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11:52 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Pacific National Law Center Con - artists

A couple of years ago I got mixed up with trying to get Bank of America to put me into their "making homes affordable" program. It went bad early on when they misinformed me I could skip 3 payments out of 6 as long as I made the other 3 on time. When I asked which 3 I could skip I was told any 3 that I chose. I chose 2, 3, and 4 but was kicked out of the program for even skipping the first one. It went from there to BofA threatening foreclosure. Long story shorter...Pacific National Law Center offered to get things "straightened out" for me with Bank of America with the chance of very low interest rate, lowering my month mortgage payments, and even getting the penalties that they charged for the skipped payments forgiven. Due to what I would call very poor customer relations PNLC dragged it all out until I was actually into foreclosure mode, within 2 weeks. Then the foreclosure was postponed and after that PNLC wanted more money to work on my case any longer unless I submitted a check immediately for $500. Sophia, my contact at PNLC, was rude and threatening. It's a long drawn out story but I was not able to get $500 and so she said she was going to let BofA take my house. It's been months of stress and has upended my whole life. I am still dangling over the fire pit not knowing what's going to happen next. I am poor. I cannot make money appear. My church paid the $3000 retainer fee that PNLC insisted on being paid before they'd step in and save me. (?!?!?!?!) But I'm still being threatened with foreclosure and now I've got to try to beat a copy of a check for $500 that I faxed to Sophia at BofA Friday out of fear she will try to cut it out and cash it instead of waiting for the actual check I intended to mail but changed my mind about. There's so much more to the story but I am so sick of the whole ordeal that just telling this much has made me sick. I can't really say enough bad stuff about Pacific National Law Center or Bank of America, for that matter. They're all scammers and crooks in my opinion and it should be against the law to operate a business the way they do theirs. I have lost almost all my faith in the American system. I may still lose my's ever looming overhead...

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Update by josiesnana
Sep 15, 2014 7:22 pm EDT

I was very concerned about my mortgage with Bank of America. I had gotten into a "Making Homes Affordable" program with them. They lied to me and the next thing I know my house is in foreclosure. I'm not sure where Pacific National Law Center found out about my mortgage problems but, one day, I was home on the computer trying to find help. Not sure if I filled out a form or if PNLC just called me randomly, but I received a call from a man who called himself, James Curry. He was very pleasant and cordial on the phone. He told me he was there to help me get out off of foreclosure with BofA. I was all ears. I could already feel a little stress leaving my head, heart, and neck. After taking personal information from me about my husband and me. Then, after chatting about BofA for awhile, James told me that PNLC needed $3000 before it could start working on my case. $3000! If I had that much money I could almost catch up at BofA!?! I was sick about it. But "James" wouldn't budge. So, he said he'd be calling me back or I could call him back when I found funds. I was literally heartsick about it. Where in the world could I get $3000? My parents were both passed away. My two grown kids wouldn't loan it to me (even though I had loaned and given them that much and more over the years). My sister was into some "Dave Ramsey" thing and wouldn't give anyone money. I prayed about it and decided to ask one of my church elders. A few days after asking he called me back and said that the church would give it to me. I gave him James number and the elder called James and so the balling was rolling. I was so relieved. Everything was going to work out afterall. Supposedly, after getting the money, PNLC started working on my case. I got calls from several at PNLC, supposedly, and after several weeks they claimed they were "fixing things". I believed everything James Curry told me because, afterall, he said "Have a Blessed Day!" at the end of every phone conversation I had with him. That was a good thing...right? Then, one day, while melting down, I got a call from a woman at PNLC. She was reading me the riot act, saying PNLC needed $500 more to continue my case. She was very hateful and threatening. I couldn't believe it. Well, long short story shorter...she was embezzling funds by calling clients and saying PNLC needed more money and to send a check for $500 as soon as possible. I told her (Sophia) that I didn't have $500. She yelled at me and told me I better be getting it or PNLC would drop my case completely and my $3000 would be gone. So I made out a check to PNLC for $500 and put it in an envelope, addressed it %Sopia @ PNLC. I didnn't have funds to cover the check so I decided I'd wait a couple of days and try to get $500 from some source that I didn't have a clue about. In the meantime, I was also online complaining about BofA. Filing complaints all over the internet, including Facebook! Soon I was contacted by BofA, concerned about my posted Facebook complaints. I guess BofA was getting alot of hate email and they were following up to see what they could do to make my experience with BofA more favorable!? I explained, for the 30th time, what had happened to me...I had never been late on a mortgage payment PERIOD, until BofA told me I could skip 3 payments in the trial period of the "Making Homes Affordable" program. I simply could not believe my good luck...(which was just their "fake" answer to my problems). After skipping the 3 payments, I was kicked out of the BofA program and my home was put into foreclosure. And basically BofA called me a liar when I told them that my contact @ BofA told me I could skip the payments!) So BofA decided to give me "another chance". I trashed the check made out to PNLC %Sophia. And BofA got me back into a mortgage program! I was so happy...

I called James to tell him that I didn't need PNLC's services afterall. But I couldn't reach anyone. I left him a message and he called me back. He said he didn't work at PNLC anymore. They were going defunct and he was sorry. Could anything else happen that would make me want to jump off a water tower? Time was important BUT I was busy with another BofA program and didn't call them for a few days. Finally, I decided to look into someplace to get help getting back the $3000 I lost. I've visited several places and then I came here. I'd like to file a complaint and, hopefully retrieve the $3000 I lost. Pacific National Law Center didn't do anything for me and, in fact, Sophia tried to get another $500 out of me. Can anyone be trusted anymore. What has happened to America?

Please contact me after reading my complaint and tell me if it is possible for me to see some, if not all, of the $3000 I gave to them to handle my "CASE" which possibly never existed. I am very anxious to hear back from you. Please don't fail me...I can't take many more disappointments... sincerely, Victoria Roberts


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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7:58 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Greetings, We were contacted via mail by Pacific National Law Center. On The outside of the envelope reads important information regarding your loan With Wells Fargo. We spoke with Jan Cooper [protected] from Topline legal who initiated our case. She asked for a Few documents and referred us to Antonio Zarate [protected]. He presented our Case to PNLC...

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