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Phone PagesThey want me to pay a bill

I received a phone call recently from Phone Pages about renewing my account. Since the only place my number is listed is Yellow Pages. They told me I had received over 100 hits per month. They said what the invoice would be and asked me how I wanted to pay. I said that I would prefer Visa, but to call back in a couple hours. When they called back, I had realized that this was not Yellow pages and told them to take a hike. I just received a call telling me that I owed them $300.00 plus and they had a recording of me authorizing payment.

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    ConcernedBusiness Feb 24, 2012

    Go to the Quebec better business board and lodge a complaint. Here is the link.

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    Dana Underhill Feb 24, 2012

    Actually, I am in New Brunswick, but your comment is valid. Do you have the link for the BBB in N.B.?

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    donotmakememad Mar 23, 2012

    They have our company name spelled wrong. I called & told them & left a message with their manager & told them to call our lawyer & game them his number. They called back & I advised them to stop calling or I would report them to the RCMP & would get my lawyer on it. I hung up on them. That was about a week ago, so far no more faxes or phone calls.

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    Don't get mad... Apr 26, 2012

    Why waste time with BBB -didn't you read the write up? Has a satisfactory record... they live off these scammers. Gum up their toll free line, fax them a couple of books over the weekend on their toll free fax line...give them a taste!

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Phone PagesRip off

Back in June, I received a phone call from phone pages asking if all our information was still the same or if I wanted to make any changes, thinking it was yellow pages which we do business with I simply said Yes its still the same and went on with out thinking. Since then they have faxed us over 50 times and they keep adding interest on the $500 plus bill. I have faxed them back telling them any further conversation can be done through my lawyer, but they still fax and call. I have reported them to the BBB but have not hurt anything back.

On there web site there are other business in the town here and they are all being faxed and harassed by phone pages but never wanted to be on the directory. Even though they have the agreement on record it will not stand in court. It can be very easily altered. Do not pay this company, they are a scam.