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Natural Gasrude company employees

centre point energy employee was rude and hauled ### instead of waiting to find out what the problem was on 6-3-10 about 10:45 am .they said they had not recieved the payment so my son was charged a reconnect fee of $80.00 on top of the bill. he paid the bill over the phone with his credit card, he asked them to send the check he mailed back to him they said they could not do that. this morning both payments had cleared the bank this caused his house payment to bounce. at 1:20 pm on 6-4-10 the gas is still not on. i think companies like them should be fined for being so unfair. i think they should have to reimburse him for the second payment, the reconnect fee, as well as the nsf charge on his house payment. please speakup if this has happened to you.

Natural GasHigh Gas bill

I have been having problems with nicor gas off and on for about2 years now<br />
it frist started when i did not get abill for about three monthes i called every<br />
day asking about my bill finally got one its was 500.00 dollar mine you on an average my bill was running about 160.00 a month in the winter time.<br />
last month 1/7/2010 my estimated bill was about 173.00 got my bill this <br />
actual read my bill jump to 230.00 iam so tried of being ripped off by nicor.<br />
all summer last year i was paying a gas bill of about 40.00 a month the only<br />
thing thats gas in my house is my furnace and a lamp in my yard.which i<br />
have always had i have lived at my home for over 20 years neverh had high gas bills because of that lamp.i called to complaint about my 40.00<br />
bill and was told it was because of my dish washer.right!!!

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    WDC Aug 12, 2016

    I have had problems with Washington Gas overbilling since December 2008 when we switched to an alternate provider, WGES. Wasington Gas didnt bill us January - March and then billed us $1300 and then 3 days later $1600!! Thats $400/month and our prior usage was about $150/month. No way that 2 people with a new enegy efficient HVAC system and our being away for part of December, all of January and 1/2 of February to have this much of a bill. We are on the budget plan for estimated usage and - even though we have regularly sent in actual meter readings, they refuse to use ours and just estimate it. We figure that they overestimate by approx 117 therms/month over our actual usuage. This has been going on since 2004! I think that they owe us alot of money. We have an old meter inside that they should replace with a new one outside - but numerous supervisors with their staff have come to look at it without doing a thing. Its not difficult! We contacted the MD Attorney General and then filed a complaint April 20, 2009 with the Public Service Commission and also with our Congressional Representative Van Hollen. So far Washington Gas STILL is overbilling us, have never sent us an acknowledgement of our complaint, tried to require a large deposit (we have been with them for 30 years!); sent threatening letters, have sent technicians without notice 3 consecutive days to read the meter, harassed us, etc. Finally yesterday billing returned our call (they we suppose to call us back within 24 hours but this is the 1st time since April 20 -- today is June 23). They did not have all the facts; tried to say that we owed $1400! Last month we only owed $328 more than our figures indicate. Quite an increase for 1 month!! I think that we are just the tip of the iceberg. It seems to us that its either 1) incompetence 2) fraud or 3)embezzling.

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