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Can not open it.

Have had PDF 2009 sincw that time and a while back it would no longer open saying my 14 day trial period has expired. Since I couldn't get any satisfaction a repurchased the program and nothing changed. Still get the same message.

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    BeaverBoy Jul 17, 2012

    you may have to uninstall the program and reinstall. If you had an expired product and then installed over it there may be a registration key for it still in your registry that shows the product is expired. Another problem if you didn't uninstall the old version first is that your computer may still have associated the file type with the old program so it is opening it with that version instead of the new one. I suggest you uninstall both versions entirely, make sure there are no mentions of it on your system, and then install the new version again and see what happens.

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I purchased a 3 yr agreement on March 4th for $73.63 and to date I have not been able to pull up any PDF attachments. Why?

  • matrix_24 Mar 31, 2011

    What kind of PDF suite did you purchase? You do realize there are free PDF readers out there?

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