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acct [protected] 2008 chevy cobalt My last pmt for car was made on Oct 16, 2016
A few months before payoff I spoke with a rep at Nuvell. Iasked when my last pmt was and asked about late fees which was $1100. The female rep advised me that once I make the last pmt my late fees would be taken off. For 2 yrs I have been threated by lettters and phone from their collection dept. Twice a month I get harrassing letters stating I need to pay $800 lump some NOW and the balance next month. I advised that my retirement income os only $800 and on one of the phone calls they laughed at me. I contacted the BBB where thie company is located and they have been trying to work with Nuvell for 2 yrs. They are still harrassing but does not call anymore because I told them to stop calling me, so they just send harrassing letters. I am so tired of this. I am 70 yrs old and barely make ends meet now Barbara Bosenberg 1727 N Battlebell Highlands TX 77562

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Resolved Nuvell Credit COAutomobile injustice

I write to you today regarding a problem I am having with my automobile finance company and automobile car dealership. This complaint will be for the auto finance company who can not help me with a very serious problem where I am literally stuck in the middle of a very serious situation regarding Bill Heard Chevrolet Dealership and Nuvell Credit Company. Here is the background story relating to the complaint:

I recently purchased a car from one of the Bill Heard Chevrolet dealerships in Atlanta (Union City precisely). I later went to DMV to register the car. But was turned away because DMV said the car hasnâ??t been registered in the system as of yet. I then went back to the dealership where the car was originally purchased to find the dealership closed down. Then I found out about the bankruptcy proceedings from the media regarding the dealership. I then contacted the finance company who provided no help but insist monthly payments continue on the car.

I am now stuck with a car that I can not drive because I can not register the vehicle and the finance company wants me to continue making payments. If this is happening to me, I wonder how many other people are caught in the middle of this Fiascle!!!

In addition to this complain, with you expertise in this area, if you have any suggestions or advice as to what my next step should be would, it would be greatly appreciated!!!