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The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Patricia Richarde — avoid like the plague

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The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Patricia Richarde — Non payment

Patricia Richarde. Fails to pay her bills and failed to pay me for work performed at the US Storage facility off of Hawthorne Blvd. She will trick you into working for her and then pay you with a check which she will then promptly cancel and make a stop payment on. She expects you to work for her and then tries to guilt you into doing free work. Very nasty and mean lady. Several calls have produced zero results from her. Now taking her to small claims court for unpaid labor charges.

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    • On
      one who knows her Jun 23, 2015

      Hi, Unfortunately I personally know this Patricia Richarde having known her for about ten years, and all the above complaints against her are true. That is how she operates. It is sad she is still doing the same things she was doing when I knew her--that is why we are no longer friends. I am very familiar with her writing style also and both the comments written by a so called "Detective Daniels" and the above so called "testimony" written by a so called "gnoh" are written by her. She has a tendency to wax on and on in her fantasy world as she creates her own "reality"...which is not true reality at all but merely a coping and rationalizing mechanism so that she doesn't have to be truthful, face the truth, or tell the truth. In her world, she is always right, she never does any wrong, and everyone else is wrong and takes advantage of her goodness. In order for her to be able to live with herself and her lies, she needs to rationalize reasons for doing it and then train herself to believes those rationalizations and lies. Her lies, rationalizations, and fantasies become her truths and her "real" world. It is sad that because she has done this for so many years and she surrounds herself with people of like mind, that her fantasy world and untrue and untruthful thought processes have become her real thought processes and her "real" world. I predict if/when she reads my comments she will create another false identity and write another false diatribe on how wrong I am and how right she is. Just wait and see.

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    • On
      One who knows her too Jun 14, 2017

      @one who knows her Kudos to "One Who Knows Her"! I stumbled upon the above comments and your post and was dismayed to learn as recently as June 2015 Patricia is continuing her aberrant behavior. Your comments are dead-on regarding Patricia Richarde. I have known her for many years also, and I fully agree with your assessment of her. You are also spot-on regarding her writing style. The two responses you refer to were indeed written by Patricia. Also, if anyone has ever talked with her, she talks the same way she writes--long diatribes where she creates her fantasy world or scenario where is always right and the other person is always wrong. Also, when she gets very mad (which is often), her mouth--or pen--is like a sewer, spewing forth all kinds of vile profanities that would make a longshoreman blush. I am sorry she lost you as a friend. I have heard she has also alienated family members for the same reasons that caused you to pull away from her. She needs friends like you, not like the losers with whom she surrounds herself--they are all in the same swamp. She doesn't even seem to mind that her nefarious actions are aired on the internet. She just creates her false-narrative responses and posts them, foolishly thinking her falsehoods will be accepted as fact and believed, thereby negating the comments written against her. Thanks for your courage in posting your comments. Unfortunately I would agree with you that if/when she reads your comments (and now mine also) she will indeed respond exactly as you describe. She fancies herself a thespian. She should remember Shakespeare's words, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

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    • Gn
      gnoh Dec 26, 2009

      I was compelled to write this in support of Ms. Richarde as I have known her for decades and have known her only to have the most integrity, honesty, loyalty, forthright character and a woman of her word. I would not only hire her but trust her with not only my professional belongings but personal belongings as well. Ms. Richarde has excellent communication and leadership skills and would be an asset to any business or any friendship. You can rely on her in good times and in bad times. She not only brings character and experience but she brings her heart and compassion to everything she engages in.

      Unfortunately we live in an electronic society where instead of people dealing one on one with each other, they vent their perceptions online and behind anyone's back. They also refuse to leave their real names so that they also can be looked up on the Internet to see the complaints written about them. Since I was a witness to the few above referenced items let me relate the other side of the story, as there always is another side of the story.

      First of all, all of the above individuals were people found through Craig's List for labor jobs or to purchase things. We all have heard of the problems with people who answer ads on Craig's List and their unreliability and inability to find work elsewhere for a definite variety of reasons. Of recent there have been people who have been killed, jailed, and trials pending after either listing or answering ads from Craig's List. They are usually people who are looking for jobs to be paid "under the table" and therefore not have to pay taxes on them and therefore in essence it is they who are doing the illegal and inappropriate action from start to finish.

      They all misrepresented their skills in order to lead Ms. Richarde astray and therefore not only acquire the job but also leave her stranded otherwise. These employees, whom they all failed to realize, would be so audacious as to tell her what their demands were instead of addressing the needs, which she fully disclosed in the ad. They ended up costing Ms. Richarde considerably more in time, energies and monies. Yes, indeed they were all paid and paid handsomely.

      The first man listed a false name and thus the name he listed was indeed the felon's name answered by the detective. The first man again misrepresented his skills and not only did not help Ms. Richarde but ended up stealing from her items which far surpassed any amounts due to him. She did not realize the theft until a full week later and upon finding the theft proceeded to stop payment the check to the individual. He in essence could have easily cashed the check the same day or the next day and Ms. Richarde would be out not only her expensive stolen items but his payment as well. The ONLY recourse Ms. Richarde had was to stop payment the check in order to save some of her assets and in order to promote a meeting with the man to return her items. Instead the man never contacted Ms. Richarde again and instead listed the complaint online, which Ms. Richarde never knew about. If the man himself had been dealing from honesty as Ms. Richarde was, don't you think he would've contacted her? He did not and has not and there never was a small claims court filing.

      The second individual was a man who purchased a car -- 2004 Toyota w/only 30, 000 miles on it in excellent condition and perfectly clean with no accidents for a nominal fee. He did so with some cash and a cashier's check. Unfortunately again in this age of the Internet and computers, one can print their own cashier's check. The man drove away with the vehicle and the paperwork he needed and was happy. In agreement with Ms. Richarde he, CHRIS IRELAND of ROCKLIN CALIFORNIA (bought for his mother HEATHER IRELAND of MEADOW VISTA CALIFORNIA) let Ms. Richarde keep the pink slip to the car until the check cleared as a form of collateral for her. True to form since he was again a Craig's List responder the check was bad and he was dishonest posing his own scam.

      She proceeded to try to contact Mr. Ireland and receive payment before she sent any pink slip to him. It has taken months and yes there is legal action pending but it is against Mr. Ireland who basically stole the car. If Ms. Richarde still has the pink slip I'm sure it is only to prove in a court of law she was indeed the previous owner of it. That again is the legal and honest way of doing things which Mr. Ireland ceased to have on his agenda. By the way the "other lawsuits" Mr. Ireland alludes to are false and non-existent. This is again another example of "freedom of speech" posts to the Internet that not only are not scrutinized but not fact checked either. These complaints seem to be just an online version of National Inquirer, Globe, or any other printed tabloid that lists claims, which are false as well.

      The third man MR. MICHAEL GEARIN OF LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA apparently a middle school history teacher, did indeed work for Ms. Richarde and was indeed paid in cash and did give Ms. Richarde the impression that he was not only available to work the next day but was in agreement how things were to be done and the method of payment. He never led her to believe otherwise. Upon confirming with Mr. Gearin the next day as to the start time, he proceeded to renegotiate the terms of the employment. Bare in mind Mr. Gearin is the employee and Ms. Richarde is the employer. Bare in mind he led her to believe she had her work covered for that day.

      Not only did Mr. Gearin not want a check to be written to him which could indeed be cashed that day for the day's work, he seemed suspiciously cautious of his name being on anything. It would seem to me that he had something to hide much more than Ms. Richarde ever did. Not only did he bail on the job committed for, he proceeded to try and blackmail Ms. Richarde by saying, "Hey, I'll put a good word in for you on the Internet if you'll agree to my terms." He again reiterated that he "needed" to be paid under the table so that there was no record for taxes to be filed. It should be noted here Ms. Richarde never asked for nor received any information in which she could do such a filing. This seems to be the fears only of Mr. Gearin -- and again the question is why? This sounds as if he's the dishonest one and not Ms. Richarde. As he mentions above it was indeed his inflexibility together with his lack of respect for being the employee and not the employer together with his trying to avoid the law and pay his taxes. Ms. Richarde not only lost that day of work but several days thereafter as the search was on again to find anyone who could deal honestly and put in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay by an honest woman.

      There are two more additional names that need to be written here and unfortunately they were again "employees from Craig's List" which unfortunately seems to be the only game in town. KEVIN WRIGHT, a wannabe actor supposedly from the east coast relocating to L.A. and ROBERT KINGSLEY another extra actor originally from the east coast relocated to L.A. They both accepted the job as well as the terms again fully disclosed by Ms. Richarde. Mr. Kingsley had worked for Ms Richarde in the past and was very familiar with the work and was most glad to receive more of it since he literally had no other form of employment -- neither did Mr. Wright although he was quite boastful all throughout the day of his imaginary “successes".

      However both complained from the moment of arrival and throughout the day. Mr. Wright seemed to think this was a film shoot and that he was covered by union rulings. He seemed to forget he answered an ad on Craig's List, which literally has no protection for lister or respondent. Mr. Kingsley knew what the work would be but then complained since he seemed to be heavier and older then he had been in the past and didn't want to do this kind of work. This of course was nothing Ms. Richarde had control of or knowledge of prior to employment. Again, if these individuals had let Ms. Richarde know of their lack of commitment the day before when they agreed to the job then she could easily have found someone else. They did not and again this put Ms. Richarde in the uncomfortable position of trying to placate them during the day to make sure they would stay for the duration. This however was not their plan.

      Ms. Richarde made the mistake halfway through the day of offering to pay them for the number of hours necessary in order to insure their loyalty throughout the day. This is not how Ms. Richarde normally does business but once again there was no other alternative and she simply could not unpack a truck by herself. KEVIN WRIGHT not only wanted Ms. Richarde to pay for his time waiting for ROBERT KINGSLEY to show up via the bus but he expected her to pay for his time eating lunch (1.5 hours) and then he took off an hour earlier than what was paid for. He in essence did not finish the job and was paid for many hours of not working. ROBERT KINGSLEY did indeed stay till the end but proceeded to slander Ms. Richarde's name as well as damage her property and her home. So both in essence got paid for misrepresenting their skills and interest; not working the entire day; complaining throughout the entire day; and damaging property which will take far more monies to repair.

      The moral of this entire story is that one should NEVER HIRE FROM CRAIG'S LIST if at all possible. If you have to, please SCREEN YOUR APPLICANTS THOROUGHLY & MEET THEM FACE TO FACE, as ALL of them seem to misrepresent what they can or cannot do and perhaps more appropriately they lie about what they're simply not willing to do so that they force the employer into a no-win situation and thus receive money for non-working. They all seem to think that Craig's List is merely another ATM machine for them and one with no record or recourse. They all wait until the day of the job or during the job to renegotiate their terms in order to place the employer in the worst position possible.

      Their lack of honesty and integrity has them venting their agenda on sites like this instead of taking the responsibility earlier during the job or the transaction that would cancel any need for such venting. They are merely looking for an audience ANYWHERE to support their inappropriate choices in life, which has led to the consequences they now live and bear burden to. I would suggest if any of these names come up to you in your line of business or personal life, to coin a phrase from above, AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE.

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    • Mi
      michaelpg Dec 22, 2009

      I worked for this woman as a day laborer and got paid at the end of the day.

      I asked to be paid in cash. She offered to pay by personal check. "A check IS cash, she repeatedly said." I declined and asked for payment in cash. She offered to go directly to the bank and cash the check with me. We did this, and I got paid for the day.

      Before starting work the next day, I told her that I would only be comfortable working for cash at the end of the day, and would not accept a personal check for payment. She refused this request. After a great deal of discussion, I did not end up working for her the second day. Perhaps it was my inflexibility that was the problem. Maybe I was too cautious. The bottom line was that I did not feel comfortable working for her, or anyone through craigslist, unless the deal was cach at the end of the day.

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    • Mu
      muber Sep 21, 2009

      Thinking of doing business with Patricia Richarde? Before you do so, you may want to check out the civil complaint files in Los Angeles County in her name. There are 15 of them; she was the plaintiff in only one of them in a case where she unsuccessfully tried to sue a medical outfit. The rest are all cases against her filed by private parties and include restraining orders. I wish we had known about these before we did business with her, buying her end of lease vehicle which she now holds title to due to the fact that Wells Fargo Auto Financing (another outfit I recommend avoiding) sent her title to the vehicle we had purchased. Despite our efforts to retrieve title from either her or Wells Fargo, we have not been successful as yet and the issue has become a legal issue which we are now pursuing. Unless you too want to add your name to the list of people which have sued Patricia Richarde, save yourself the grief and avoid this woman altogether. FYI, don't believe the Detective Daniel crap, it's none other than this con artist herself in another fraudulent game.

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    • De
      Detective Daniels Apr 23, 2009

      THIS IS A FALSE NAME & LISTING. DO NOT TAKE AS FACT. Jack is a known felon and has terrorized women in several counties and states. There are currently several police reports listed for him in several counties. There is a warrant out for his arrest as he has jumped bail. If anyone sees or has contact with this man immediately report him to the authorities and have him arrested. He places these false rants on the Internet to force women to submit to him. All of the women he rants over have never met him or they do not exist. He steals their identity and then places false complaints to divert attention away from him. PLEASE REMOVE JACK'S FALSE LISTING AND REPORT HIS INFORMATION TO THE AUTHORITIES. DO NOT HAVE CONTACT WITH THIS MAN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

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