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I too am a victim of OnPoint & Mr. Robin Enos. I contacted Onpoint in April of 2009 to assist me in a mort. mod. They took $2600.00 from me & said they could get my intrest rate reduced and payments reduced. They offered a money back guarantee. I did my research on OnPoint and at that time they had no complaints on the BBB or wwith the State Bar of CA. They looked legit. I complied with everything they asked me to do. My file was routed to several different people (Anna Herrin, Jenna Kelly, Ken Smith, etc) who said they were working on my case. They told me not to contact my lender & discuss any financials with them, and they would update me. Almost 1 mo. went by, so I inquired about the status and I got no reply either by email or phone. I was just re-routed to different answering machines and emails. 1 week later I was sent a written letter stating that I had given them wrong information and that they would not be working on my case anymore! I tried to email with questions and my emails came back undeliverable!! I have been so fed up with mortgage problems that I just gave up. 3 months later I looked on the web and saw that their rating was now a F with BBB and several people were having the same problem. I made a complaint to the BBB-which turned out saying that OnPoint was still looking into my case!! I asked why I has received a letter stating different, and guess what? No reply! Problem UNSOLVED. Now I have kept up with this website in the last couple of weeks and have contacted Mr Calix of the State Bar of CA to file a complaint & request a refund of my money. Thank you for all the information posted. I can't tell you how happy I am that this was all exposed. Wish I would have known earlier, but I have been too mentally frustrated to deal with this anymore and how much money I have wasted on trying to fix my mortgage. Hopefully everyone will get their money back, and justice will be servrd in this matter. I know I could definately use the cash, as I am sure so could the rest of you.

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I too appear to have been scammed by these con artists. I thought I had done my research well and they were on the up and up . I began this process in July and my last contact from them was in october. I emailed ms. Araujo earlier today but thus far have heard nothing back.I will be making contact with the attorney general and the bbb as well as the california state bar. iwish ihad found this site back in JUNE!!! DW in alabama