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NCOADevice Protection Plan

I purchased My cell phone through Wire Fly in 2008 January 23.With the order forms I received this device protection plan through NCOA, So I paid $49.99. for the whole year.
I had a issue with my Nokia 5300Xpress music phone and I informed to them about it. I could not talk to anybody so I e-mailed to them. They asked me to mail my phone so they can fix it. I asked them first replace a phone for the time they repair it or else give my money back.They said With in a month they will do so. I received nothing but another letter to renew my membership.I still have my phone with the issues.Who is responsible for this, Please let me know.
Please to not let these fake companies to rep off poor customers
My member no.W100308561

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    Chip St John Nov 03, 2007

    I've tried to get my phone replaced for a week now. Not only are their hours limited 10:00 - 4:30 est their is no way to talk to someone. After sending three emails I was told my request was being processed. After three days and no answer I went back into the site and was told my request was denied and a letter is in the mail. No phone call, no email letting me know no nothing. Avoid like the plague, don't do business here.

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  • Sl
    slim2none Nov 07, 2007

    My phone was lost/stolen -- how can I tell which? In either case, the insurance through NCOA said my phone was covered for both "loss" and "theft". My phone was lost/stolen after 11 months while I was visiting another city and their town-hall crafts fair. I filed my claim, and after many days, was sent a denial letter, pure and simple, stating only that "the facts" in my claim ruled me out of reimbursement -- no explanation, no number to call to challenge or add additional information, NOTHING!! I am completely convinced now --- after doing significant research on the web --- that this company never had and never will have the intention of honestly living up to their claims in their insurance offering. It is clearly some sort of scam, and one in which the consumer has zero fall back and zero power to enforce his/her claim. AVOID NCOA like the plague!

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  • Ma
    Mark Wilson Nov 13, 2007

    Like all the other people say--this is a total scam. Phone dropped out of my pocket while fishing. Obviously the phone was lost. NCOA says they can't replace it because of water damage. How do they know the phone is water damaged if the phone was lost?

    Impossible to speak to a real person. This is obviously a scam and Wirefly Cellular is certainly part of this scam.


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  • Sa
    Samuel May 09, 2009

    I lost my cell phone in the National Auarium of Baltilore and I filed a police report for it. NCOA plainly rejected my claim giving some stupid argument. This is a FRAUD company. You can not talk to anybody. They only talk via emails... throw $50 in a pond or lake rather then buying insurance from NCOA. At least you will not waste time in following up with them.

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NCOAInsurance fraud

I purchased 3 phones- Palm Centros via wire fly and bought the insurance for all three phone. I lost my phone last Friday night and have been denied a replacement due to “UNSECURED & UNEXPLAINED DISAPPEARANCE”
"NCOA requires that reasonable care and control be exercised at all times. Based on the above listed exclusion, we cannot consider this Request for Service for payment" If I had gone through Sprint, my carrier, I would have a new phone already. I had to go buy a cheapo replacement phone since I thought the company was legitimate and would replace my phone only to find out that i have been ripped off and mislead. After reading all of these complaints, I realize I was defrauded out of 150 dollars and feel that something needs to be done about this.
So here I am with out my phone and it appears that I will not get another one.
This company should be stopped from taking anymore money from trusting consumers.

NCOANo direct contact!

For all who are in need, here is the real contact information for NCOA that they do not give out to their "customers"...

National Cellular Owners Association
21000 Boca Rio Road
Suite A-12
Boca Raton, FL 33433
United States
Phone: [protected]
Toll-Free Phone: [protected]
Fax: [protected]

  • Ma
    Mary Backstrom Oct 12, 2006

    Paid an insurance premium on 2 cell phones; 1 was lost. We provided all the details they asked for but still denied reimbursement. Claim they cover "Loss" but not an "unexplained disappearance". What's the difference? Lost is lost!! What a scam!!!!!!!!

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  • Ja
    Jamie Severyn Apr 30, 2008

    I am so so sick of trying to get a hold of these "poeple". I bought 2 phones and paid $50.00 per phone so that if anything happen and they broke or were stolen I would be able to get a new phone ASAP as I rely on my phone for work. (as an Interior Designer) It has taken SEVERAL MONTHS AND STILL NO RESPONCE AT ALL!!! NOT ONE PHONE PHONE CALL NOT ONE EMAIL NOTHING!!! I WILL NEVER USE THIS COMPANY OR AT&T EVER AGAIN!!! i WANT MY ISSUSE DELT WITH. OBVIOUSLY THESE PHONES ARE JUNK BECAUSE THEY BOTH BROKE AROUND THE 6TH MONTH MARK... IT WAS LIKE TIME WORK. UNEXCEPTABLE!!!

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  • Ku
    Kurtmen Mar 13, 2009

    I'm having the same problem with NCOA. I followed all the guidelines they provided me, regardless they did not cover my loss.
    The reason given to me was that they do cover "loss" but not unattended items. My cell-phone was stolen and obviously if I was guarding the cell phone the whole time the loss wouldn't happened.
    This is an insurance company that intentionally will do every possible effort to decline legitimate claims by using deceptive techniques; banking on the fact that most people wouldn't invest energy and time in pursuing a cell phone claim.
    I'm looking for people interested in starting a lawsuit against NCOA.

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  • Wi
    Willnot B. Rippeoff Jul 21, 2009

    I am in with you, lets do it.

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  • Ru
    ruiz2652 Sep 15, 2009

    Yes this company is a complete fruad. Every "loss" falls under the "negligant loss clause" so therefore: no phone replacement. I left my phone in a taxi cab and they deemed I didn't "exercise reasonable care and control" of the cell phone "at all times". If it is stolen you must make sure that the area was SECURED at the time and if stolen from a vehicle, you must make sure that the car was locked with windows rolled up, if not, they will deny your claim because the vehicle can not be unattended at any time. This company is a total fraud and waste of money. I have filed a complaint with the BBB in West Palm Beach and the Attorney General in Florida and Texas.

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NCOACell phone insurance fraud

This is the most pathetic insurance i have ever seen. No body picks up the phone. It will go straight to the voice mail box but nobody care to call you back. What ever may be the circumstance, they will never pay for your claim. Even if by chance anybody picks up the phone they will hang up on you. This is a big fraud. collects your money well in advance and doesn't even care for customers!!!

Pathetic pathetic and pathetic...

Is there any way to get our money back and save lot of other customers?