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PhotoVideo NetworkDishonest Crooks

Against my better judgement I signed a contract with these crooks because I had little time left and had to lock in the date. I asked the sales rep (RALPH) if I can cancel the contract within 3 days, which is standard and is even on their contract. He said absolute for a full refund. When I couldn't reach the office to get clarity on the package I could not get in touch with anyone. Afraid of being swindled, I mailed the cancellation letter on the third day and even called & faxed them. After a month of trying to reach the manager (NICK) and being told by the receptionist that he was either on vacation, at a meeting, out of the office & on the other line I fanally spoke with him. He denied the refund and offered me a credit voucher (which they never sent). I am currently suing them for my deposit back and I am glad that I never used them at my wedding. For those who need this type of service, we used The Pros and they were great. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! You have been warned.

PhotoVideo Networkscummy scam artist

Their sales people promise you one thing and what they write down on the contract is not what you get.
They will bang you out for a whole lot of extra money after your wedding saying that the contract states this and that, and it's your word against theirs. I made a terrible mistake using these people and I used them trying to save some, money. The pictures were terrible, I don't even think they sent a professional photographer and there are many many complaints against these scam artists. Don't use these thieves. We had to drive 2 1/2 hours to get our photos and when we got there we have the salesperson acting so sympathetic to just rip you off more. I feel bad for anyone else who uses them. WATCH OUT

  • Jf
    JF81 Aug 09, 2012

    I too used them for my wedding, I met with the salesman and the wedding album he showed us was beautiful. I did feel a little pressured into signing the contract with them ( he told me he was meeting with another couple after us and it was for the same date, should've stuck with my gut instinct.) Everything I was told I was going to get I did not get. And was charged and arm and a leg for something as simple as my proofs. The photographer took not one pic of me and my mom. I had to ask them to take the picture. They took 24 yes 24 pictures of my cake. I guess according to them that was more important than my guests. I am soooo sorry I used them and I honestly hate looking at my album and pictures because of them. DO NOT USE THEM!!!

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  • An
    angeljose Sep 26, 2013

    I also used these crooks for my wedding in December of 2001. They are nothing but but ripoffs. The photographer arrived early and started taking pictures. I told him not to because I paid for a 4.5 hours. He told me don't worry, you will not be charged extra bbecause he arrived early on his own. He finished and had me sign, which I should have double checked, only to be be billed $1300 instead of my original balance of $650. No wonder they went out of business in Florida. They will meet the wrong people and will get their just deserved

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PhotoVideo NetworkUnprofessional and SHADY

I wish I had read all of these comments before booking this deceiving company for my wedding video. First, some shady character who acted like our best friend came to my home and pitched the most fantastic story ever. My husband & I, after a long and tiring weekend, foolishly believed this man and booked PhotoVideo for our wedding video. The shady character assured us that the videographer would be at the church an hour early, that we had purchased an 8-hour package with editing, and not to worry. THE VIDEOGRAPHER SHOWED UP 25 MINUTES INTO MY MASS!!! HE MISSED MY ENTIRE FAMILY WALKING DOWN THE AISLE AND ME WALKING DOWN THE AISLE WITH MY FATHER!!!
In the middle of my reception, the videographer came up to us and tried to leave. We reminded him that we had booked him for 8 hours. He stayed. A few weeks after my wedding, I began to receive emails stating that I had a $300+ balance. When I spoke to Tom, he was unapologetic and stated that I had signed up for a 6 hour package and had to pay extra. As I was in tears while on the phone with him, I reminded him that the videographer missed the most important part of my wedding, which was me walking down the aisle with my father. He responded with "Every part of a wedding is important." He would not budge. While I simmered for the next few months, to add insult to injury, I would receive emails stating that I had accrued late payments. I finally just gave in and paid my balance and had to make an appointment for 2 months in advance (Veterans' Day) for when I had the day off because they are not around on the weekends.
When I arrived, Tom all of a sudden was much nicer and more tolerant (because I had paid my balance) and still had the gall to suggest that I purchase other packages for a "discounted" rate. He would say, "Let me see what I can do for you, " and disappear for 20 minutes. Then he would come back and quote some ridiculous amount of money. (Oh, by the way, apparently the package I booked did not include an edited video.) I was emotionally spent at this point and said I could not justify giving them another nickel. He said fine, that he would mail my video out and that I would get it on Monday, November 16th. On Wednesday, November 25rd, I received another email stating I had a $5 balance. I called Tom, reminded him that I was to receive my video the week and a half before. He stated I would get it Friday, November 27th. I called him again on Monday, November 30th, and he never returned my phone call. My video has finally arrived on Tuesday, December 1st. My video ... that begins with my cousin on the altar during the 2nd reading.

PhotoVideo NetworkWorst Service, worst photos

Hired for my wedding. Photographer came to my house, showed smaples of album that looked great. We were working on a budget but they seemed to have high quality work and said to me that they just came from an appointment with someone who wanted they same day. We felt we were lucky to get them. Oh boy.

I gave my deposit and all was okay. The photographer showed up for my weddign day as planned took photos. all seemed okay until I received the proofs. The picture quality was HORRIBLE. They were dark, full of noise, grainy. I spoke to them about the qulaity and they assured me that the proofs were just that - proofs and the fianl prodeuct would be better. Then the nightmare began. When I selected the photos for my album I was sure that the final results would be the same high quality that I had seen in the album they showed me when I bought the services. They were not. It was the same, poor quality photos that we had seen in the proofs.

They were horrible. The image of my husband and I exchanging rings was so dark the only thing you could make out was my dress. Same with the photos of us lighting candles, first kiss, being blessed. Everything was dark and grainy and this was a daytime wedding. When I asked what could be done about the quality of the photos, the person I spoke to said it would COST ME EXTRA to edit the photos. I couldnt believe it. I insisted that they would not be paid any additional money and they actually said that I would not get the photos. They held the only record of my wedding day hostage.

I was so upset about the process, I had my sister call them to see what could be done. After constantly calling them and threatening to sue them. They said if paid them $100 they would give me the proofs. This was 4 years ago and I am still so upset. Whenever i hear the name PhotoVideo network, or whenever see my wedding photos, I get really upset.

Stay away from that company. They are bad business.

  • Sa
    sadmomofbride Aug 26, 2010

    My daughter got married 7 weeks ago in NJ (we live in PA), we used the NJ branch of Photovideo Network. To start off with, at the wedding, the photographer mostly stood around doing nothing, we had to tell him he should be taking pictures. I have video and pictures from guests of the photographer just standing there during most of the reception and even during the bouget toss. I have no idea what any of the pictures are yet, everytime we call we get the same response, 2 weeks, 2 weeks... They tell you if you pay all up front it speeds things up, we did and things are still unbelievbly slow. I really wish I found these complaints before we used them, I am so afraid we will NEVER see the photos and when (and if) we do, they will be awful. They are rude and awful when we called, I figured it was the NJ branch because it so close to NY and well lets be honest, they have bad reputations in that area, but I read these complaints and they are all over. Tom is a big butt hole, he wouldnt know the truth if it shot him in the face. If we dont get results soon, we will be contacting out local news and let them get some results, that seems to be the best way to handle jerks like that these days. Please dont use this company if your reading this before its too late.

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PhotoVideo NetworkPhotos and Video

PLEASE DO NOT USE- trust me- you'll regret it!

As most brides in my situation, when you are planning your wedding you go for the best! I mean, it's one of the most memorable days of your life. Unfortunately, I was naive to think Photo Video Network had my best interest at heart. Where do I begin; let's begin with the lies. I was told we would have our proofs- lies- I have to pay an addition $500 do llars to get them. I was told I would have my photos in 30 days; got married Feb 21 2009 received my photos the week of July 6th. Not to mention, the poor service I received from the account mananger Tom. This gentlemen was as sweet as pie but once he had my money; I was no longer important. I left countless voicemails for Tom but he would never call me back. I had to speak to the receptionist who stated "I gave him the message myself". They are rude, unprofessional, lack courtesy and want you for your money. I must admit, on my wedding day the photographer and videogerapher were superb. We were able to feed them, which was more courtesy because they were doing such a lovely job, and they receive a generous tip. However, once the night was over, within a weeks time; we had a bill for the balance we owed. We quickly paid the amount and was told they no longer pay in-hous visits. I would have to take off and come into their office in Fairfield. In additon, once we picked out the photos we wanted we would have to come back to pick them up or pay $25 dollars to ship the album and dvd. In this day in age, most people are hard pressed financially, or trying to be more frugal with there spending. It is astonishing to have a company like this still in businesss. Moreover, I reported them to Better Business Bureau, who tried relentlessly to get my proofs and a better package. They (PhotoVideo Network) stated, they will be willing to work with me and give me a better package if I paid them another $500 dollars for the proofs, $600 more to edit my video (dvd), and $600 more to get more photos. Oh almost forgot, out of the 406 photos they shot, I only received 18. Which was not clear, they said, they will not give me more photos unless I pay up. Could you believe the audacity? Well, this is why I want to pre-warn you not to go wtih them. Trust me; I've been married five months now and I am still trying to work out a deal with them with no prevail.

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PhotoVideo NetworkRip Offs

For the past couple of years, I have been receiving post cards and mails from PhotoVideo Network. One day, I saw them in a wedding magazine. They pop up everywhere. I decided to call them and because the person I spoke with was so nice and pleasant, I agreed to meet with him on a Sunday afternoon. Besides, they came off as being willing to work with their customers, or potential customers. Long story short, my mother is very ill so she is back and forth in the hospital and that day she had to be picked up. So, In the middle of the shuffle, I had one of their representatives selling me their service and product while I was running back and forth to look at their video sample (which is not that great, I might add, ) as well as speaking with him. My fiancé and I finally had an opportunity to sit with him and discuss packages and pricing. The representative kept stressing that they always work with their brides, and that they never ever leave an event unless it is over. They kept emphasizing that we would have the videographer for the whole event from start to finish. Boy, was I an idiot for believing. It gets better! He kept badgering me that he had another prospective client to see who is having their wedding on the same day. I was a bride in distress and I felt very pressured. When I decided to go with him, I was going to give a check because it is the safest way to go. He told me that they do not accept check. Only cash and credit cards. I was shocked because I have never heard of such a thing. I know that companies do not accept check as final payment, but for first payment? That is bizarre. They know what they are doing, that's why they only accept credit cards, because when the customers read their contract themselves, they are going to want their money back. Anyway, my fiancé was taking a look at the contract and he had a 6-hour maximum on the contract. I remember him saying as long as the event. And he kept saying, "don't worry about it, don't worry about. You have nothing to worry about. You are well taken care of." He even told me that everything he is telling me is on the contract so I didn't have to read it. Stupidity on my part, I listened to him. I had other things on my mind. I gave him my credit card and he actually called it in right away. I'm telling you, he sat around my kitchen table and processed my card right away. So Odd! I called the company the following morning and spoke with the representative's boss, Wolly, and he refused to stop the charge. I explained the whole thing to him and he refused to reverse the charge. I have tried handling this with my credit card company; they are not willing to help me. If they stop and think about all the stuff that we have to deal with as brides and then have to think about videographers ripping us off, that would be nice. They seemed great. I should never have gone with them I regret everything. I just hope that this complaint will help another prospective victim of PhotoVideo Network. And WaMu Bank is awful too. They refused to help me dispute the charge with the company. I wish I had used a regular credit card. I wish I knew then what I know today. Our mistakes only make us wiser. Consumers, beware!

PhotoVideo NetworkLying/Unethical/Bad Business

This company is horrible- do not use them under any circumstances. They lie, lie, lie and will do and say anything to get your money. After they called me several times, I finally met with them to discuss wedding photography. The rep came to my house at 7:30 on a friday night. He showed us a package that seemed great, said we would have a photograher for the whole event, from start to finish, as long as it goes. He said the proofs would be free of any marks or anything, and I would be able to print them on my own, they also talked about how they were so highly accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we were so lucky that they still had our date open, so we fell for it. We signed the contract and gave him $400 in cash for a deposit. After he left I see that there's a whole back to the contract that we were never shown, so I start reading.. The contract was only for 6 hours, it said ALL proofs are watermarked, etc. I then looked them up on the BBB and they're rated at a C and had over 30 compaints in the last year. I obviously wanted to cancel and called 1st thing in the morning. The guy that answered said he couldn't canel and tried to talk me out of it, offering an extra hour. Big deal. That's still not even close to what I was told. I called 1st thing monday morning and was told the person I needed to talk to was on the phone and would call me back. I waited and called again at lunchtime- then I was told "that the person I talked to in the morning was supposed to tell me that the person I needed to talk to wasn't in yet and will call me back within the hour" ????? Needless to say at 4pm I still hadn't gotten a call. Then the guy I talked to on saturday morning called me and asked if I ever got the email he supposedly sent me about adding the extra hour? HUH? I told him that not only did I not get the email but it didn't matter, I just want to talk to whoever can cancel my contract. He then said, "oh well I can help you with that"... (Okay-you can help me now, but couldn't help me saturday?) He told me I needed to send a certified letter but I couldn't get my deposit back. He also during this convorsation told me it "sounded like I was giving him an attitude and wasn't going to have that!" I finally said that I would just go there tommorow to talk to the manager/boss whoever was supposedly not there all day. Magically I got a call a couple minutes later from the "manager". After explaining everything (and after being interrupted and cut off 10 times while trying to do so) he also refused to refund the deposit. I stated that I was lied to, I called immediatley after, they obviously didn't lose any business, they didn't do any work, there was no reason on earth why I shouldn't get my money back and he still said no. He said it was in the "contract". I say, the contract I signed was not what was agreed to, therefore it's not VALID! It didn't matter. He then agreed to send me a "store credit". I figured at least, I'll go buy some photoalbums or something, however, when I received the "credit" it was for $400 TOWARDS another package of equal or greater value! That's not a credit at all- that's them keeping my money. As far as I'm concerned they stole $400 from me. They lied to me to get money and won't give it back. If they were a ligitimate company who had nothing to hide, they would have simply refunded the money, in the grand scheme of things it's not that much money and they DID NOTHING FOR IT. I could understand if a week or two went by and they had held the spot or something but it was litterally hours later! They are ###, scammers, a totally unethical "company". They are beyond unprofessional, lie right to your face and talk down to you. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and and still waiting for a response. All I can say is DO NOT even THINK about doing business with these people unless you want to get robbed.

  • Ju
    junebride Jul 06, 2009

    i got married on last june 20th and reading and finding out about these scammers is really bringing me into tears right now because i could just see myself on every single person that wrote a complaint about these people since i had to go through the same thing. i really regret not investigating before i signed the contract. i really regret hiring these ### and they are by far the biggest mistake ive done so far with my wedding.. we need to take serious action against these liars. the more complaint the more chances of we have on winning this battle but i do need help from everyone else here, my father in law is a lawyer and im sure he will do everything he can to help. please do email me so i can get this plan started. [email protected]

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  • Da
    DarkAngel Aug 31, 2009

    I got married may 24th and had them do my's now about to be september and I'm still trying to get my pics...when I signed the contract and all it was the same thing, came to my house in the evening so on and and so on...the next morning i noticed all the tiny scribble on the back, they told me the same thing with the proofs...but i figured, well, i have enough pics in my package anyway so I kept them...they had also told me that they'd come to me to do all the finalizing after the wedding...well now i have to go to them, 2 hours away and the only appointments they'll give me are at like 9am...even doctors have better hours then them...I tried to tell them that I can't be there before 1 and they told me too bad just send the stuff in then and he went to hang up on me...I stopped him and asked to speak to a manager and he had told me that he was the manager and not to give him an attitude and said goodbye and hung I called back and asked for a manager...what a suprise it was someone different...well I got him to get me an appointment at 1 after a long in 2 weeks i get to go and see what happens from there...I gotta say though I still can't believe that he hung up on me! Not to mention the photographer was drunk by the end of the wedding...Very Very unprofessional and extremely rude too...

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PhotoVideo NetworkLying salespersons

The sales people of this company, WRONGLY represent their price package. I was told 6 hours of footage, 2 locations at $1, 000. I was not told that I had to pay for the in-between time of going from the church to the hall. I got a phone call the week before my wedding (the nerve) telling me that I had to pay an extra $450.00, otherwise the videographer was only paid to until 8pm (regardless of wether he was shooting or not). This was very sneakily done. Mind you, they called me to tell me this, so this was planned all along.
DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!! By the way, I still have not recieved my video from these people. It has been 5 months already.

PhotoVideo Network — This has been the worst experience ever!

Please do not use PhotoVideo Network - Fort Lauderdale, FL for the most important day of your life!!! They...

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