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National CityOverdrafting my life

For all you out there considering an account with National City BE AWARE. I am 20 years old, in college and still living with my parents. I have a boyfriend who has a son and they live with us. I am the mother figure to his son, and I consider him a dependent of mine. I work 38 hours a week and attend college online at nights, sometimes I get ahead of myself but I have only over drafted my account once in my whole life!

I opened up a personal checking account when i was nineteen (a year ago), National City is the closest bank to my house, also the bank that my place of employment uses (so I am there often enough as it is). The only debit I have that directly deposits from my account every month is a gym membership at Golds Gym. They charge me 19.99 every 20th of the month and i have never missed a payment.

Now here is where my complaint about National City starts...I had literally $2.00 in my account (what can i say, I'm a college student) and Golds Gym took an additional payment out from my account. I had just payed them exactly two weeks ago and immediately wondered why I was being charged again. When I called Golds Gym and asked about the overage they charged they told me it was mandatory, that it was because their "terms and regulations state that i am to be charged every beginning of October to protect my membership cost". WHATEVER. I was never told any of this information, nor mailed any rules and regulations/terms and conditions. So not only did Golds Gym charge me without me being aware of these policies, National City fed off this opportunity and it is ruining my life.

So imagine my unforgiving $2.00 balance, charge $28.83 and that leaves me -$26.86 in the hole. I get payed today and have consulted with the bank tellers and management about the issue with "Not Knowing", they seemed cold-hearted and determined to make my day worse. I simply asked them if they could give me a round-about of what my charges are going to be tomorrow, when i wake up and go to the bank to see half of my paycheck already taken out of my balance (see i have direct deposit...)
YES i did have an automatic transaction agreement with Golds Gym, BUT not KNOWING of these withdrawals makes it okay to charge me so much $ per day without knowing how much??!!??!!

I have not been at my computer all weekend due to work, I was not able to log into my online bank statements until this Monday morning. It has already been two days since Golds Gym took money that was not there *charging the debit check card # from which they have*, and National City has not ''POSTED'' any overdraft fee's in two days. They are GOING to take the money from my payday direct deposit Tuesday morning with all the accumulated overdraft fee's.

Why cant I locate any information available to me about overdraft charges? I have looked online and have asked the tellers but I am at a dead end. Not only does this issue make me furious, I am in a financial crisis enough as it is and THIS particular overdraft is going to put me in debt with my utility bills, my phone bill, my rent bills and my step-son's appetite! I live pay-check to pay-check and was just making it through the pay-periods, until this. Now I am obtaining bad credit and financial negatives.

Everyone knows that having a checking account means that when agreeing to a payment withdrawal you will be charged X amount of dollars per month (or payment). HOWEVER. When is it ever okay to treat individuals (who in a business world are called 'customers') like they are worthless and stupid? I may only be twenty years old but i have gone out of my way to understand National City's rules for overdraft fee's and cannot find a written rule about them yet! I feel completely taken advantage of and am closing my account out as soon as my balance hits $0.01. Its going to take a while, after all the late fees and overdraft balances paid and I am working so hard in my life right now to get it all taken away and for my step son to be demoted to eating ramen noodles and hot dogs. I don't make much money, and National City is eating well with all the overdraft money they accumulate.


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    Angry Jun 03, 2016

    I rolled my Ira over into Nat City. I wanted some money out because I just moved and wanted to get caught up on bills. Weeks passed and no deposit. I called several time no response. My car and rent was to be be paid. I explained that to them when I got money out. They never called me back I couldn't tell my people not to take money out..because I did not know when it would come be deposited. Finally got a hold of Nat City, they stated the paperwork was wrong and were waiting on banker to fix it. So, after approximately weeks money was deposited. During that time funds had been taken out, which of course acquired NSF. The NSf ate up most of the money deposited. Well NSF were acquired, then bank put my account on HOLD. Which meant NOTHING WAS PAID. THE BANK didn't even tell me the account was on hold. My account was put on hold, which means MY CAR PAYMENT WAS NOT TAKEN OUT. Since my account was on hold and funds could not be sent for my car loan MY CAR WAS TAKEN. So, I decided to take more out of my IRA to get my car back. It has now been another weeks and the funds are still NOT DEPOSITED INTO MY ACCOUNT. THE PAPERWORK IS STILL INCORRECT. I HAVE SPOKE WITH MANAGERS I HAVE GONE INTO THE BANK. I HAVE DEALT WITH THIS SITUATION AS MUCH I AS I CAN ON MY OWN. I still am not getting anywhere. My car is officially gone. I am now currently speaking with a manager from corporate. I have also filed a complaint with the Federal Reserve /OCC.

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National CityOverdraft fees

I have had a national city account since 2007 and this isnt the first time this has happened but i am tried of it happe ning. they charge my account a 36.00 overdraft fee for a purchase that hasnt even been made yet. they charged me the fee on the may 12 of this year, when the charge is pending for may 14 and my girlfriends check was deposited into the account on may 13 so how the hell are they going to take 36.00 out of her money for a charge that hasnt even been made yet. i have tried calling them and they act like its ok to just take 36.00 of our money im on ssi and shes on unemployment and we have an 8 month old baby . its like i dont have 36.00 to just give to you for what a charge that hasnt even happened yet, i need that money to pay our electric bill but do the give a [censored] nope its your fault so i filed a complaint with the better business bureau if this has happened to yo udont take it lying down

National Cityover charges and harrassing annoying hang up calls

Wow so many complaints and I believe every one of them. Many years (aprox 20 years) ago I opened my account while I was starting my career with the then Michigan Bell. As years passed it became neccessary for me to open a second account and add another person to my original account. Since his death in 2003 they closed my original account and claim I've only been a customer of theirs since 2002...When in actually I had an account with them since the early 1980's. Well to make a long story short...I get hit with overcharges, so many that I was force to change my direct deposits form 2 different sources to another bank.
And of course they have not once removed the overcharges even when I personally went in with proof that it was their error. The kicker of it all is that they continue to call for example today [protected]. they have called my home number 14x between the hours of 9:46 am -6:40pm est without leaving a message on the answering machine!! what is the purpose of having a answering machine if they do not speak to it??? Thanks to att I do have caller id it says toll free number 1-[protected]. After the 10th call from them this evening i called the number yep it was national city...I spoke to candace and andrew and paul and candace again with just a simple message..."LEAVE A MESSAGE"!!! Talk about poor phone etiquette and customer service!!! On the last call I advised them they are making harrassing and annoying calls unecessary and if this practice continues I will press charges. Anybody else out there getting these calls? I should charge them $36.00 for every call to my home phone and another $36.00 for every returned message of advice I call back to them to get the correct handling of business thru to them!!! THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW!!!

National CityScam and fraud

I have had problems with their online banking system - THREE times in the past TWO months I have had mysterious overdraft fees placed on my account when I never carried a negative balance. Each time it cost me over $90 in fees. They say it is b/c of their system assuming their will be a negative balance if a pending deposit doesn't clear - but it DID clear and each time the deposit was made in person and in advance of the business day in question. I just had to accept it b/c their system said it was so. I am currently in the process of moving all my money over to the local credit union and will NEVER use National City again - what a bunch of crooks! I can only hope that these practices (as well as their history of predatory lending) will make them the next bank to go belly-up in this economy.

If you are considering National City for your banking needs, please heed the complaints of this site and STAY AWAY!!!

National CityBad treatment

There is no doubt in my mind that this is absolutely the worst company to do business with. They called and threatened to take action if we didn't send in our payment that was late. The hostility was unbelievable. I sent them the canceled check and they found they had misallocated the payment. It was their fault. Did they apologize? NO!. They called back and warned my not to be late in the future or action would be taken. IT WAS THEIR FAULT!!! These people are incompetent, rude and generally disgusting idiots!!

I have an equity line of credit that started at $106, 0000. I paid it down to 20, 000 withing a few months. I have never missed a payment. One day I got a 'courtesy' call from NC that I was late and if I did a check by phone I could avoid late charges. I did this and it cost $15.00 extra for the service. 3 days later my pregnant wife answered a call that ended with her in tears. It was National City calling to demanding to know why the payment was a few days late. My wife did not know but she said it was probably an oversight on my part. They responded with excessive anger and told her that people like her should not be loaned money and that our credit rating was going to be trashed. Also, she's the reason mortgage companies are failing. She was so upset by their tone that she cried for some time after hanging up which elevated her blood pressure to dangerous levels (she has pre-eclampsia).

2 days later we received a extremely nasty letter stating that out equity line was being canceled because we do not honor our agreements. We paid over $97, 000 in less than a year!!! Not honor our agreements??? Also, I have paid off one mortgage with them and currently have another that I have never missed a payment on. In fact, I always pay more than the minimum. When I called to complain the woman was so rude I hung up called a different person. This person was at least friendly and told me that our loan was terminated due to the current mortgage crisis. National City punishes the people who pay their debts because of people who don't?? That makes zero sense. She told me that thats the way it is and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. I called various service numbers and wrote a number of letters but could not get a hold of anyone higher than a phone operator. I then lodged a BBB complaint. That got their attention. They were clearly pissed off on the phone and were entirely uncooperative. I don't know how these people get away with being so abusive!! I had been polite up until then but this time I told them to go [censored] themselves. As promised they trashed my near perfect credit rating.
I despise this company and wish daily that it burns in hell.

My only solace is that I have so far manged to convince three people not to do business with them. It's not a lot and I'm sure they don't give a $%$#, but it makes me feel better. I will continue my campaign to warn people off of National City using every means I can, even if it costs money. No one should have to go through this garbage. In closing, I've never hated anything as much as I hate this company. Another complainant mentioned a class action law suit, I'm in!

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