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Northern Auto TradersNorthern Auto Traders Liccars Scam

I can't believe this. First, they tell you the price of the car and then they say finance with them to drop the price $3000.

I ask to test drive the car and they ask for my license. I give it to the salesman (sales-child) and he takes it back into a tinted office and comes back out. They would not let me test drive because they said they had to move too many cars. So they start the car and let it run in place. Some 18 year old sales kid says don't worry, he drove it and that it runs good. Hilarious.

I asked if we can discuss pricing and what kind of financing they have available. The sales-child says they have some of the best financing available and that in order to discuss pricing and financing they need proof that I am able to purchase/in good financial standing, they said it is because they get too many people wasting their time and it costs money to run these checks to see rates/finance options. They said this requires a hold on my credit card for $100 dollars. I asked, "A hold or a charge?". The sales-child assures me it is a hold and that it is dropped if the car is not purchase or deducted from the purchase if made. I already should have already seen this coming. Funny thing is, once the sales-child goes into the tinted-window office to do a credit check, my brother starts googling them on his blackberry and tells me that they have so many scamming complaints. At that point I decide I am not taking this any further.

The kid comes back and before I can tell him I'm not interested anymore, he goes into a spiel about how they cover anything from bumper to bumper on the car for 3 months after the purchase but this would require a charge of $1500 added to the price. Called a "Restoration Fee" and that all dealerships in NY are mandated to do so. It gets more funny. He tells me that I need to transfer the car temporarily to my insurance to test drive the car. Even better, he finishes by telling me he can't tell me what kind of rates I would have available or any other financing details until the next day. I tell the sales-child, no worries, we are not interested anymore, that they can drop the hold. As I stand to leave, I notice a photo copy of my license slipping out of one of their folders. I took it and I said "I hope this is the only one!". They were silent for a bit and then the other sales-### says "Hey don't be upset that you can't get a good rate, many people get upset because they have bad credit score and can't get a good rate". I have perfect credit score and I hadn't even received any financing details!

I leave out of pure exhaustion of arguing with the guy. I call my credit card company and tell them to block any activity from these people. My credit card company tells me there is a $500 charge that was approved but not posted yet to my account. They say I need to file a dispute. I did. I call Northern Auto Trader up and tell them they made a charge to my card, when they said they would make a hold and cancel it if there is no purchase made. He says I have to come back in to make a refund. I said, I will be there in two hour.

I get there and the guy says I have to come back when the account is there! It gets better! That sales-### tells me the accountant is only there on Friday from 1PM to 4PM. Argument ensues and I ended up leaving without getting my money back. Long story short, I go back on Friday at 2PM and the "accountant" isn't there. Waiting to see what is the outcome of my dispute filed with my credit card company. I have fraud protection and was told that they are not responding to the dispute letters sent to them. I have two more weeks to wait for results. What a scam.

  • Sc
    scammed your honor Dec 04, 2010

    They are doing the same to me right now- they told me to be there only on Fridays and before 7 pm. I arrived at 6:30 and guess what, the accountant is gone for the day BS. I just filled a dispute with my credit card company- hope you and I both win

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    Upset Lex Jul 19, 2011

    This dealership has to be by far the biggest crooks ever. They advertise cars at a really low price on their website and this is the bait you. When you arrive at the dealership they advise you in order to get the low internet price you have to finance the car with them. Ha here’s the trap. Once you sign the contract they tack on so many hidden fees. They give you a contract to sign which is mostly blank and then tell you this is just a template and that you'll receive your "official contract" when first payment is due. I financed a car with them and signed paperwork which showed it was with one bank but low and behold at the end of the month I received a statement from a totally different bank?? Bunch of crooks!! Come on now how is this place in business. Where are the proper authorities to shut them down!! Stay away from them at all costs. However, if you got conned by these crooks and looking to take legal action please feel free to contact me at [email protected] I am in the process of suing these crooks and I will not rest until justice has been served on these scums.

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Northern Auto Traders — GREAT NEWS!!

I recently purchased a Honda Civic Si from Northern Auto Traders. To be honest I am extremely happy about my...

Northern Auto TradersSales

"I purchased an Infiniti M45 from these guys at Northern Auto Traders and when I saw some of the Negative stuff People are writing about these guys, I felt compelled to write something too!!! In my opinion some of these negative reviews are false because I went in after seeing a car advertised on The Northern Auto Traders, website ( But the reason I'm writing is the price I saw online was the same price they sold the car to me. And I had never financed anything in my life accept for a small Macy's credit card they got me into a first time buyer program with an interest rate of 8.9% and my payment was about $75.00 less than I was ready to pay, so the reason that I think Northern Auto Traders is alright with me is because I went to another dealer about a week before I went to Northern Auto Traders and it took them like 4 days to get me approve and when they did, the rate was like 19%... So in my Book Northern Auto Traders is A-ok!!! Not to mention the car was in great condition and was priced $5, 000 less than the local infinti dealer.. As a result my cousin also went to Northern Auto Traders and she bought and Acura TSX and she too got a great deal and they even made 1 of my monthly payments because I gave them a referral.. a check for $435.00 hey I'll take that any speaking for myself and my cousin we would have to say that our experience at Northern Auto Traders was definitely a great experience and we would definitely do business with them again..."

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    Northern Auto Traders May 12, 2010

    these guys were good, I did business with them, they were fine!!1

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  • Le
    lensman Jun 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Northen Auto Traders -No.1 Scam artists. Kris and Imran both crooks and will rip you off. Check the [redacted]s against this company. Starting this month they started writing good thing about themselves. Check the dates. It should be June 1st - june 6th. Stay away from them!!

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  • Qu
    "Accept" Jun 11, 2010

    These guys are such big fooools, , , , , loook at who posted the only positive comment - by "Northern auto traders"...guys next time atleast have the brains to create a fake account before posting positive comments about ourselves.. :)

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  • Er
    Eric Got Scammed Oct 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WOW! Look at this. It can't get anymore obvious, the guy who posted the positive comment is from Northern Auto Traders. He even made his user name Northern Auto Traders. This is hilarious!

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Northern Auto TradersSCAM/FRAUD

These people are just down right criminals, they should be trown directly in a dark cold prison. Cris, and Imran Khan tried to scam me by trying to make me belive that my credit was bad and then trying to overcharge we with 10, 000$. They refused to show me my interest rate or the bank that would approve me . When I refused to gou trough w the purchase they refused to give me back my deposit.
Then this fat guy with the nastiest attitude named Cris told me that over there he is God, and that I can co F--K miself.

They have scammed so may people with the same metod, I got away loosing only 500$ but others have lost up to 20, 000-25, 000$ they should be town in jail.

Northern Auto TradersCon Artist

These guys are SCAM ARTISTS deluxe! They won't tell you what the interest rate on your loan will be until you give them all of your money. Also, they tack on TONS of hidden fees, such as insurance and inspection fees that somehow add thousands to the original price of your car. Furthermore, they are extremely unorganized and have no problems keeping you waiting.

Get this: I found a car being advertised from them on that was listed at $12, 000 and was the "special internet price." I called to ask about the car and they told me that that WAS the price and encouraged me to come in and check out the car. I printed out the ad from the internet and went in, with intentions of buying the car. After they had me waiting for days on whether or not I was able to be approved for a loan (when my credit score is high 700's) they told me they "found a bank" and that I should come in to finalize the deal before someone else bought the car. I thought, "how can someone else buy it when I have a $500 deposit on the car" but they said they can. Now, they STILL didn't tell me any terms of the loan until they had all of my money. They found me a semi-reasonable lender and then some slick-talking arab/indian by the name of Imran aka Sayfur Rahman scammed the hell out of me. He charged me $22, 000 for the car! Can someone tell me how that is possible? He not only ignored the internet price, but he charged me more for the car than what it was even listed for on the showroom floor.

Sure, maybe you people who are reading this are wondering how something so simple was overlooked. But to be honest, the people here are so damn slick with what they do! The way they present you the material, it's no wonder how this didn't catch my attention. Plus, when you're stressed out about buying a car, and finally getting excited that a deal is going through, they capitalize on the fact that your head is in a million places.

Folks, please trust me, these people will bait you, hook you, then screw you. They should be stripped of their license!

For further information on these guys, check out and you will be blown away!

  • Jo
    jonas May 28, 2009

    >>They found me a semi-reasonable lender and then some slick-talking arab/indian by the name of Imran aka Sayfur Rahman scammed the hell out of me. He charged me $22, 000 for the car! Can someone tell me how that is possible?

    Usually, this happens when someone carelessly signs a contract before reading through it.

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  • He
    hellele Oct 06, 2009

    This will do the same thing to me. i came to buy a car when i noticed it looks like a good deal but this people with the names of chris and imran ripped me off heavily. i am still bitting my fingers till date. American Govt, law and enforcement agent. why re u looking @ this people without doing something about them. These people should spent the rest of their lifes in jail but before Govt do something about you.
    Chris and Imran of Northern Auto trader plus chris wife that act as a secretary this piece is for you except you repent and start making amendment with all the people you have secreatly and openly rip off.

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  • Sc
    scanns Jan 31, 2010

    i can totally relate to what this guy is saying, i went there to get an audi A4 which was priced for 14000 bucks.
    After i went there with the impression that that was the price plus tax, the sales person said yes that is the price.
    They said that the car should be financed through the dealer so i said i would put 10 000 dollars down and finance the rest (4000). On the first day that i went they also said that i needed to leave a 500 dollar deposit to be taken seriously as a potential buyer. After asking the salesperson that if anything happens would i be able to get the money back he said YES. I gave the money in cash.
    They tried to get me a loan and they wouldnt stop urging me to get insurance for the car, so i can spent more money and then i cant get out of the deal, this was part of their SCAM. After going back and forth a few days i finally went to finalize the deal and get the car. When i go there i request a carfax the guy was making excuses so i dont see it. In the end i got the carfax and the car had virtually no records at all only when it was bought and sold in auction. This was a clear sign that there was something wrong with the car. So as we were exchanging words i said i dont think this is a good car. But anyway i said what would be the final price? I was curious since they had kept it almost like a secret cause at that point i can smell the SCAM. The guy bring the contract that i had signed and shows me the 14000 price of the car the taxes and the 3000 dollard reconditioning fee that i had not been told previously. After having a good laugh at the stupidity of the fee and the final price and said alright im out of here le me get my deposit. They said no you cant have you deposit its company policy and they showed me where it said on the fine print which had been conviently located just above the place where i was told to put my signature. I went nuts i cursed the guy that i had delt with and told him that he didnt keep his word but that fell in deaf ears. In the end i called the cops, the officer were very nice to get me my money back i am greatfull to them cause i worked hard to save that money.



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  • No
    Northern Auto Traders May 12, 2010

    Akinola, how are you? you had so much to say about us, but should we tell the people out there that you came all the way from philadelphia because we had the best prices on the whole entire East Coast. Also after shopping 4 other dealers we are the only one who was able to get you finacing. With a credit score of 502 did you really believe that you were eligible to receive interest rate of 6%. Sir Akinola unfortunately sir, you don't even qualify for a loan, we had to beg the bank to give you a loan! We also gave you the option of getting your own loan and just bring in the check but you weren't able to get financing anywhere else accept us, so instead of being grateful, you decided to curse us. Thank You Mr. Akinola.. you obviously didn't deserved the service we gave you but we won't let your example discourage us from helping others!!! Take care Akinola...

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  • Qu
    "Accept" Jun 11, 2010

    First of all, that stupid illiterate Imran needs to learn how to write in English and he can start learing when to use the word "accept" !!! That Imran guy is going around writing positive comments about themseleves and it is clear because that freak almost always uses "accept" instead of "except"...dude...come on !!! GROW UP!!...stop wasting your time and "accept" it, that you are a fukin foool !!!

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  • Ma
    maritza barbeito Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Er
    Eric Got Scammed Oct 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Northern Auto Traders: As a car dealership you should be ashamed to post someones credit score online.

    You should retract the other posts you made. You are falsifying positive reviews.

    By the way, I am another person you scammed just recently.

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  • Mb
    mb27frie Sep 21, 2012

    I went to buy a 2008 sentra for $8995, the list price almost 2 years ago. It ended up costing me over $13000. Since then, I have had to have all 4 tires replaced, new motor mounts, new brake pads, and a completely new engine. According to my mechanic, the engine was bad way before I purchased the car. Now, I need my steering wheel fixed or replaced. My 4 year old car with 65, 000 miles is now costing me a fortune, even though I do regular maintenance.


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  • Gi
    gian189 Aug 25, 2016

    These thieves for starter wanted me to insure a vehical i wasnt approve for before i got in the door. Sales person dont know what the hell they are doing. they charged me $1495 on top of the sale price for a 140 point inspection of the vehical meaning the vehical would be perfect. but ive been there three times back there on three different topics of my car first of the car needed a battery they had to lend me a battery booster so i could dive it home... secound needed a front wheel hub in less then a month need brakes and i call them they just avoid me and dont wanna help me and say its not cover by them. horrible people to do business with stay away!

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