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Play N Tradematthew steal $50,000 from investors

To Whomever may be reading the comment posted by the alias Charles Heffeman -- This is a petty attempt by a disgruntled juvenile person. I am Matthew Inan and I do not know of any Charles Heffeman nor have I conducted any business with any such person. In fact, the number provided for this person happens to be my personal telephone number. I sincerely hope that the administrators of ths website remove this bogus claim and slander against my person.
-Matthew Inan.

Play N TradeScam

I'm glad to see I got some feedback. Everyone seems to think highly about this store. One customer said the store was always packed when he goes there and the employees were all helpful. Have any of you went in the store when they wasn’t busy and 2 hrs before closing. A consumer called in about a game he wants to pick up and one employee told the other “I’m not waiting for that guy to come”. Trust me I love the store the problem is the people they hire to work in the store. You said the employees were always polite. So what approach do you think that employee took with me to tell me I was playing a game for over 30mins? Well let me tell you. He came to me and said “I Have to Shut You down Dog “. I know that is very polite. Thomas K. Stated I was called out that’s fine. I did not have the employees pulling multiple games I was interested in only 2 games in that store and when the employee told me “ I Have To Shut You Down Dog “. I thought he was talking about that 1 game. I asked if I can see the 2nd game and he told me no that’s when I got mad. He called his manager out and I tried talking to his Manager to resolve the issue and the employee out talked both me and his manager. That’s when I decided to come here for resolution. There is an old saying if you don’t like your job you can always find another one. And that employee was Not Showing No One Call OF Duty when I called him out on it he said it was a job perk. They are allowed to play the games all day.

  • Ca
    CA# Jun 16, 2011

    Took a machine in for repair a while back - the service tech lost a screw that he acknowledged but the repair worked. Took the same machine in for a different repair & was told the machine was 'tampered' with and no work would be warranted. The ONLY people who have opened this machine were the techs at this location. Do yourself & your wallet a favor - take your machines elsewhere for repairs!!! Plus the attitude of the owner proves that any blow hard who has his daddy footing the bill can open a store.

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    Zbug Dec 20, 2011
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    We went to the Play-N-Trade on W.T Harris in Charlotte NC tonight on Dec.13, 2011 and we had the worst expericence ever. The worker had an attitude off gate and when we asked him what his problem was he told us to get out of his store and never return. So when we tried to ask for his name he "banned" us and called security and the police on us. We did not even get an attitude with him until he tried to kick us out for asking him a question. I hope he gets fired.

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