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Natura cleanseWill not issue a refund

In Nov 2010 I ordered a trial size of the natura cleanse. I did not see the 'fine print' that stated they would continue to to ship and bill my credit card. When I realized they were continuing to ship me I tried to cancel the oder but could not find a working number. I issued a complaint with my credit card company and they managed to find a number, [protected] and i was give 3 RMA numbers to return the product, which I did. I called the 1-888 number and ask for my account to be closed. In the mean time, they continued to ship me more product. I recieved and was charged for two more bottles. I called and secured another 2 RMA numbers and returned a total of five bottles. Since Natura Cleanse continued to ship me after cancelling, I end up having to cancel my credit card. The product was returned in Mar 2011 and I still have yet to recieve a refund check

  • Me
    MelissaP07 Dec 02, 2010

    Ok so I wish I would have read these reviews before I ordered this ###ed up product!!! They sent me the product before the trial was up but now I can't even cancel it!!! LeanSpa thank you for telling the truth about your product. Natura cleanse kiss my ### I canceled my card today and I'm moving out of my place real soon you can keep sending the products and trying to take money from the debit card if you want lol!!!

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Natura cleansescam

DO NOT order any colon cleansers online. It is a way to throw away your money without knowing it. You MUST read the terms and conditions to understand that within 10 days of your order (when you think you are paying only shipping) you are then charged full price of the product. I called to cancel the subscription because of charges found on my credit card statement and found that LBL detoxcs [protected]) and GVI cleancolocs [protected]) and GRN colonclnsc [protected]) are really all the same company!! Each time I called, they said the account was already cancelled or already closed and gave me the same confirmation number. Websites listed are non- existing. I can't even find where I ordered the cleansers because they are gone. I ordered through a link of what appeared to be a tv news (Julie Miller News 6) report, which I have now discovered is a scam. AVOID AT ALL COSTS or it will cost you a lot!!!

Natura cleanseThey lie about their free trial you can not open bottle to try it.

I ordered a free trial of this product tried it, did not do anything for me, found out that they not only took shipping charges (which I agreed to) but they charged my account for 74.00 for the product which was suppose to be a free trial. I called the company, talked to a J.R. he said because I opened the product I could not get my money back. I told him it was suppose to be a free trial. How can I try it if I can not open it. I mean come on, are you that ###ed. Get a life people, if you are going to allow someone to try it for free then they have to open it to try it. You can not try it by looking at the bottle. If that is what you are meaning by free trial then you need to put, we will send you a bottle to hold in your hand for free but you can not open it or we will bill you for it. I need my money back from these foreign ###s.

Natura cleanseRip Off

I have had the same experience as everyone else. I called and canceled within the "Trial Offer 14 day period" which they conveniently have no record of. They refuse to give a written cancellation notice like most other liget. companies so you can't prove you called and You can be sure it is their word against yours! They do have a record of all 3 calls since my original complaint. The man I spoke with all but called me a liar saying, "I did not call them and must have called a different company." He did not know why I was told I would not be charged the 2nd time I called but that was not in time and I was charged and their was nothing I could do about it! Yes they took my $80 too! No company information available according to the person I spoke with only the above Po Box in Riverton, Utah. You would think the Bank would protect you but NO. What about the state of Utah looking into this or the U.S. Postal service being that they are using a U.S. Post Office box in Utah??

Natura cleanseunauthorized charge on my account

I purchase a trial bottle of the Natura Cleanse at the 1.98 price. Then after 14 days they charged me an additional 78$. No where did I see that it said that you had to call and cancel with in 14 days or you would be charged an additional amount of money. No paperwork or receipts were included in the shipment of the product. The web site was misleading and the product is bogus. It does nothing except turn your urine bright yellow. When I called to rectify the unauthorized charge the sales person just told me that it is in their terms and conditions. It was unclear what would happen during the trial period and I had no idea that I would be charged more money for the same bottle of product.

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Natura cleanseFeeling the Burn

I ordered this Natura Cleanse from a free offer, just pay S/H. Boy did I get burned. I just spent an hour on the phone with my bank canceling my card. My banker said she is happy to do this beacuse I am not the only claim she has done on this company this week. I am still so very upset about this, especially since my husband is saying "I told you so", but knowing there might be something I can do about it is a bit of a relief. Thank goodness I found this site otherwise I don't know what I might have done. I have never delt with something like this before. Nothing is ever as good or truthful as it may seem. I read about this and Diet Max on a news website, a reporter had used these products for a month and stood behind them. I though "Wow okay, it's just a few buck, can't hurt". Yeah right! After the "free" shipment they started charging $79.98 and $87.47. I tried to cancel but they are always closed and I can't find a website to email them a request to cancel. Does anyone have contact info for this company beside a phone number no seems to answer?

  • Ha
    harold12 Nov 15, 2009

    I am returning all of the product you sent me . I would like all of my money back . It was not made clear to me how this would be billed.

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  • He
    hello00000 Oct 06, 2010

    I actually just called the number I was provided to cancel my order (888-239-6720)... and it worked just fine. It was sketchy for sure, but most of those companies are like that - they're not really legitimate. But I spoke to a representative and canceled my order successfully. Phew!

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  • Ka
    KathyA. Davis Dec 01, 2010

    DietMax-SCAM-in Colorado, I ordered the free trial offer, NEVER recieved any product and they took money out of my bank account. I had to cancel my credit card. Also I tried to contact customer and was unsucessful. Kathy in Colorado

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  • Kr
    kristi shamblin Dec 29, 2010

    no where to cancel on their website!!! no phone numbers that are real, or you can get thru. Trial offer is not 1.95$ they over charge your credit card and don't stop!!! BECAUSE THERE IS NO WHERE TO CANCEL. I PERSONALLY AM GETTING A LAWYER AND SUING THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Mt
    M. Toplin Mar 24, 2011

    I have received numerous charges on my credit card that I have tried to have removed. I do not know why I am being charged for an item that was never authorized or received.

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  • Zv
    Zveltahna May 06, 2015

    Thank you for sharing your experience with this company. I am so glad I checked up on them. I was just in the process of ordering $200 worth of products from them for my granddaughter as she just got diagnosed with genital herpes last week. It really did sound too good to be true as I heard that this STD was incurable. A very famous actor has had it for most of his life and he was unable to cure himself with all of his money. Again, thank you all so much for your comments especially since you have saved me so much money. I am on a limited pension income and am disabled. Just wanted to help family. :)-<

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Natura cleansefree sample bs

Do not order this product. It doesn't work, but more importantly, you don't receive the product soon enough to try the sample before the "fine print" instructs you to cancel.
I cancelled w/in allotted time, and still charged almost $80 for pills that were shipped. I now have to ship back at my own expense in order to receive this credit to my account.
Complete scam!!! and customer service is difficult to communicate with or get a resolution.

Natura cleanseUnauthorized charges

So today I decide to look up customers reviewes on Natura Cleanse...and I found these complaints! I took me all of 1 minute of reading torealize, so I quickly looked up my info on my bank account. Sure enough I have a charge of $87.47 pending from DIET MAX [protected]. I freaked out and imediately called my bank and they cancelled my card right away...Unfortunately i have to go to the bank tomorrow and fill out an affidavid against this website! However I am so very very happy that I found these reviews in time beacuse I ordered the same product for my boyfriend on another bank card. Fortunately they will not screw me there because I was way ahead of them!!! To my avail this charge was not posted on that account (whew)
I would have never know this was a scam because a girl from are local news used this product and another together and had great results...I got it from the News stations official website where you to can try the product for a trail and S&H. After I've wrote this I am going to their website to tell them this, I'm sure they have no idea what they are backing!!!
However, ... I know that cleansing your colon and intestines is great and other shouldn't deter from bettering their body's. I am going to my local homeopatic pharmacy this time.
I really hope I've been able to help others not get scammed
KAT xoxo

Natura cleanse — Stole my Money

I responded to an add for a Free 15 day Trial of a product that was supposed to help you cleanse your system...

Natura cleanse — bogus free trail phoney #s

those are not free trails on the net and they do not give you the fine print before you buy your shipping for...