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Thankyou for your time.This about Nationwidecash and their paymentment plan.I took out a loan on December/2009.Because I need to fix a matter of what I did.Little I know that I was taken in by.And they gave me a $400.00 loan.Which I filled out.The form.I got the loan.But I was only starting to pay off the fee.And fees only.Now every two weeks.And now they want more fees and now payment to.I had let them know that my money ran dry.Which I had a problem (nearly)paying my rent.But I made it.So today3/24/2010 I stop paying my payments on my loan.So please help me .Thankyou for your time.


On 8/26/09 I was applying online to see about lenders for a payday loan and on a previous date my fiancee applied for a loan with that he never completed. Well some how either by him applying which again he never submitted the application he cancelled it or by me using on of those search engines for payday loans got a hold of my fiancee's account which my name is not on the account well they took money out of his account which was 2 different charges of a $150 a piece. My fiancee's mother who shares the account with them called and they told her it was taken out due to a loan I had with them back in 2005 that I never paid off. Well I called nationwide cash myself the first representative I got advised that he could not help his computer was not working so he transferred me to another representative without my permission well the 2nd representitive started yelling at me that it did not matter that my name was not on the account that I owed this money and they were going to take it out and that I better make sure enough funds were in the account. Again I advised that it was not my account that they were stealing from my fiancee and needed to give him his money back the rep then stated that it didn't matter who's account it was that my fiancee or his mother were getting their money back. I asked to be transferred to another supervisor the rep then stated that no way in hell was he going to transfer me that the only person I was going to talk to was him. I told him that was rude not to yell at me that I was a customer service rep myself and that is not the way a rep should talk to people he said he didn't care he would talk to me the way he wanted to talk to me, then he specifically threaten me by saying that he was going to assign himself to my account and get the money any way he can even if it means pressing charges. I advised that my account was close but I was willing to make payments but he yelled no. So not only is nationwide cash a fraud but they are a harassing company that steals money from accounts that have nothing to do with the debt. I hope they get caught and go out of business no one needs to deal with a company that threatens them. Again I never received any type of noticed that I owed this company any money additionally my fiancee did not authorize for this company to take any money from his account and neither did his mother this company stole money from my fiancee and his mom. If I do owe the money then all I ask from them is send be proof or verification of the money I owe so that I can make payments.

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    rosieb26 Aug 28, 2009

    I meant to say that the rep stated that my fiancee and his mother were not getting their money back at all

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    FinMan Feb 15, 2010

    Received an email letter from offering a settlement on my balance with them. The problem is I have never had an account with them.

    Just hung up the phone with Mr. Ernest Holden answered the phone and was extremely rude, demanding my social security number. I advised him that I had never done business with them and was not going to supply them with my social security number. He then asked for the account number on the letter. I advised him there is not one. He stated there has to be an account number on the letter, that they always reference an account number. He tried looking up the account by the name on the letter and could not find any account. Next, he tried to look up the account by the email address and came up with an alleged account for $300 that was opened in 2005 with "a plethera of deductions from "Citizens Account #xxxxxxx". When I advised him that I never had any account with them and I wanted proof of the debt sent to me, he stated "as you know everything is done electronically." When I replied that I did not know that, because I had not done business with them, he became abusive and yelling, told me to stop being disrespectful, smug and to pay my bills. I again stated "Per the Fair Debt Collections Act, I want a copy of the original documents that I signed sent to me." He became even more belligerent and advised me that the act does not apply to them. I advised him what I do for a living and my knowledge of collection law. He cursed at me and stated "Jesus Christ Mr. xxxx, you just need to pay your bills, hold on." Someone else got on the phone and did not identify himself. He again tried to look up the account by the name on the letter. I could hear him talking with Mr. Holden in the background, who advised him that he had the account up on his screen. Once the new person started looking at the account, he advised me to hold on that his manager was just getting ready to respond to my email requesting proof of debt.

    Mr. Blake got on the phone and asked what it was that I needed proved, the debt was from 2005 and why had I not been in contact with them to resolve the issue. I advised him that this is the first I ever heard about it and that I wanted proof of the debt. He advised me that they are a first party lender, collecting a debt not a third party collection agency. He stated for this reason that they do not fall under the Fair Debt Collection Act. I advised him that they do fall under the requirement to provide proof of a debt, that I was a Financial Manager and that I was very familiar with the legal and ethical parameters of collections as I had been doing them for over 25 years. He immediately advised me that they would send what they had to my physical address. When I asked him why they could not send it to me via email, he replied the settlement offer can only come by email, the documents have to be sent to a physical address. They will be sending out the documents well within the 30 day window that I gave them at which time, he expects payment in full on the account.

    When I hung up with, I immediately forwarded the email that was sent to me along with my notes to the New York State Banking Department and New York State Attorney General for follow up. Per the State Banking Department website "Payday lending is illegal in New York State."

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NationwideCash.comBig mistake

Due to cutbacks at my place of employment, I reluctantly tried to get a small loan from one of the websites advertising for payday loans. Big mistake. Not long after, I received countless offers for loans. Not thinking about the repercussions, I foolishly filled out an application or two just to see if they were valid. (I do not remember filling out any application with Nationwidecash). They required checking account information and place of employment. I did not finalize any transactions because they required other documents to be submitted as well. Not long after, I noticed that funds were being withdrawn from my checking account to a point where I became overdrawn. Bank fees were being charged to my account as a result. I then checked with my bank who then produced copies of bank drafts from different websites. This would upset any normal person. At this point, I had no other choice but to close my checking account and re-open another one. A week later, I received three or four consecutive phone calls from a Mr. Fulton of Nationwidecash who accused me of check and wire fraud. I was stunned and angry, to say the least, because I knew I did not commit any such acts. As in all scams, they just want to suck money out of you to 'close the case'. I stood my ground and refused to give in to him so I hung up. This happened on a Friday. When I went to work Monday morning, there was a fax from this Mr. Fulton waiting for me. His message was threatening and angry stating that Nationwide Cash captures the IP addresses of all internet transactions and will trace the source of my application and that if I used my employer's computer to conduct this transaction, my employer would be contacted as part of an ongoing investigation. It then stated 'This impending action may still be avoided by calling Nationwidecash to make payment arrangements by ACH, Credit Card/Debit Card and or money gram. Please note that failure to respond will result in immediate legal action to be taken against you.'

For this reason, I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. This morning (nine days later), I received another fax from Nationwidecash. This time from a Mr. Holden. What confuses me and scares me is that I do not recall receiving any cash from this company. If a transaction was in fact made, I would have made it a point to print a copy of the loan agreement.