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My Handymantotal ripoff

MY HANDYMAN IS A CONSUMER'S NIGHTMARE SCAM!!! Thought I was getting skilled craftsmen with at least 15 years experience to re-do my bath--got an inept kid who trashed the bathroom and did about 3 hours of crappy, unskilled work. My Handyman then illegally charged my credit card over $1, 400 without authorization. To fight this illegal charge, I must now actually hiring ANOTHER COMPANY to fix the work and write letters about this scam company (as if that's even possible). Fraud is alive and well and supported by your credit card companies--NEVER, EVER give a company like this a single penny in any way, shape or form (and hide your wallet because all they have to do is write down your credit card number).

My HandymanHome Improvement Scam

Hired “My Handyman” to install a modular shower enclosure (already bought) at a vacant cottage. Owner Tina Gleisner told me 3 hours at $84/hr unless they had problems & I authorized more. No mention of “trip fees” or other add-ons. For this double-market rate hourly fee, they were to provide 2 skilled craftsmen with a minimum of 15 years experience each (on franchise website). Only one inexperienced, unskilled young man showed up. When I met the guy to pay, I walked into a disaster. The job was not finished (no trim or showerhead), done wrong (the drain leaks into the subfloor; permanent drip from the old leaky water control valve that was patched with solder instead of replaced, as we had specified), the floor destroyed and in pieces in front of the shower, and the shelving all removed and damaged, laying on the floor of the cabinets next to the shower. The old insulation above the shower had been ripped down and was nailed back up, hanging in tatters along the walls. The handyman presented me with a bill for over $1, 400. I thought the problem was just a bad employee who spent Wed. and Friday at the Beach instead of working at my cottage. I thought the franchise guarantees (“satisfaction guaranteed—before you pay” and “1-year guarantee on workmanship”) meant something. Long story short, Tina Gleisner billed over $1, 400 to my credit card without my approval, after receiving my complaints, and in direct violation of her franchise guarantee not to bill until you are satisfied. I called her franchise owner, “Mr. Handyman International” to see if they would mediate. Their reply: they talked to Ms. Gleisner, got nowhere, and I was on my own. I started research and found Ms. Gleisner had a previous NH handyman company, which closed after complaints to the NH Dept of Justice, which were referred to litigation. Her web site claims “My Handyman” has been in business since 2003, but actually “My Handyman” was just established 3/28/08—just a few months before I hired them! So how could swear the kid she sent, who proved incapable of ANY carpentry and did only the most basic, simplistic parts of the job (that I could have done), with NO finish work or trim done whatsoever, had “at least 15 years experience”—and he certainly was no “skilled craftsman” by any definition! I tried putting reviews on local web sites; she contacted the web administrators and either simply deleted my reviews, or threatened them and had my reviews were removed—NO WONDER I FOUND NOTHING WHEN I WEBSEARCHED—it was a brand-new company whose owner DELETES all bad reviews! Ms. Gleisner writes long letters defending her handyman’s work even though she refused to send anyone to look at the damages, and she describes what my job was like even though she has no construction experience and never visited the site (and the kid she sent had NO IDEA what he was doing).

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    Becky! Sep 09, 2010

    You are right on. Mr Handyman is not much more than a scam. I hired them and the guy they sent was 23 years old so he couldn't have the experience they advertise. The worst part of the experience was that the tech wouldn't leave my house and kept trying to talk me into other jobs even though he didn't have the skills to do the original job correctly. These guys are used car sales men with a tool box. BEWARE!

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