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Old spiceBodywash changing scent, but not name.

Okay people. Tell me if this makes sense. I go out to buy my bodywash. oh hey! it's an a new bottle. alright, it has the same name of my good old bodywash that ive always used.

i buy it, get home, open it up to put it on. sniff sniff. wait a minute, this smells like garbage. *checks bottle* "Old Spice - Glacial Falls, Now in a new scent!"

now people. old spice not only stopped making a really great smelling bodywash in favor of a horrible rank fruity smelling one, but they tricked me into buying it by calling it the same name. are they that unoriginal to the point where they can't even come up with a new name for their rank smelling bodywash?

is it just me or does that not make any sense? you can't just decide to make a different scent with the same name. it's lazy and rude to your customers.

  • Da
    Dave Anderson Oct 26, 2008

    I just spent 20 minutes searching the internet to see if I was the only one that had this problem. I have been using the Glacial Falls body wash for a couple of years now. My girlfriend loved it and I would frequently get compliments from coworkers and occasionally complete strangers would ask me what kind of cologne I was wearing. I wasn't even wearing cologne the old Glacial Falls smelt that good.

    I feel ripped off after buying the new Glacial Falls. If they wanted to change the formula then call it a different name. The new stuff sucks and I won't buy anymore P and G products after this deception. Unless of course you bring back the old Glacial Falls.

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  • Mi
    midonna collins Nov 12, 2008

    my husband uses your product alot, and he decided to use old spice high endurance "fresh" and it broke his arms out, very bad. he had a rash for two to three days. he had to go back to using the pure sport instead. he said that he will continue to use your products but is very concerned about using another product . thanks

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  • Ss
    ssbus Mar 12, 2013

    i recently purchased old spice high endurance deodorant for my husband and 2 sons. with in 2 days of using it. they all received burns under their arms. literally raw burns that are scabbing up. they cant wear any deodorant till it heals up. not happy.i will never buy this product again.

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Old spiceYou shouldn't have to clean your shower out from the product that just got yourself clean!

After I used this product twice in my shower, I noticed how the blue soap just went everywhere in my shower and was hard to clean off the tiles, shower curtain, etc. and the dyes they are using are very hard to clean off tile grout, etc. This is the messiest liquid soap product I have ever seen! You shouldn't have to clean your shower out from the product that just got yourself clean!