Bought my TV (42" LCD) in November 2007 for the black Friday special at Wall Mart. The TV stopped working about 91 days after which made it impossible to return back to Wall Mart. The manufacture's warranty was still good though and so we called Polaroid to get our TV fixed. They told us it would take 4 weeks to get the part to our house and then another 3 weeks after that to get a repairman scheduled to come out and install it. 7 weeks later and the part they sent didn't work either. Instead of replacing the TV, Polaroid said they had to send another part. Another 7 weeks later and that part was broken as well. They wanted to do the same thing again until I went through 4 levels of managers to get a replacement TV sent out. I'm still waiting for that to arrive. I will never buy a Polaroid product again. I am PISSED!

  • Co
    ColonieNY Sep 21, 2009

    I too am having a problem with Polaroid..I purchased a 37" LCD TV 2/07 it is now 9/09 and my TV has stopped working. The Blue LED is on..no picture...I have yet to get any response from customer service..and of course it is out of warranty. This TV didn't even last 3 years. COULD SOMEBODY PLEASE STOP THESE PEOPLE FROM RIPPING US OFF?

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  • Mb
    mbhun67 Apr 22, 2010

    I to have had a problems with ethe repair center. Whats said is I liked my camera in ever way good jpeg files, grart features for the price, quick response time with shutter and flash with rechagable metal hi (the 15 min rechagre bateries ) not so good with others. Back main subject had 5 months, less than 200 exposures, the
    CHEEP plastic pin were the camera strap goes broke!! I caught the camera before impact, talked to custer service told what happened even said i don't want to sentd it in if your not goin to cover this: no they said that a default its happened before we will repale or repair this was said by no one but three customer servive people.
    So i spend the time and money to send it in. Call the repair center once it will be repaired on this date shipped this date you should get this date. So i call the morning of the day i was told it would be arrivindg if evey thing went well when, o no it was not repaired we returned it you tampered with it . Say what. It broke; all i did was see if the piece could be put back and i discovered it was not all there. o thats tampering there huge gouges . what. i'll send you photos . well o coarse the are magnafied mega and the flash makes the smallestest scracth look like the grand canyon; then i am thinking i took photos and i dont remember little scratches. guess what there were none in my photo hover my were berfore the CHEEP PIN THAT HOLDS THE CAMRA STRAP BROKE . whats sad is they could have said no, don" t ship we consider that fall (even though i caught and it worked) . I could have saved $10 shipping + phone + time + aggravation, + left for vaction on time its to bad the warrenty dept dosn"t l;ok a at themselfs as a customer service unit. They are cutting Sales custimer servive and stock holders off at the Knees. The could have sent me a new camera refurbisheb the old Made two customers happy plus then this would have be aletter of praise free advetising. Espec. scince i write a small news letter.

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Polaroid Take your money elsewhere

I purchased two Polaroid izone 300 cameras on 04/12/06. Both are currently useless. Upon contacting Polaroid, they indicated that the one-year warranty has expired and that I would need to write a letter to their Warranty Center. If anyone else wants to waste their time accomplishing nothing...that address is: Polaroid Warranty Center, 14K Worlds Fair Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873. I received a letter back stating..."We have received your request for warranty service that was previously denied by our service center. Your individual case has been reviewed by our warranty appeal division. We regret to inform you that your warranty appeal has been denied and will not be able to offer you service at this time. This decision has been escalated through the proper departments and there is no further appealing of this decision. If you sent an unauthorized product back to us, we are returning it along with this letter. If you have further questions about this action, please review the warranty statement that came with the Polaroid product. We are currently working on an out of warranty program to be able to provide you some type of service at a reduced fee. Once we have more information regarding this program, we will forward it to you." Sounds to me like a standard form letter that they send out on many of their warranty appeals. I didn't send an unauthorized product in and they didn't seem to know that. Thanks, but no thanks. We will take our hard-earned dollars to a different company that makes a quality product, stands behind it and knows how to retain a customer. Incidentally, their website is also difficult to navigate to the extent that they have the countries set up in no particular order. So there is another way you can waste some of your time. When I called in to customer service today, I was disconnected before being connected to a person. The Polaroid izone 300 should be recalled. It was false advertising to the extent that it is a disposable camera if you can't obtain a replacement battery. Clearly, it was not marketed as a disposable camera. I would recommend that you take your money elsewhere and support a reputable business.

Polaroid Terrible experience!

I too have been waiting almost 6 months for some sort of resolution from these 'polaroid' people... I have since found out that there is no real polaroid company anymore... they have no employees... the name was sold to a company 'Flextronics' and they are the ones selling these China made pieces of garbage with the polaroid name fixed to them... they have known from the start that these TV's have a life expectancy of less than one year, yet they continue to push this trash worldwide, making huge profits... the TV's you and I paid $1000. for cost them less than $100. to manufacture in China... that includes shipping...All the return,customer service (big joke) and other headaches associated with the after sale has been subbed out to a company called 'Data Exchange Corp.'... I know they must be kicking themselves in the butt right now... lol... Anyway... Good Luck to all who have fallen victim to this SCAM... My horror story of promises and many lies would take pages to complete... Wonder what Walmart, Circuit City and Best Buys return rate is for these products... Wonder if they are in on the profit taking???.. I tried to find out... No Luck.

  • Ka
    Kathy Williams Oct 23, 2008

    I too have been scammed. Does anyone ever get a TV back. I feel bad for those poor customer service techs that get the continuous complaint calls. My sad, sad story is like so many others. Bought a 42 inch flat screen Polaroid on Black Friday of 2007 at Wal-mart. Didn't open the box until Sept 2008 and the TV had a big greenvertical line going down it in the middle of the screen. Customer service was very nice, told me to send the TV back (at my cost of $150 to ship it back). I was told I would have a replacement TV in 7-10 days. Oct 6, 2008, I was told the same thing and Oct 23, 2008 I was told the TV was on back order and it would be another 7-10 days. Just lies!!! Has anyone ever gotten a TV back? When they get it back, does it actually work? Does anyone know where I can go to get resolution? Do I file a complaint with the Authorney General? Can I sue? Thought I was a savvy shopper, but I got taken big time.
    Kathy Williams from Plainfield IN

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Polaroid What a joke!

My husband and I purchased a 37 inch LCD from Circuit City in Feburary 2007, by October same year it was starting to break and finally went all the way out by mid October, we call Polaroid immediately and are told the part would be to us within 72 hours and were then to call for service, same story I have been reading all over this site. Part doesn't come so we make numerous more calls just to be told twice they didn't have record of our call, then to be told the part was back ordered.

Now the middle of December we are finally asked what we would like to see happen to resolve the issue? WHAT? Now they ask us this question? My husband tells them either it fixed, replaced or a refund and the lady says GREAT as if we just said the magic words! Since you have been waiting for more then 4 weeks she says we can offer you a refund, we will send out a way bill for you to put on the outside of the box to ship it back to us, great, now how are we suppose to package this tv up without costing us being we don't still have the box? Thankfully my husbands employer had just purchased two 50 inch LCD's (No Not Polaroid) so we got one of those boxes to package it up with, waited for the way bill which actually came, the first true thing they told us since all this started in my opinion.

After reading through some of these reports I am now feeling lucky that Polaroid actually paid for the shipping back since it would have cost us at the least 75.00 and could have gone as high as almost 600.00 depending on how fast you wanted it to get there, they actually marked the third most expensive shipping method which was standard over night which had we paid it would have cost almost 500.00 however I am now wondering if they are going to try and take the cost of shipping out of our refund check that is if we ever see a check?

After reading through all these reports I am scared we will never see that check, I mean this company seems to act as if everyone can afford to loose over 1,000.00? Maybe for some people that isn't anything but for us that is a lot of money that we had to save for in order to be able to make the purchase. Now not only are my husband and I suffering not having the big screen to watch but my daughter who's tv we pulled from her room in order to have a tv in the living room is also paying as she doesn't have her tv in her room anymore either.

We called Circuit City half way through all this mess to see since we DID purchase their extended warranty would they be willing to replace or repair the piece of crap they sold us and were told their warranty didn't kick into action until the malefactor's ran out!! Well in my opinion that is how they make most of their money selling extended warranties on products they well know will never make it past a year therefor they will never have to honor that contract!!

I have read some people say, you can't blame the place that sold the tv or expect them to help you repair the tv, they didn't make the tv. You know you are right they didn't make the tv but they SOLD the tv and in my opinion any business that is going to push someone else's product they should make sure first that the product they are endorsing is worth a crap, and yes Circuit City did PUSH that model on us so in my mind they are just as responsible for helping take care of the issue's that arise as Polaroid are, I mean come on, at least check out the companies who's products you are going to sell before you agree to sell them.

I would never endorse a product I knew to have terrible customer service by selling it at my place of business, I know too that this is a business, but there are way too many companies out there who make good products and when problems do arise they handle them for them not to have to peddle inferior products, so I do blame Circuit City just as much as I blame Polaroid for this headache!!

I have learned from this issue and will never again purchase anything made by Polaroid nor will anyone in my family and I will never again shop at Circuit City either. I started thinking I would go to Best Buy for our next purchase however after researching their customer service and their peddling inferior products as well I think I will instead go to a small dealer here in my town who needs ALL their customers to be happy therefor they are going to help should a problem arise rather then going to a huge corporation who sees you as nothing more then a pestering fly on the window.

I know that if this report or any of the numerous others that are posted here, help one person to not get screwed over by Polaroid or Circuit City then I am happy.

  • Ki
    Kibbles Mar 26, 2008

    I work for Polaroid and not that many of our products break. And based on your warranty we do not have to pay for shipping and handling but we did. Just to answer your q?--- No we do not take the shipping cost out of your refund check.

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  • Jj
    JJ84 Sep 28, 2009

    Bought a Polaroid Car DVD system for my girls. System quit working within a month. Sent it back for repairs and they kept it for 3 months and the system is still broke. Now they are telling us it is out of warrantly due to the time. Of course it is they are the ones that had it for three months. They tell us to write but no one answers. Anybody got the executive's email addresses for customer care?

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  • Da
    dan ruiz Mar 26, 2011

    I purchased a 32 inch Polaroid flatscreen tv in 2008.I had problems right away with the remote.At one point i had 3 remote controls.after 2 years of this the tv screen went black, I had audio, but no picture.I called polaroid 3 times and was told I could buy a converter for $200.00. dan

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