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4:31 pm EDT

Pacific High School I haven't received my diploma

I attended the course in Pacific High School . The course was fine, but they staff still hadn’t provided my diploma. I waited couple of weeks and started to call them and asked about diploma. Each time I heard only fake promises and excuses. I’m really sick of it, so I decided to post my review and warn other people. Also I wanted to ask for advice, maybe someone can help me. I really don’t know what to do in this situation.

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, AE
Aug 26, 2014 11:52 am EDT

Andrew Thomas here. I am about to take a diploma from Pacific High School. Iocolo, I wanna know how much you paid to them? Is there a way I can contact you? Kindly leave me your name and email ID so I may take your guidance.

Franklin Virtual High School
Franklin Virtual High School
Tallahassee, US
Aug 23, 2014 11:19 am EDT

Pacific High School, if the one at, is a scam. They have fake accreditation that is not recognized by the US Dept of Education. In fact, they are not even located in the United Stated (they are in Pakistan).

And be honest, you didn't take a course with them, you took an online exam, nothing more. You can NOT earn an accredited Diploma without taking classes.

If you want to learn more, go to, they do a great job of exposes fake schools on that site.

BTW, the "Common Sense" comment above is not entirely correct. A "GED" is not a "Diploma". Many get that confused (even some state level DOE), but "GED" is an acronym that stands for "General Equivalency Development”. There are now other similiar tests, like TASC, CHSPE, HiSET, and likely others coming soon. Anyway, accreditors do not allow high schools to issue a Diploma based simply on an passing an exam. If you want an accredited and REAL Diploma, you have to take classes for every single class you missed in high school. If you are curious what that would require, check out our class time calculator at:

6:05 pm EDT

Pacific High School Fake diploma and exam

I contacted the rep of Pacific High School, because I wanted to receive diploma. Also the rep told me that their program was certificated and I needed to pay about $2, 500 for the course and the exam. So I received the diploma and after that I decided to enter to the university, but they refused to accept such diploma, and told me to pay $400 and I needed to pass the exam again. Please, share this info and post your comments.

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