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PedipawsFake rebate checks

I made the mistake of buying pedi-paws nail trimmers via the internet. Telebrands sends you what appears to be a rebate check. You cash it and the fun begins. Then more checks come in the mail and once you are wise to their "legal" scamming, you stop cashing them and fight to get all the credit card charges credited back to your account. Telebrands should be taken to court and the brains behind this insidious practice should be tar and feathered. It's practices like this that give capitalism it's bad name.

  • Ae
    AER ASD F Oct 28, 2008

    Pedipaws you can buy at Bed Bath & Beyond.
    There's a 5 dollar off coupon in yesterdays' ad.
    Oct 28 2008 anyway.
    In Minnesota.

    So you dont have to order thru the phone.
    Just go there and get it for 15.00

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  • Od
    odin2000 Apr 03, 2009

    PediPaws is mailing checks to their customers. If you sign the back without reading the fine print they transfer your credit card details to ID Secure and charge your card $139.99 until you tell them to stop. Be very careful about ordering from PediPaws - it maybe the start of your problems. We are going to have to cancel our credit cards to stop this.

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Pedipawsmisleading advertising and overcgarging

I bought the pedipaws nail cutter with ten extra blades and complimentary shed ender. I was told that the pedipaws cost 19.99 and the extra blades 9.99. Adding shipping and handling o7 7.99 it should add up to to only 37.77. I was offered a trial promo of a discount card called Buyer's edge and My advisor at one dollar promotional fee for a one month trial period.``I accepted this making the total chargeable to my mastercard the amount of 38.77. Instead I see in my credit card statement I had been charged 53.00 USD. I called the Pedipaws Customer Service to inquire why I had been charged this much I was told theat I was charged another 7.99 for separate handling of their complimentary "Shed ender" which came in the same small box as the Pedipaws nailcutter.`Even then, my bill should only amount to 45.76. Then the customer rep informed me that if I returned the product I would only receive my 35 USD back. I also called the "Buyer's Edge" Customer Service to complain that the promised card arrived more than two weeks after I ordered it leaving me only less than two weeks to use it. I am a tourist in the US so I would not have any use of this card since I was booked to return to my country by mid December.
I think that this company has deliberately mislead me as a customer who makes the mistake of ordering their product by phone. It seems I am not the first customer to complain about this.````````````````````````

PedipawsUnauthorized billing

In the 19th century, PT Barnum supposedly said, “There's a sucker born every minute". Now in the 21st century AJ Khuhani and TeleBrands USA are making a dishonest living with this credo. Thanks to telecommunications and the internet, they have defrauded the public for millions of dollars.

Yes, I was a sucker and purchased PediPaws over the internet 9/5/08. I have not seen the PediPaws and they have not charged my credit card. HOWEVER, I do have 2 charges by 2 separate companies charged to the card. I traced the 2 charges back to the initial PediPaws internet order.

There is more to TeleBrands than just selling the unknowing public handy dandy gadgets. They are charging your credit card for unsolicited merchandise or services. Check your credit card statements for small charges $1.00 - $19.00.

The Federal Trade Commission will be hearing from me.

  • St
    stephanie smith Nov 01, 2008

    i ordered mine last month and have sill not recieved it and have no idea where to call to find out what happened and i was billed on my credit card for it

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  • Ro
    Roy Thompson Nov 06, 2008

    I just recieved my nail clipper in the nail Minus the free gift and when I try to view the video it does not work all i get is a blank screen Please advise as how can a person view or could you send me a copy of the video. Thanking you in advance Roy

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  • La
    Laura David Nov 28, 2008

    I ordered the PediPaws by phone. I only ordered the clipper and was charged for and sent a ton of other things! They charged my card $278.50 and sent me two huge boxes. When I called to get a return number I was asked if I would like to keep them for 20% off. I told them no and that I was quite livid and simply wanted to return the product for a complete refund. I returned the boxes, but my credit card has never been credited!

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  • Do
    Donna Feb 17, 2009

    I had my credit card number stolen last week. One of the more than dozen fraudulent charges was for Pedipaws. When I called up the first time and gave them my information, they told me that their systems were down and to call back. The second time I called back, the customer service rep couldn't quite grasp the concept that I didn't want their product shipped to me since I didn't order it. I asked to speak to a supervisor, so he hung up on me. Same thing happened the next time I called. The fourth time I called I got a "supervisor". She wasn't much better than the other people I spoke to, although she didn't hang up on me. Again, she couldn't understand that I didn't want to product, and just gave me a number to put on the shipment when I received it in order to send it back to them. Bottom line is extremely poor customer service - and all overseas.
    Regarding my stolen credit card number - here's the scam. Someone gets your credit card number. They go to one of numerous sites on the web to get 'Free' stuff, like ipods, notebooks, Wii, Playstation. In order to get you 'Free' gift, you just need to visit some sites and complete an order, and that's how you get credits towards the 'free' stuff. We'll the jerk who had my number went to, vistaprint, york photo, telebrands pedipaw, tickets now, etc and ordered the product and then had it shipped to my address.(not such a clever thing to do, as it alerted me immediately that someone had stolen my number) The jerk gets his free ipod, and I'm left with a mess. These are some of the offending sites...,,,,, Any of the companies that advertise through these websites are complicit in the deception.

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