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NCOUnauthorized checking account deductions

NCO Collection Company working on behalf of Capital One made an unathourized deduction from my checking account of $150.00 in an effort to collect an outstanding debut of my son. I am not a signer on the account, in fact when I called to get information on what happened NCO nor Capital One would not speak with me or give me any information because I was not on the account and they were not authorized to give me any information. Capital One needed my son's approval.

I am lodging this complaint because they arbitrally deducted money from a checking account of a person that clearly has nothing to do with the person they are trying to collect from as evidenced by the fact they would not give me the checking account holder any information, but could take my money. What is wrong with this picture?


I just got off the phone with NCO after trying to get an address to send payments. I talked to a receptionist, the "agent" handling my account, and then a "supervisor". None of them would give me an address! I cannot pay what they insist that I pay, so they refused to take any money. I found this website when I was looking for an address to send the money and Lo and Behold... others are as disgusted as I am with their collection tactics. I am in customer service training and I actually was almost speechless at the way I was spoken to. I was yelled at, berated, ridiculed, and talked down to. Why would I want to work with a company that yells at me??? I am a cancer patient, am trying my best to get by, get medical bills in the mail all the time and I have some *** calling me at work telling me that he wants my bank account information. No Way Jose! Why would I give you free reign over my money? They are a bunch of [protected]@h*les and if I did not have a conscience, I wouldn't pay them at all!!

NCO — Beware

NCO is attempting to collect a debt for a bill from an auto accident I was in 2 years ago. The bill was paid...